Mom is Back!...

Well, I have some fun news to share! My mom, that's Kathy Parker to you, is a new product designer for Primitives by Kathy! The first seven of her items just came out in PBK's 2010 Supplement. I have a sneak peek below of her charming designs along with their corresponding item numbers in case you want to order a few for yourself!


* Of course, I love this Spooky Pillow for Halloween!...

Mom is certainly the force behind my passion for folk art today. When I was little, I remember her weaving all sorts of unusual items from contemporary wall art to Santas. Her style evolved when the country movement hit the 1980s. She was always on the hunt for cutter quilts and accessories to add to her country dolls, and she taught me what to look for too. Soon, I was wanting to try my hand at crafting, and I found myself sewing samplers and patched art pillows. Together we sold our handmade items at local craft fairs, and really enjoyed sharing our creations with others who appreciated our work. Along the way, I branched off and grew fond of the papier mache and paints while mom continued to sew her one of a kind delights. So, we each have our own niche, but we certainly enjoy the art of crafting together.

When my family was relocated to Seattle about 8 years ago, mom's life drastically changed. Not knowing anyone in her surroundings, she poured her creative energy into making her new house a home, repainting room after room and decorating with her colonial touch. But soon she took on the honorable role as my grandfather's caregiver for the last few years of his life. He became her priority, and all else including her art were left in the past. After his passing, the house felt empty and mom was not in a place to create. Luckily with time there is healing, and I urged mom to delve back into her fabric arts and to tap back into that creative bliss that she now enjoys today. Obviously, she did, and I am so happy that her love for crafting has returned! She inspired me years ago, and I like to think that I have returned the favor by inspiring her :)

A big CONGRATS goes out to you Mom as you embark on this exciting creative path, and I know your sweet designs will bring many smiles to many people for years to come!


* These are too cute for the holidays! To see Kathy Parker's current line of products, CLICK HERE!


What's next on her list you ask...? Well, I suggest she starts her own blog! Mom, it's about time :) Cheers to you!

With love,
~ Johanna

PS.... Did you see mom's holiday home feature in Country Sampler Magazine last year? If not, take a peek HERE!

* © 2010 Kathy Parker *Designs and concepts are the property of Kathy Parker and may not be used without permission

Halloween Tease...

It's that time of year where I often spend countless hours designing holiday products for the following year. This weekend, I am finishing up my Halloween 2011 submission for Bethany Lowe Designs. Below is just a quick peek, so you'll have to use your imagination a little bit to see the whole piece! Fingers are crossed that the buying public will like these! The second two images are a tease at a series of Halloween graphics that I just finished designing for Primitives by Kathy. And luckily, if all are accepted, those will be debuting this Fall!....
~ Johanna

* This sweet guy will be a candy container... I can't wait to see him hollowed out and ready to be filled with treats!

* Here are two paper mock-ups for potential Halloween tin horns. I really hope they will be able to produce these!... HONK HONK!

* A howling cat image I painted for Primitives by Kathy, to be applied to light boxes and perhaps other products.... We'll see what they come up with!

* One of four mock-up treat bag designs for Primitives by Kathy. These will be great for your kids on trick-or-treat night, and a separate mini set of these will offer a sweet party favor idea for this fall!...

And let's not forget that the 31st of this month is fast approaching. That means that EHAG's Emporium will soon be offering a spooky-fun variety of Halloween one of a kind collectibles from the talented artists of EHAG! Please visit the EHAG Emporium on Wednesday, March 31st at 9pm EST to see all the latest goodies. I will have an original Halloween piece up for adoption and if time permits, I would like to offer an additional piece here on my blog. So, stay tuned!


* © 2010 Johanna Parker Design *Photos & Designs are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission.

How Charming!...

I am excited to share with you my new line of illustrated jewelry charms that I designed for Primitives by Kathy ! Each pendant is double-sided with a different and fun image on the flip side, so choose your theme, depending on your mood. Whenever I have the opportunity to draw something intended for a product application, I jump at the chance to give it a try. These were extra fun for me as they are wearable too! I have a fun series of these sweet charms ranging from Garden and Love themes to Halloween, Autumn and Christmas! Below are a few for you to peek at. These goodies will be available in March, and the heart-themed charms are available now! It will be such a joy to see folks wearing my art :)

~ Johanna

* Sing, Item #15914, Pennyrug Cat, Item #15911 and Love Heart, Item #15912

* Ladybug, Item #15913, Bird & Can, Item #15916 and Love Birds, Item #15915

* Cat & Jack, Item #15919 and BOO Owl, Item #15920

* Harvest Crow, Item #15917 and Jack & Crow, Item #15921

To order, you can visit Primitives by Kathy's retail site, and my charm pages start HERE! Thank you for your interest, and spread the fun by sharing these inexpensive charms with your friends and family! They will make such fun gifts.....

Spring Fever!....

I don't know about you, but I have spring fever! The days have finally started to warm a bit after an arctic cold snap that seemed to linger for too long. Thinking ahead to warmer days and spring time pleasures, I thought it would be fun to share with you a peek at some of my new spring & summer themed reproductions! I just received my Primitives by Kathy catalog, and I was happy to see my new Garden Goodies included. Our color palette for this collection was a cheery red, cream and soft vintage green. I decorate with these colors throughout the year, so it was a fun project for me, and I look forward to adding a few of these items to my every day decor. Take a peek with me....

* Look! A fun set of Garden Boxes complement this festive nature collection. A sculpted red bird and a watering can spout serve as the whimsical handles for these round containers...
{ Item # 15913 }

* And a happy pair of Garden Serving Trays that double as wall art will certainly add a sweetness to your garden party or wall decor!
{ Item # 15912 }

* And for all of those photographic moments captured in time, frame them in one of my New Boxed Frames! I included my own sentiments to complement the sweet imagery. { Item #s 15705, 15911, 15704, 15700 from left to right }

Looks like all of these garden delights will be available this March. You can pre-order these goods through Primitives by Kathy or one of the various online vendors that offers my products. And, there is a slight chance that I may be offering a few of these signed collectibles this spring, so please join my e-mailing list for notification.
Think Spring!

~ Johanna

* © 2009 Johanna Parker Design *Garden-themed designs & photos are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission.

Going Going Gone!...

Just wanted to express my gratitude to all of my dear collector friends who shopped my Annual Holiday Web Sale on Saturday! Judging from several conversations with you, hearts were racing and fingers were flying to snatch your favorite one of a kind via email! I am just amazed and thrilled that my work creates this frenzy of excitement! Trust me, it didn't used to be this way. I would post a sale, and then just sit there and wait and wait and wait. Wow, how things have changed, and I still have to pinch myself as this reality used to be just a dream. At any rate, I want to offer a big THANKS to all of you who have an affection for my originals, and I hope each creation brings you many smiles to come. For those of you who missed out, I really appreciate your efforts in trying and hope that I will be able to offer more one of a kinds soon. Keep checking my website into the new year, and perhaps you'll snatch a Collector's Catch piece.

Luckily, I still have 1 of each Santa Reproduction Collector Set available below: You can click on their images to see more details. Just email me if you would like to adopt a pair for your holiday home! I've signed each Santa too :)

* The "Santa Sampler Set" ~ Both were featured in Country Sampler's Christmas issue this year! The Santa at left is a candy container & from my Bethany Lowe Designs collection. The red belsnickel is from my Primitives by Kathy line.

* The "Vanilla & Red Belsnickel Set" complement each other and look great as a festive pair for your holiday table's centerpiece! Both join us from my Primitives by Kathy collection.

Holiday Show Time...

* Above, "Happy Stack Snowman" raises his wiry arms up to the winter skies. He's one of my latest primitive reproduction designs offered through Primitives by Kathy...

Is it just me, or do the days go by faster and faster with each year? I have my first Winter Holiday show in just 3 days, and part of me is still wondering what happened to summer and perhaps even spring! They say "times flies when you're having fun", so perhaps that is the attitude and excuse I should use... It makes sense I guess, as I do have FUN making my art, and I find myself consumed daily with design and creation. But sometimes, I look up with paintbrush in hand and the day is over! Yet, I feel like I've only just begun! Tell me I'm not the only one?! I think time can be cruel to an artist, as I could truly spend years on just one piece. It is difficult to say "enough" and move on, but the clock is always ticking and forces us to forge ahead. Speaking of "ahead," I'm often dreaming up designs one year in advance as well. As a product designer for two companies, part of my role is to imagine trends and designs that people will like in the future, a year later and so on. I'm often designing spring concepts for two years out during December, and well, you get the drift. And then, there is that other part of me, creating one of kind works of art for the upcoming season, and that part of me is always behind... It's no wonder why I am a bit surprised and bewildered that November is upon us and the holidays, well, are just around the corner. It sneaks up on me every year, and here we are again!

I do love this time of year though as there is a spirit of whimsy in the air that I can connect with. And, there will be plenty of that whimsy to go around this weekend at Denver's Gifts for Yule Show. Once again, (ready or not) I will be there with my holiday collectibles, both originals and signed reproductions. So, bundle up with your scarf and mittens and stop by for a dose of holiday cheer! We will be looking forward to seeing your smiling faces and catching up. In the meantime, wish me luck while the familiar face on the wall goes tick-tock-tick-tock....................

~ Johanna

The Art of the Matter & GiveAway!...



I know it is still October, and we are ALL feeling that Halloween spirit in the air. But, I have been anxious to share with you some very exciting news! Turn to page 18 in the current November / December issue of Country Sampler Magazine. It has been out on the stands for almost a month now, and I urge you to pick up a copy for yourself as soon as you can because my mother's holiday folk art and colonial-style decorating are featured in a 10 page article! It is just fabulous! We are both so pleased as the editors included so many fun images of our Christmas folk art along with all sorts of wonderful decorating ideas from mom. To continue the excitement, both myself and my mom are contributing signed, holiday folk art in a special GiveAway Contest offered by Country Sampler! Keep scrolling to see the Kathy Parker original folk art snowman that will be awarded to a lucky winner! As for my contribution, I am offering a signed Santa candy container from my Bethany Lowe Designs line, and a signed belsnickel from my Primitives by Kathy line - both appearing in the magazine! Below, you will only find a tease of what is featured in this inspirational article. ENJOY, and please find yourself a copy, a cozy chair, some hot chocolate and a little time to just pour over all the delights! Many thanks to the very kind staff at Country Sampler for sharing this article with so many. And, another big thanks goes out to my friends “photographer/stylist/writer” duo Donna Pizzi and Philip Clayton-Thompson of Blackstone Edge Studios who did my mom's photo shoot! It looks wonderful and so very inviting..... ~ Johanna

* A primitive wooden washtub holds a live tree, decorated with all sorts of handmade ornaments...

* One of my original Santa candy containers marks this page showing my parents' living room filled with holiday folk art collectibles...

* An earlier Snowman original of mine adds a festive touch to this page featuring my mom's colonial mantel and hearth, beaming with holiday spirit...

* A trio of my papier mache belsnickels offered by Primitives by Kathy proudly stand at center between two inviting pineapples... To order my belsnickels, CLICK here!

* A fun grouping of snowmen that both my mom and I have created over the years... Some go way back!

* Page 25 features our trio of GiveAway items! Sign up today by visiting the image and links below ~ Good Luck! :)

* All entries must be received by November 30th, so hop on
over to Country Sampler's contest page and sign up to WIN!

Hope you enjoyed the tease! As this is a 10 page article, there are lots more photos for you to enjoy, so look for your copy today :)

PHOTOGRAPHS, © 2009 Emmis Publishing LP