Holiday Treasures...

Happy Holidays my dear friends! For those of you who missed our Christmas cottage event this past weekend, I welcome you to join me on a little photo tour. It was truly a winter wonderland weekend event as the the flakes were falling outside. I'm always in a last minute frenzy to snap the last few photos before the crowds rush in to collect their holiday goods. But, fortunately this year I had an extra day to snap photos in advance, so enjoy the tour. And, I truly hope that you can join us in 2012 for our 10th Annual Event! And for those you still hoping to collect a one of a kind from my holiday collection, keep scrolling down to find those originals, still looking for a home. Please read the captions carefully as many of my creations pictured already found homes over the weekend while others still await adoption! And of course, just enjoy the tour!

UPDATE:  Well, I'm thrilled that some of you were on the (Christmas) ball and checked in when you saw this post! All 5 originals from this Treasure Hunt have found loving homes, and rather quickly I might add. Thank you so very much for making a special place in your home for my folk art  :) xoxo, Johanna


* Oh, that's me striking a pose in my holiday attire!... Now, let's move along.......


* Upon entering, guests were greeted with a variety of tables dressed in vintage holiday cloths. Feather trees and antique finds offered the perfect displays for a variety of my holiday designs. Let's take a closer peek....


* An old white picnic basket and collected pottery vessels housed a fun variety of snowmen characters. I spy one of the 16 limited edition snowman sitters awaiting his new owner, and all these guys found homes over the weekend...


* A closer look reveals a pair of my latest reproduction novelty boxes from Primitives by Kathy. Both fun and functional, these guys were a big hit! Off in the distance is my mantel of originals, so we will make our way around to peek at some of those characters soon....


* Off in the corner was a fun grouping of more holiday reproduction characters. An old plant stand made for the perfect perch for the last few snow ball characters from my Bethany Lowe Designs line. They almost floated magically! Grandma's vintage tree skirt adorns an old wooden card table where additional snowmen and Santas group. And the fluffy white tree from mom's childhood proudly stood in the corner to display her collection of cloth Santas from Primitives by Kathy. Let's take a closer look......


* A timeworn suitcase offers a fun way to display this grouping of Santas and snowmen from my Primitives by Kathy line....


* Below, more prim-style snowmen, including Ruby the Snowbust peering in above, look so sweet grouped together. Again, these characters are available from my Primitives by Kathy product line....


* Ho Ho Ho they go in a fun little wicker sleigh.... These cloth Santas were designed by my mother, Kathy Parker who joined us this year for this fun event! You can also find her Santas at Primitives by Kathy too!....


* Now, we take a twirl and find ourselves at my mantel of holiday originals!  Those of you that follow my blog will recognize some of these guys from earlier posts and the photos shared of my step by step progression to complete each and every one of them! With the snow falling outside, I do believe that collectors were in the spirit of adopting snowmen! In fact, ALL of the snowmen sold in a matter of moments, and of course, I can only wish I had made more. So, I promise to start on my holiday collection for 2012 sooner so that I do have even more to offer next year.... Never fret however, as I still have 5 very special one of a kinds still available, so keep on reading.....


* At a glance you can see some of my wintery original delights traipsing across the mantel....


* BOO! It's a trio of Ghosts from Christmas past :)  As you know my heart sings Halloween, so I gave in to the temptation to create a few holiday crossover pieces for the first time this year! And I love how they remind me not only of ghosts, but of ice cream cones, white-chocolatey hershey kisses and sugary sweet meringues, all yummy indeed! Though the bell ghost at left sold on Saturday, the large and small candy container ghosts, middle and right, are still up for adoption! They are each sprinkled with a shimmering dust of mica and are characterized by that signature "o" mouth, singing a holiday boo to you! Details, pricing info and additional views of "Joyful Luke the Spook" the candy container with the hand-painted "JOY" spooks, marking his front, can be viewed HERE. And, details regarding his ghostly kettle cup friend, donning the mistletoe at right can be found HERE. (Both Christmas Ghosts have now SOLD) Thank you!


* The red and purple painted mantel niche sets the perfect stage for a feather tree adorned in one of a kind ornament bells. Each found a home on Saturday, and so I hope to make many more for next year's 10th Annual event....


* Here's another snowman here to tease you. According to this character, he loves to sing! He too found a home over the weekend, and if you recall, JP snapped several photos of me adding the final glittery touches to his hat, just the week before....


* Another pair of one of a kind snowmen raise their wiry arms to greet the guests. Again, these two guys also found homes during the show, but I promise that I have 3 more one of a kinds still available! However, let's take a quick twirl around to see another view of the holiday displays...


* Above, Santas and snowmen perch atop the boughs of decorative feather trees. Below, more Santa ornaments crowd into a red sleigh, and a collection of feather and bottle brush Christmas trees are offered to shoppers to help decorate their homes...


* A closer peek reveals a grouping of shimmery Santa clips with red and black chenille appendages. These guys didn't sit around too long before being snatched up by happy hands!...


* "Cheers to you", waves another limited edition snowman sitter resting amongst other snow-loving friends...


* The red feather tree donned a fun family of snowman clips wearing red chenille scarves. They too were new this year from my Bethany Lowe Designs line, and all found homes with happy, gift-giving shoppers!


* Always a big hit are these prim-style top hat snowman head dangles that add a touch of whimsy to any tree. Looking quite yummy on a tree of chartreuse, these fun characters can be found from my Primitives by Kathy product line as well....


* Let's take another twirl back around to the guys traipsing across the mantel. A few one of a kind ball characters strike a pose on a vintage holly covered box. Each of the the three have already moved on to new homes; however hoooo's above that may still be looking for a nest?...


* That's right! This little wintery owl is still looking for a cozy nest! I had a little fun with his kettle cup base, painting the holly leaves red and berries black. He's certainly a holiday HOOT! For more details and views about this Holly Owl Kettle Cup, please click HERE. (This sweet little owl has now SOLD) Thank you!


* And what's Christmas without a little Santa and his reindeer? Yes, indeed both were snatched up on Saturday, but gauging from all the emails I have received regarding reindeer, I'm thinking that many more are on the list for next year..... Hmmm, why do I get the feeling that I am being watched?...... Let's see...


* A quick twirl around reveals my black cat Jack, intently watching me as I take photos throughout the room! Well, I'll get you! Tempted by all the tables skirts and additional hiding places that our transformed cottage shop had to offer, Jack patiently stays out of trouble at least for most the time.  A vignette of additional holiday characters cluster together on vintage stools. Let's take a closer look...


* Just hanging around on an old trellis is a fun grouping of snowmen and Santa ornaments from my line of Bethany Lowe Designs. Their wiry candy cane-striped arms and legs really add that festive touch! And judging from their popularity, I will be offering more next year...


* To the side, a nervous snowman with arms raised high sits atop a child's vintage stove! EEk! I hope he doesn't melt.... Below, a pair of mom's Santas rest their weary feet... "Hooo Hooo".... Who's calling, who's calling?...


* Why, it's "Sue Owlen Snowfeather" the one of a kind owl candy container drumming up some attention! She too is still in search for a new perch! I must admit, she's a beauty, and if I had my way, I'd keep her as she looks lovely in our home. But those who attended will tell you that we need to finish our front porch! So, alas, she is up for grabs. This snowy owl is beautifully detailed with intricate sculpting and hand-painted accents. To see more details and views, click HERE. Curious cat-loving fans will have to say goodbye to the cutie egg cup above. He was snatched on Saturday. I loved how the stocking motif played out on his egg cup base, but if you like the look, I have one more goodie that might make you SQUEAK!.... (Sue Owlen Snowfeather has now SOLD) Thank you!


* Yes, this tall wintery mouse candy container with stockings is very SQUEAK-worthy! I just love what a whimsical statement this character makes. AND, "ChristMouse Eve" is still available! Eeek Eeek! Keep scrolling down for another view along with a link to details regarding this collectible piece....


* Proudly perched next to "ChristMouse Eve" is this stately snow owl, all decked out for the holidays.  I wish I could have kept this character too, but he has happily relocated to a loving nest....


* Let's take another peek at more of the holiday goods that shoppers were snatching around the house. Here, an old lamp shade makes for the perfect hanging spot for my illustrated charm necklaces. Ruby the Snowbust from my Primitives by Kathy line sits in the middle of all the fun!


* A closer look reveals my latest owl and candy cane charms!


* Another twirl around brings us to that beautiful cabinet that JP made me when I was still in art school! It's  always a show-stopper, and so is that antique vase filled with vintage glass baubles on aluminum Christmas tree branches.


* A closer peek reveals one of my latest snowman novelty boxes that I designed for Primitives by Kathy... I just noticed that all my winter-themed products are now on sale via Kathy's website for the month of December! So, if you missed them at the show, you can still find them online and save a little too... And do you see that out of focus stocking on that pumpkin-colored wall....


* I love this vintage find from mom that hangs below another fun architectural niche in our living room. It's the perfect spot for a pair of sitting snowmen to roost high above the guests....


* Circling back to the front door opens up the view of the living room and beyond to the kitchen and back sunroom. I can't wait for our front porch vestibule to be complete, offering us more space, more light and a place to kick off our shoes...


* One more peek at a silly silver tree reveals a fun display of dangling charms that I illustrated for the holiday season. On Sunday, I hung one charm around the neck of a bottle of wine for a fun hostess gift idea, and guests loved the concept!


* Now, let's meander into the kitchen for a dose of vintage delights! A pair of grandma's velvet reindeer  from year's past frame another Ruby the Snowbust character. And, an antique lamp glows under the metal shade of an old mop bucket attachment, set upside down. Yes, it's my cheap and unique form of decorating indeed! Old tins are stacked against my 1940s/50s Westinghouse fridge. I am a sucker for vintage appliances.... :) They're just full of character, chrome and curving lines...


* Let's step back for the full view which reveals my collection of colorful old pottery finds. I only wish I had made the time to snap additional photos of the kitchen treats and hot cider scene on our old 1940s stove. But, Saturday morning was a whirlwind of commotion as JP and I, along with my mom, dad and god mother added the final touches and tidied up before we opened the doors. It was snowing and bitter-cold outside. So, to keep our early collector guests cozy in their cars rather than waiting in line, we spontaneously decided to hand out numbers. I think that worked well, and may consider working that in to next year's planning...


* And now, we will return to the main room where Jack patiently waits for a good scratching..... I wonder if he has MICE on his mind?....


* Ahh-Ha! There's that MOUSE again! "ChristMouse Eve," pictured at left, is certainly a cutie and is looking for a home! Eve has a magical dusting of mica strategically placed for just the right shimmer. Hand-painted stockings, each unique and some filled with mice, are painted around Eve's containing cup. Old Italian silver tinsel trims this character's neck, adorned at front with a red vintage crepe paper bow tie.  For more views and details regarding this special piece, click HERE. And yes, the smaller mouse companion friend already found a home here in Denver.... (ChristMouse Eve has now SOLD) Thank you!


*And if there's a mouse in the vicinity, I can almost guarantee that a cat is close by...  Here's a closer peek at the only winter cat ball character I made this season, but don't get too attached as she sold during the show...


* Cats always make me think of Halloween, and being the huge fan of October 31st that I am, I had to pull out what goodies I had remaining from this past season. It's become a tradition that I designate a portion of my studio & drawing board room to year-end reproduction Halloween delights. Most everything is always marked 20-30% off, so there are some fun deals to be made! Can you find Jack in the mix?


* A quick spin to the right reveals my one and only original Halloween fire screen that JP and I made as a team effort. Halloween lovers always enjoy seeing this piece in person, so it's a fun excuse for me to bring it out and share it with you...


* Let's take a closer peek of what goodies were in store. Of course, the typical gang of black cats and owls were on the roster, whom again flew out the door!


* And you can't forget about those witches and jack-o'-lantern friends. My Halloween heads have been a big hit this year and are offered through my Primitives by Kathy line. Mom's smiling JOL pillow sets the spooky mood too!


* Right before we opened the door, we snapped a few quick shots. We were happy to have extra help from out of town family this year! From left to right, is my husband JP d'Andrimont, my dad Jim Parker, me, my mom Kathy Parker and god mother Melinda Hovey Hightower. Look how cute the girls look in their vintage aprons!


And.... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..... 10:00 am arrived, and it was show time!  WELCOME Guests!


* Before the wrapping and packing frenzy began, JP snapped a quick pic of the shoppers delighting in the goods and choosing their favorite finds! We were thrilled to have guests from as far as Washington state and California, eager to collect one of a kinds. Maybe next year we'll get some east-coasters too!


* Well, I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Cottage tour..... It was such a delightful weekend, and I am honored that so many of you marked your calendars and still came out on such a cold wintery day to play with us! I certainly hope that we made your holiday brighter and set the jolly spirit for the rest of the month.
Remember, our 10th Annual Holiday Folk Art Show & Open House will take place the first weekend of December in 2012. So, save the date! It's going to be a big one!

And if you would like to adopt one of the available 5 original delights in this Holiday Treasure Hunt post, please just EMAIL ME to reserve your piece!

Many Thanks & Happy Holidays,
~ Johanna

A Collector's Spring Inspirations...

Tucked away in my mailbox last week was an overstuffed envelope from a dear collector who lives locally in town. She has been supporting my creative endeavors since I first started showing my wares at outdoor flea markets 6+ years ago! I believe Karen Z. discovered me at Denver's Ballpark Market, which I believe is a thing of the past these days. My whimsical holiday characters lit a spark in her collective passions, and she has been acquiring a piece here and several pieces there ever since. Before she put her "Johanna Parker Spring" collection away this year, she snapped a few photos and mailed them to me! What a treat :) I thought I would share them with you..... Enjoy, and thank you Karen for your thoughtfulness and for believing in me! It's always a pleasure to see how my collector friends display their cherished collectibles in their personal spaces....

~ Johanna


* Here, Karen has my Spring characters grouped in front of a mirror for a magnified view. (Great idea!) She has included a pair of my illustrated spring party hats that complete the spring family.


* These few original spring characters take me way back! The sunflower girl and large spring chick were some of my first spring creations, and I believe the little spring egg cup was one of my first from this series of cup characters....


* You may recognize this sweet pair from my Spring Gallery page...... They are some of the few spring originals that I have created over the last few years..... I admit, I took this year off from creating spring as time just flew by. Perhaps next year I will release a few more one of a kinds.....


* Another close-up reveals a spring chick candy dish design that I licensed to Bethany Lowe Designs a few years ago. This piece is now retired, but it looks like Karen snatched one up at one of the last Spring Flings!

Spring Designs © Johanna Parker Design ~ Photographs courtesy of Karen Z.

Owlfred is Sweet...

I just received another fun sample from this year's collection of Halloween reproductions from my Bethany Lowe Designs product line. Introducing, "Sweet Owlfred!" He is a 10" tall hollow owl with a removable hat which doubles as a lid! I have found a couple of fun uses for him already, but he could certainly be filled with treats as well! Take a peek, and see what you think. I initially created this piece as a solid character and just indicated where the hole in his head (ouch!) would go. The hat was created separately, and Bethany Lowe Designs worked their magic. Now, you can stash whatever you like inside! I believe Sweet Owlfred will be available in early summer, so make sure and ask your favorite vendors to order him now before he's sold out! Enjoy this sneak peek...

~ Johanna

* What a strikingly sweet character to add to your Halloween festivities this fall!

* Not only is he cute, but he's handy too! Allow him to be the keeper of those old crusty paint brushes that you just can't quite part with. He will certainly dress them up....

* Or, give Owlfred a place to perch and display a fun arrangement of spooky stars or another eye-catching array of Halloween decorations.... dried roses, gnarled branches or perhaps raven's feathers come to mind..... Or for something on the sweeter side, Halloween lollipops and licorice sticks would be quite a sprawling treat!

* Sweet Owlfred says, "see you soon!"

Designs & Photography © 2010-2011 Johanna Parker Design, LLC
Images may not be used without permission

A Cone Zone Christmas!...

I feel so very fortunate as we were blessed with nice weather this past weekend while we hosted our 8th Annual Holiday Folk Art Show and Open House! We had a record number of guests who stopped by to spread smiles and collect special goodies for the gift-giving season. A big THANKS goes out to all that came out from both near and even states away to join us! We enjoyed visiting with you and were pleased that you enjoyed your visit! So, I know you're waiting to see the latest photos from this year's festivities, so here goes!

* I wasn't kidding about the "Cone Zone Christmas" which I appropriately coined for this year's event! We started MAJOR construction in September, had gaping holes on 3 sides of our home to work on our foundation and expanded sub-ground living spaces. For those of you who have been to our home in the past, there was an apparent change to the appearance of our front yard. It's certainly no where complete, but with a little imagination, I think many of you were able to see the dream in motion.....

* I took the Cone Zone Christmas one step further into Johannaland, and whimsified them just a touch with shiny aluminum tree branches and vintage baubles! It was a play on words that materialized unexpectedly :)

* Our new front porch vestibule addition is still just in our minds, so a temporary plywood porch greeted guests. I dressed it up with an old sled, the tree topper of that vintage aluminum tree and one of my latest snowmen figures from Primitives by Kathy.....

* Upon entering, guests were greeted with this fun center display of eye candy! As usual, with my endless list of to-dos, I didn't have a moment to snap any photos until about an hour before the event started. It was as rush-rush frenzy indoors while shoppers started to arrive early outside.

* A closer peek reveals my love for vintage style. My reproduction Santas and snowmen collectibles happily mingle amongst old antique finds...

* Quick! I strike a pose between shooting the various displays! I look calm, but trust me, I was breaking a sweat in that fuzzy sweater, living up to its name :)

* A quick 180 behind me reveals a close up of my whimsical lollipop snowmen!
One shopper said they were "creepy cool"... Guess a little of my Halloween side tends to reveal itself in other holiday creations of mine!

* A quick pan to my left and you see my mantel strewn with the remainder of my one of a kind holiday originals for this season. I only wish I had made more for a web sale this year, but with our construction and busy scheduling, it has been difficult to find more time to devote to these labor intensive pieces. I promise next year to spend more time on a holiday collection of one of a kinds!

* Here's a peek at "Miss Merry Be," an original winter kitty who found a home this past Saturday!...

* Two more delightful snowmen originals with arms open wide, also found homes!

* Looking toward the front door, you see the backside of my entrance table filled with a variety of holiday goodies! Let's take a closer look.....

* A grouping of "sock snowmen" designed by my mother, Kathy Parker for Primitives by Kathy were a big hit! Cute!

* Festive ornaments dangle while Santas and snowmen stay firmly clipped to a lovely white feather tree. A sleigh filled with pre-packaged snowmen ornaments ready to give as gifts was quickly emptied once the shoppers arrived....

* Here's a wide shot of the main room. Off to the left is the passage to our kitchen which I unfortunately ran out of time to shoot! Next year, I MUST be more organized! Better yet, join my mailing list for the official invite and see if for yourself next year!

* Let's take a closer peek at my front display where the armature from an old lamp shade makes for the perfect display for my latest charm necklaces, offered by Primitives by Kathy...

* It's time to make a WISH!

* Remember that large snowman on our front porch? Well, he has a mini-me snowman companion! heheh!

* I always have some great year-end close-out sales at our Open House! Here's my corner of Spring delights, and even with the chill in the air, the pastel birds were flying the coop!

* Speaking of birds, my sweet "SING" charm was a fun find along with the Penny Rug charm necklace and others. I grabbed an old plant stand and some clothespins to soon find that I had a fun way to display these wearable art pieces...

* One of the first pieces you notice when you enter our home is this lovely hand-crafted cabinet that JP made for me YEARS ago to house my art supplies. It's more of a catch-all piece now, but certainly has not lost its luster! This year, I topped it with a vintage Christmas tree from my mom's childhood, passed down to me. I grew up decorating this tree in my bedroom each year, and now it's our family tree! (it has also made for a great prop at my local shows!)

* Ahh, I spot one more set of these fun characters standing next to that magical tree!

* And what's not Christmas without a little Halloween! Well, that's how I roll at least :) Enter my studio room to see a grand display of year-end Halloween delights, all marked down for our shoppers!

* I cordon off half of this workspace and devote it to Halloween each year. It goes through quite the transformation in just a few hours time. Hmm, who's that in the window?

* Well, if it isn't Mr. Jack, the black cat, watching the birds from his favorite roost! In the foreground, crescent moons, owls and jack-o'-lanterns play well with the black cat king himself....

* The clock was ticking... one minute till, and JP and I were running around finishing the last possible details, lighting candles and preparing for our guests! I quickly grabbed a pile of box trays to hand to our shoppers as they arrived..... WELCOME!

* We were greeted with smile after smile which made all the effort so worthwhile!

* Guess those box trays came in handy as folks collected ornaments and other delights to fill their homes with!

* At the end of the day, Jack and I posed for a happy pic, as we reminisced over a lovely day filled with countless hugs, laughter and smiles! I appreciate that so many of you saved the date and joined us for our 8th Annual Event! Next year will be the big 9, so please mark your calendars for the first weekend in December, 2011 and join us once again! You won't regret it :)

Cheers & Happy Holidays,
~ Johanna

Featured Snowman GIVEAWAY!

In the spirit of season, I am giving away one of my collectible reproduction, signed snowman candy cane stands! This adorable guy made the "Party Picks" section of Phyllis Hoffman's Celebrate Christmas Magazine! So, he's a wee bit famous :) He will arrive, signed by me the designer and will include 2 whimsical papier mache candy canes! This cutie is about 9" tall, makes a jovial statement on your holiday table and is new this year from my line of winter delights produced by Bethany Lowe Designs. He's pictured below, so firmly visualize his image in your head, think positive thoughts and cross those fingers as he may soon be yours! Of course, you'll have to enter, and there are plenty of ways to WIN!.. The more ways you enter, the better your chance.... So, look for those details below. BEST of LUCK to you!

* Winner takes home this collectible candy cane stand designed & signed by me!

* Look for this cover at the store, and turn to page 9 to see my sweet snowman pictured amongst a fun mix of holiday Party Picks chosen by the staff at Celebrate Christmas Magazine! To order you copy today, CLICK HERE!

* Here's a peek at my snowman's feature :)


The more ways you enter, the better your chances!

1.) Simply become a "Follower" of my Blog by clicking on the "Follow" button at the upper right column of this page.... (your name will be entered)

2.) Leave a nice comment for me here at the bottom of this post by clicking on the "Comment" button ( and no worries, you do not have to create a Blogger account in order to leave a comment - you can simply click the "Anonymous" option when leaving your message. But, just make sure that I can somehow identify you if you are chosen! ) IF you are unable to leave a comment here, you can email me, and I'll add your comment to the list below.

3.) If you have your own Blog and choose to spread the word about my Giveaway on your Blog, then I both thank you and welcome you to leave a 2nd comment here for a double entry! You can use the following Blog Badge to advertise on your blog's sidebar, or just grab the first, larger image above!


4.) Join my e-mailing list if you are not already a member. Just click on the "Email Johanna" link, top right of this page. (PS... the kind folks already on my e-mailing list will be entered as well, but I recommend those of you leave a comment, etc... to boost your chances of winning!
{ email: }

OK!... So, as I said, there are LOTS of ways to enter!..... I look forward to reading your comments and hearing from you :) I will be posting the winner of this collectible SIGNED snowman candy cane stand in one week (Nov. 24th)!.... Stay tuned and spread the word, and a big thanks to all of my loyal collectors and artist friends who have supported me through the years. Cheers to you!!

~ Johanna

Magazine photos, © 2010 Hoffman Media
First photo, © Johanna Parker Design

Delighted, times two...

Finally, after what seems to be countless days and months chipping away at my work, I am so delighted to reach the "finishing touches" portion of the process in creating my collection of Halloween originals for next Saturday's Ghoultide Gathering! (Wow, that was a mouthful!) I spent yesterday afternoon sewing crepe paper collars, making bow ties and adding glass glittered accents to various pieces. Admittedly, I have been nervous that I wouldn't complete what I had started. Distractions have been popping up throughout the month in every possible direction, but I am finally seeing the light at the end of the corridor. Last on the list is to photograph each original so I can remember these fun characters before they find their new homes. Well, then I have to tag, price and safely wrap them for their journey ahead, and I'm sure I'll find a million other things to do between now and then! The to-do list keeps growing while the clock ticks.....

Speaking of being delighted, I was also happy to open up my new copy of the Prims August 2010 issue by Stampinton to see that my "Delightful DoraWeen" made the Gallery! She is a sweet papier mache witch candy container that I created earlier in the year, and as usual, as a very last minute submission! Luckily she made the cut, and now I have to decide if I am willing to sell her or perhaps keep her for myself. I'll make that decision once she safely arrives back home. I will include a sneak peek below, but to read more and see all of the various artists' creations, you can order your copy of PRIMS here.

* A peek at page 124 reveals my "Delightful Doraween".....

* Look for this cover at the book store!
There is also a lovely tribute to the talented Penny McAllister who lost her life to leukemia earlier this year. She was a cherished member of PFATT, and the Last Page is dedicated to her and includes an image of our PFATT's Penny Feather Tree, loaded with handmade ornaments in her honor.


And, just a note: For those of you hoping to adopt one of my originals at the Ghoultide Gathering, I will be bringing my tall black cupboard hutch to house my collection. Just look for the Johanna Parker Design pumpkin logo at the top center, and if you don't see that ~ well that means, I left it at home by mistake! Let's hope I am more organized than that! OH, and I cut my hair off too! (not ALL of it, but about 6 inches at least...)

See you soon, and enjoy the Prims sneak peek as well!

~ Johanna

Magazine images, Copyright 2010 by Stampington & Company, LLC

Bloomin' Black Cats!...

Once again, the last day of the month is upon us and that means the EHAG Emporium has opened its doors once again to unveil a variety of Halloween original delights. With my rediscovery of the garden (see previous post below) I was inspired to add a little floral touch to these 2 black cat candy containers. A hint of vintage green blends beautifully with those orange and black jack-o'-lantern daisies! Each container, both big and small exhibits these whimsical blooms. Let's take a closer peek...


First off is "Bloomin' Betty" ~ the larger candy container on the left!
She's also featured on the EHAG Emporium this month.

"Bloomin Betty" ~ 11" tall ~ $595.00 plus shipping
~ SOLD ~
One of a kind papier mache candy container with an original illustrated conical party hat featuring more jack-o'-lantern fun! She wears a sculpted bow at her neck, and her containing cup has a whimsically fun dimensional ruffle that trims its brim!


Fill with treats if you wish!....


and . . . . . . .


Here's Betty's 'lil friend at 4.5" tall...

Bloomin' Black Cat Candy Egg Cup ~ $365 plus shipping
Hand-painted and sculpted papier mache black cat lid fits snugly with a painted wooden egg cup. She wears a dimensional party hat and an orange zig-zag fabric collar trimmed in black glass glitter.



If either of these Garden-style Halloween sweeties interest you, please email me:
And don't forget to include the name of the piece you are hoping to reserve!

Thank you!
~ Johanna

* © 2010 Johanna Parker Design *Photos, designs and concepts are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission

Feelin' Lucky?!

Since I love the color green, and I love Halloween, I thought it would be fun to make a holiday crossover piece that incorporates St. Patrick's Day and Halloween! So, I set out a to make a black cat kettle cup, and "Lucky" here was the result.... You can click HERE for his auction link on eBay, and thank you for your kind bids!
Best of Luck! ~ Johanna


* © 2010 Johanna Parker Design *Photos & Designs are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission.

Something to Bark About...

I thought you may like a peek at this special order piece, finished last week. It's not often that I sculpt dogs, but I do love a whimsical black Halloween bulldog! As you can imagine, they do take hours of tedious sculpting with all of those characteristic folds, but in the end, they certainly can come to life! I only wish my fingers were able to work more quickly as I have a long list of requests from collectors, some of whom have been patient for years! However, I do hope to chip away at that list this spring, so wish me luck! (As my imagination often wanders, I am easily distracted....but I promise to try my best ! :)

Meet, "Dignified Dora, the Halloween Bulldog"...

She was adopted sight-unseen by a devoted collector, and they met today!
.... Below is a sweet quote from the email of Dora's new owner:

" ~ Charlotte

( I just love receiving notes like that :) It's always a joy!

* Dora stands 14 inches tall, and is an original from my series of Base Chamber Vases. Her head, which serves as a lid, twists off to reveal a candy compartment, but turn the vase upside down to find yet another secret place to stash what you wish! What fun!

* © 2010 Johanna Parker Design *Photos & Designs are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission.

My first Halloween Bunny!...

So, with spring around the corner (thank goodness) and Halloween ALWAYS on my mind, I thought I would challenge myself with something different and fun! In my pursuit to blend the two seasons together, the following Halloween Bunny candy cup was born! I'm thinking he would make a delightful addition to your Halloween collection. I pondered over what to paint on his cup, and then it dawned on me ~ candy corn carrots! But, of course! They exist in my imagination, so let them out I thought :) This little sweetie will be listing on eBay this evening, so please check back for his official auction link. If you appreciate his quirkiness, I would appreciate your bid. Thank you for your generosity! CLICK HERE to visit his auction page...

Hoppity Boo!
~ Johanna


* © 2010 Johanna Parker Design *Halloween designs & photos are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission.

Going Going Gone!...

Just wanted to express my gratitude to all of my dear collector friends who shopped my Annual Holiday Web Sale on Saturday! Judging from several conversations with you, hearts were racing and fingers were flying to snatch your favorite one of a kind via email! I am just amazed and thrilled that my work creates this frenzy of excitement! Trust me, it didn't used to be this way. I would post a sale, and then just sit there and wait and wait and wait. Wow, how things have changed, and I still have to pinch myself as this reality used to be just a dream. At any rate, I want to offer a big THANKS to all of you who have an affection for my originals, and I hope each creation brings you many smiles to come. For those of you who missed out, I really appreciate your efforts in trying and hope that I will be able to offer more one of a kinds soon. Keep checking my website into the new year, and perhaps you'll snatch a Collector's Catch piece.

Luckily, I still have 1 of each Santa Reproduction Collector Set available below: You can click on their images to see more details. Just email me if you would like to adopt a pair for your holiday home! I've signed each Santa too :)

* The "Santa Sampler Set" ~ Both were featured in Country Sampler's Christmas issue this year! The Santa at left is a candy container & from my Bethany Lowe Designs collection. The red belsnickel is from my Primitives by Kathy line.

* The "Vanilla & Red Belsnickel Set" complement each other and look great as a festive pair for your holiday table's centerpiece! Both join us from my Primitives by Kathy collection.

Halloween Smiles in a Box!....

I know fall is approaching when the big boxes start to arrive! This year, it was a thrill to unpack my new line of Halloween reproductions, offered by Bethany Lowe Designs. By the end of the evening, packing paper was scattered all about like over-sized confetti, and JP took a few photos of me playing in it! I cleared my storage shelves in anticipation and started lining them with this year's collection. I too snapped a few photos to share in hopes to spark your interest and passion for Halloween! Now that these fun Halloween characters are here, I will be signing them and preparing them for their debut at this year's Halloween Trunk Show in Denver. Whatever is left will be looking for a home, so please join my e-mailing list for that update in hopes to snatch a signed Halloween collectible or two!

~ Johanna

* That's me, knee-deep in a tall shipping box! My bat and owl vase characters peer out for a Halloween hello!...

* My Halloween reproductions line shelves in anticipation for an upcoming Halloween Trunk Show...

* My owl candy bowl is one of my favorites! How festive they all look together!...

* Spook Cat candy containers look like they are all whistling a Halloween tune!...

* My trio of treat buckets grin and look forward to being filled with the season's sweets...

* Me again, laughing at the silliness of standing in a packing box...

And for those of you anxious to acquire one of these Halloween designs now, you can visit my Source Page of online vendors who offer my collectible products.

As always, THANK YOU for your interest in sharing my festive designs with your family and friends! I appreciate it and truly hope to spread my whimsical cheer, year after year!

OH Bats!!!

Just finished this stylin' Halloween Bat Candy Cup, and he's now up for grabs on eBay! He's uniquely fun with his hand-formed, designer wire wings... Take a peek for yourself by clicking on his image! Many thanks to all for your generosity in bids....

~ Johanna

* © 2009 Johanna Parker Design * Halloween folk art bat image is the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission.

Scenes from our Home Show...

Fortunately, it was a beautiful weekend for our 6th Annual Holiday Folk Art Show, and we opened our home to many special friends. Our 1939 cottage home smelled of holiday spices and yummy cider to warm our guests as they mingled about. Thanks to ALL who made a little time in their day to stop by, visit and support my holiday art endeavors. I hope you enjoyed the event! We enjoyed seeing all of your smiling faces! Here's a peek for all who missed out on the festivities.... (Of course, there is always next year, but you must be on my local events e-mailing list in order to receive the official invite....) Enjoy the photos!....

~ Johanna

* Santas in various heights surround a focal arrangement of vintage silvery decorations...

* A cheery table of snowmen delights welcomes guests as they enter...

* An old drawer is the perfect display for my latest holiday notepad designs...

* Morning shoppers fill the house in search for treasures, some to keep and some to share...

* A retro tree from my mom's childhood now lives with me... perfect for displaying my Santa ornaments...

* A quick photo of me smiling big as the clock strikes 10am, show time!...

* And a quick snap of JP, my "money man" who handles all the numbers and money exchange during my sales.... Luckily, my job is to chat, wrap and sack!...

* And we must not forget Jack showing off his tinsel red collar!.... Cute cute!....

* One of a kind snowmen ornaments dangle from silver painted branches....

* A sampling of sweets await shoppers as they meander through the kitchen...

* A snap of my vintage fridge and a colorful collection of 40s pottery above...

* Cheese and grapes anyone?...

* Through the kitchen and into our breakfast nook you'll find a double-sided
stand displaying many of my illustrated notepads, perfect for the gift-giving season...

* Another peek at the kitchen...

* One of my original snowman candy containers reaches out to collector friends...

* One of a kind snowmen traipse across the mantel...

* And who could forget Halloween?.... A small collection of orange and black fall goodies, placed about my studio room, awaited my Oct 31st fans...

* Another peek at the Halloween with my drafting table in the distance...

* A fun photo of the 2 of us in my studio room, taken by a thoughtful guest... thank you!