Owlfred is Sweet...

I just received another fun sample from this year's collection of Halloween reproductions from my Bethany Lowe Designs product line. Introducing, "Sweet Owlfred!" He is a 10" tall hollow owl with a removable hat which doubles as a lid! I have found a couple of fun uses for him already, but he could certainly be filled with treats as well! Take a peek, and see what you think. I initially created this piece as a solid character and just indicated where the hole in his head (ouch!) would go. The hat was created separately, and Bethany Lowe Designs worked their magic. Now, you can stash whatever you like inside! I believe Sweet Owlfred will be available in early summer, so make sure and ask your favorite vendors to order him now before he's sold out! Enjoy this sneak peek...

~ Johanna

* What a strikingly sweet character to add to your Halloween festivities this fall!

* Not only is he cute, but he's handy too! Allow him to be the keeper of those old crusty paint brushes that you just can't quite part with. He will certainly dress them up....

* Or, give Owlfred a place to perch and display a fun arrangement of spooky stars or another eye-catching array of Halloween decorations.... dried roses, gnarled branches or perhaps raven's feathers come to mind..... Or for something on the sweeter side, Halloween lollipops and licorice sticks would be quite a sprawling treat!

* Sweet Owlfred says, "see you soon!"

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