A Collector's Spring Inspirations...

Tucked away in my mailbox last week was an overstuffed envelope from a dear collector who lives locally in town. She has been supporting my creative endeavors since I first started showing my wares at outdoor flea markets 6+ years ago! I believe Karen Z. discovered me at Denver's Ballpark Market, which I believe is a thing of the past these days. My whimsical holiday characters lit a spark in her collective passions, and she has been acquiring a piece here and several pieces there ever since. Before she put her "Johanna Parker Spring" collection away this year, she snapped a few photos and mailed them to me! What a treat :) I thought I would share them with you..... Enjoy, and thank you Karen for your thoughtfulness and for believing in me! It's always a pleasure to see how my collector friends display their cherished collectibles in their personal spaces....

~ Johanna


* Here, Karen has my Spring characters grouped in front of a mirror for a magnified view. (Great idea!) She has included a pair of my illustrated spring party hats that complete the spring family.


* These few original spring characters take me way back! The sunflower girl and large spring chick were some of my first spring creations, and I believe the little spring egg cup was one of my first from this series of cup characters....


* You may recognize this sweet pair from my Spring Gallery page...... They are some of the few spring originals that I have created over the last few years..... I admit, I took this year off from creating spring as time just flew by. Perhaps next year I will release a few more one of a kinds.....


* Another close-up reveals a spring chick candy dish design that I licensed to Bethany Lowe Designs a few years ago. This piece is now retired, but it looks like Karen snatched one up at one of the last Spring Flings!

Spring Designs © Johanna Parker Design ~ Photographs courtesy of Karen Z.

Sights of Spring!....

It was a fun surprise for me to spot a pair of my Spring product designs in the current March issue of Country Sampler Magazine! Under the "Chicks Ahoy" heading on page 11, the magazine recommends grouping them as a set for your dining table's center piece, staggering them on bookshelves for retro pizazz or lining them up on the mantel! Whatever you do, make sure to fill them with treats, or in this case, Easter eggs and flowers will do. Be creative. And thanks goes out to The Holiday Barn for sourcing my vintage-style spring jars on their website!

* This fun set is from my Spring Bethany Lowe Designs product collection...

* Look for your copy of Country Sampler today and don't forget to visit all the various Country Treasures featured for March!

* Magazine layout & photography, © 2011 Emmis Publishing LP

Tweet News!...

A package for me arrived on this fine Friday afternoon, and I anxiously tore it open to find two copies of the new March/April issue of Cooking with Paula Deen Magazine. Last year, their kind stylist asked me to send some of my spring designs from Bethany Lowe to stock pile for possible shoots. I crossed my fingers, had them sent and kept plugging away. Well, today, I began flipping each page from back to front as I always do, looking and looking for a possible glimpse of one of my creations. I almost gave up, but then decided to peek at the start of the magazine. To my surprise, there it was! In the arms of Paula Deen sits my Spring Chick glass jar tucked into a goodie-filled Easter basket! What FUN! Thanks to all the folks at CwPD magazine for once again including me in your lovely issue. I am very grateful for the recognition :)
~ Johanna

* Judging from Paula's happy grin, I think she approves! hehe!

You can purchase these through Bayberry Cove, Holiday Barn , A Vintage Holiday and Shelley B Home and Holiday! Thank you for shopping my spring goods! :)

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