Works in Progress...

Yes, it's me, coming up for air from my workshop! Times are super busy, and I try not to look at the calendar as the reality of the date gives me both shivers and waves of heat all at once! I can imagine that my fellow Halloween & Holiday folk artist friends are feeling the same seasonal pinch. I know I should have spent the day painting, but I also know that it's fun for my collector friends to catch a glimpse at my creative process. And as the days tick by, I know I will have less and less opportunities to play. So, I am offering a preliminary peek at just some of the characters that are coming to life in my workshop. Keep in  mind, many of these fellows are still rough and will need finishing, trims, glass glitter and an occasional paper party hat to top him or her off. I have a feeling you will see less and less of me as I push through the last month to finish my collection of Halloween originals and prepare for my upcoming shows. So, Hello & Goodbye & See you soon! ENJOY.....

~ Johanna

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* That's me sharing a smirky-smile with too much on my mind.... art, art and more art ~ And then there's my other life - eat, sleep, clean, business, shop, book-keeping, and the list goes on! Where are my elves??????

* More hoot hoots on the way!...

* A Halloween bunny who adores candy corn carrots!

* A group of egg cup characters in the rough...

* A sweet ghostly guy with a purple patina...

* Decisions, decisions....

* A leg-less cat sitter, owl and Jack await more details...

* A sweet black & white cat wonders when I will make her collar and add her trims... I wonder this too!

Collector Spotlight: Amber in CA...

And last but not least to help me finish out my most favorite month is this fun Collector Spotlight featuring my friend Amber who also lives in California! She spotted my folk art early on when I was still experimenting with my mediums and technique, and some of her pieces date way back to 2005 (which honestly feels like ages to me!) You will enjoy perusing her collection of Halloween folk art which also includes many wonderful delights from fellow artist friend Nicol Sayre. So, grab a handful of Halloween candy and enjoy the photos that Amber has graciously shared with us here. Many thanks to Amber for the open invitation to visit her decorated home, and a personal thanks for admiring, following and collecting my work fron my earlier days of artistic exploration to the current time. It's such a treat for me to revisit all of these pieces and enjoy catching a glimpse of them in their loving home.........Please leave comments for Amber at the end of this posting.....


J:  How did you learn about my holiday folk art?  
A: The 1st time I spotted your creations was in 2005 at Halloween and Vine.  I went with a friend to snag a Nicol Sayre witch doll.  After the rush we saw your booth.  Unfortunately, I had already spent all my money!  But my friend was able to buy a large cat head sculpture. I loved it and knew I had to have one for myself!!


( * Above, one of my earlier tall vase sculptures featuring an original black cat towers over some vintage style Halloween novelties )

J:  How long have you been collecting my originals?
A: 6 years ~ I started collecting shortly after H&V that year.  Halloween is definitely my very favorite theme and holiday, but I couldn't wait for the next October to roll around so I started my collection with an adorable Snowman named "Peppermint Tommy".  I love him with his candy cane nose!  He is very special to me cuz he started the whole collection!
J:  Ahh, this does take me back, and I do recall you adopting Peppermint Tommy, but I didn't realize that he kick-started your JPD collection! What fun! (Amber has included a photo of Tommy lower in this post, so we can all go down memory lane :)

( * Above, a wonderful grouping of my Halloween originals congregate together on a side table in Amber's home ~ two of which were created this year while others date back to 5 or 6 years ago. Scrolling wrought iron candle stick accent pieces add additional interest to Amber's arrangement. What a beautiful display! )

( * Taking a closer peek, Amber displays her first JPD bat just recently acquired and grouped alongside an owl and jack-o'-lantern friend from year's past )

J: Where have you had the best luck in acquiring my original pieces; shows, web sales, Collector's Catch, eBay, etc?
A: I have gotten pieces from Halloween & Vine, Web Sales and have been pretty lucky on Ebay!


( * Above, "Polka & Punkin" a candy container duo and "Ollie O'Lantern" are several years old, but still lookin' good and are some of Amber's favorites as you'll notice below..... )


J: Do you have a favorite piece in your private collection?
A: It is way to hard to pick a favorite...I actually have a lot of favorites!  LOL  Polka N' Punkin and Ollie O'Lantern are way up well as Gilly Juggles, and one of my newest, Moonlit Owlvira!  And I cannot forget Jester Jack!  He was a surprise birthday gift from the sweetest man ever!!!
J: Ah, yes, those are some of my favorites from your collection as well!  I still pine over "Gilly Juggles" (pictured above) as he really did turn out quite special. I almost kept him back when I made him, but I'm happy that he's well-loved in your home and amongst so many other Halloween friends!


( * And there's "Jester Jack" pictured directly above, adopted for Amber during my Black & White Delight Web Sale this past spring by her thoughtful beau! And I spy another sitter character that I completely forgot that I made! He must be several years old..... And I do believe that smiling jolly jack candy container was created last fall.... )


( * Looking to another display, a one of a kind candy container cat grins from ear to ear and lights up the counter. A glass jar filled with black and white striped candy batons adds a bold graphic touch  )

J: What is it about my creations that captures your imagination?
A: There are so many things I love about your work.  The colors, designs, attention to detail.  What I love the most is that they are so whimsical and scream vintage Halloween!  They also trigger a wonderful nostalgia for me :-)  My JP collection is among my favorite possessions.
J: That makes me smile!  (mission accomplished!)


( * Amber proves that grouping both my reproduction art (the tall bat vase from my line of Bethany Lowe Designs products) can look quite dashing with an original piece of art like this one of a kind owl head. The draping spider webs and haunting cheesecloth add background texture, and those spooky apothecary bottles add a creepy old-world touch )

( * Another eye-catching Halloween display sprawls across the bar counter in Amber's kitchen. She clearly wants to surround herself with eye-candy as she cooks! Let's take a closer peek below...... )


( * And there sits "Moonlit Owlvira," mentioned above as one of Amber's faves. She's proudly displayed with some sweet jack-o'-lantern characters designed by doll artist, Nicol Sayre. It's fun to see how well they complement one another! )


( * Moving down the line, I spy a one of a kind black & white owl candy container that I believe Amber snagged off of a private sellers's auction on eBay. He really looks enchanting here with more Nicol Sayre folk art characters...... )


( * And it's fun to be reacquainted with "Belinda Bag Lady" who was photographed on my coffee table trunk in the 2007 issue of Halloween Tricks and Treats Magazine by BHG. She looks ever so pleased at home with Amber! And I'm really liking that old decorated dress form off in the distance ~ I have a similar piece here in my home! )

( * And we mustn't forget some of my earliest reproduction pieces from my Primitives by Kathy line...... )

J:  Is there anything in particular you suggest I try making in the future?
A: Hmmmmm....maybe a werewolf or perhaps a mummy???  Could be pretty darn cute I think :-)
Thank you again Johanna...this has been fun and I am honored :-) xoxox, Amber
J:  Oh, the honor is all mine Amber!  Everything is just lovely, and I am thrilled to see my creations in such good company and so well-received.


( * And one more Halloween original, a black cat rattle cone from way back when, suspends over two sweet Nicol Sayre folk art witch dolls )

*BONUS Feature!... Here's a sneak peek at Amber's collection of my Christmas originals along with a Spring-themed piece as well! She's got the seasons covered :)


( * And remember "Peppermint Tommy," the snowman that fueled her collecting passion for my creations? Well, he's pictured above at left with that fun-loving candy cane nose! It's a pleasure for me to revisit these guys for this winter's inspiration! And look, one more sitter rests by his side! Looks to me like both Amber & Sandy & Gary had their sights set on my short-lived run on folk art sitters!..... Maybe I'll reintroduce a collection of sitters one of these days )


( * One more pair of my one of kind snowmen make me laugh with their quirky smiles. These guys date back 5 years or so! )

( * Ahhh, and I remember making a series of these nesting birds, each very unique and all-seasonal for the home. I wish I had more time these days to create more every-day delights, but Halloween has really stolen my focus with its high demand and popularity! At any rate, this turquoise bird looks lovely on an old peely white antique display cabinet )

Well, it was certainly a pleasure to see and share with you Amber's delightful collection of folk art!  A warm thanks goes out again to Amber for allowing us into her lovely home. She has offered a generous glimpse to us, so please offer your comments below for Amber to enjoy.

This has a been a delightful series during my most favorite month with 3 Collector Spotlight Features! I am honored to see my creations bringing joy to your homes and look forward to featuring more private collections in the near future!

Thanks again and Happy Halloween Collecting,
~ Johanna

Collector Spotlight: Mona in CA...

I have the pleasure of introducing to you another dear collector of mine. Her name is Mona, and she has been acquiring my Halloween (and Christmas) originals for a few years now! With a shared passion for collecting, she is great friends with Celeste, pictured alongside her, and it was Mona's bag that I mistakenly swopped with Gary & Sandy's bag at this year's Ghoultide Gathering! (Oh it's a small world which makes for a comical tale, now that it's in the past!) Mona's delightful collection is certainly sprawling with one of a kind Halloween collectibles from both myself and that of my fellow artist friends. Fortunately, Mona snapped a fun variety of photos to share, so sit back and enjoy as she opens her doors to us. Many thanks to Mona for offering this delightful peek into her home and for taking the time to answer my questions. :)


J:  How did you learn about my holiday folk art?  
M:  I met you at the  Halloween and Vine Show in 2008 and bought my first piece Dixie Dot.

( * I was excited to see just how many of my Halloween originals Mona has lined up in one spot! It's an impressive march of jack-o'-lanterns, cats, bats, owls and a moon, spider, bunny and crow! Also in the mix includes a Carolee Clark Welcome Dearies sign, a Tammy Strum tambourine, and a squash man by Laurie Hardin ).... You can click on this image for a larger view......

J:  How long have you been collecting my originals?
M: 3 years

( * I thought I would zoom in a bit so you can see these characters up close. So, here we are starting on the left end....  I do believe that the center cat pictured with illustrated hat is "Dixie Dot," Mona's first piece of mine! Thanks to Dixie's charm, it seems that Mona got hooked!)


J: What is it about my creations that captures your imagination?
M: I love that when I look at your whimsical creations they make me smile, some artists creations make me cringe when I look at them.  I am not into the dark side of Halloween I love the light side.  Halloween makes me think of my childhood and the fun it was going door to door trick or treating.  I also love the warm soft hues you use to capture the feel of Halloween!
J: I think you nailed it Mona ~ my art certainly focuses on the happy-spirited side of Halloween, and I want to evoke those sweet, nostalgic memories. I'm glad it's working!

( * Front and center on this shelf of characters is a proudly standing base chamber vase bulldog original of mine that Mona snatched up alongside the bat and moon cups at last year's Ghoultide Gathering )


( * A perching owl and black cat pair were likely adopted at the last Halloween & Vine I exhibited in, while Mr. Spider, a new character this year, was adopted at the 2011 Ghoultide Gathering. Mona likes to use wooden pedestals to elevate key pieces in her collection )


J: Where have you had the best luck in acquiring my original pieces; shows, web sales, Collector's Catch, eBay, etc?
M:  All of the above, I have found them at Halloween and Vine, Ghoultide Gathering, your Open House, web sales, I have been lucky a couple times and been able to snatch your catches and ebay.


J: Do you have a favorite piece in your private collection?
M: I don't have a favorite piece of yours, but Celeste does, she loves the candy corn egg cup cat on the ice box!  I have to make sure she doesn't tuck in her purse when she leaves.  ; )
J: That's too funny! Yes, do keep an eye on that little cat as he could be easily lifted when your back is turned :) (Speaking of, that cat is pictured in the image above, appropriately placed with an assortment of candy-filled jars and a fun squash character by Laurie Hardin.)


( * Halloween art has found its way to the kitchen island in Mona's home as well! Here, my reproduction Halloween horns (from my Bethany Lowe Designs line) surround an older tripod cat reproduction (from my Primitives by Kathy line) As always, I am in great company with the stunning platter by Carolee Clark, winking Jack by William Bezek and lantern-carrying JOL man by Scott Smith! OH, and I believe I spy a moon man off in the distance by Brandi McKenna...)


( * More fun characters dot the house as we come across another one of my older black cat egg cups joined by a group of friends from Jodi Battaglia. In the background a hand-painted handled-plaque by Elona Engelke and a decorated clock by Angela Walter set the spooky-fun mood )

( * 2 of my latest egg cup characters, including my first little mouse, are set aglow thanks to a whimsical lamp by Spookylvania! What FUN! )

J:  Is there anything in particular you suggest I try making in the future?
M: I would love to see you make a Halloween raccoon.  I just can see you doing one with it's natural mask.  Frankenstein would be fun!!!!  Halloween Bell ornaments like you make at Christmas.  Let me know if you need more ideas ; )
J:  Great ideas & yes, keep them coming! 


( * Perching atop an antique Victorian secretary is one of my original owl ball characters that I believe Mona was able to snag during a past EHAG Emporium sale. Paired with a Nicol Sayre black cat, they make a fun duo )


( * A wider view reveals additional creations by Lori Mitchell, Allen W. Cunningham, Vergie Lightfoot and Tammy Strum )


( * Above, a mirrored curio cabinet is lined with shelves of Mona's collection of Wee Forest Folk. "Best Witches" an original bust of mine proudly tops it off, while Scott Smith's Old Crone keeps watch )


( * On a nearby table, my one of a kind "31" bat takes cover under a whimsical Halloween tree!  And one of Laurie Hardin's signature orbs adds a touch of magic to the side )


( * Even a visit to the bathroom never disappoints at Mona's residence! My reproduction owl pail (from my Bethany Lowe Designs line) perches above an antique wash basin table which displays 2 handmade characters from Lori Ann Corelis.  Glowing above resides a witch and pale trio by Laurie Hardin)

I hope you enjoyed this Collector Spotlight feature! Please leave your comments for Mona below. She has graciously opened her doors to you, and I am sure she would enjoy reading your thoughts...
And once again, Thank You Mona for sharing. Both myself and my fellow Halloween art friends truly appreciate your passion for what we do!

~ Happy Halloween Collecting ~
 ~ Johanna ~

Eye Spy!...

It's always a joy to spot my Halloween works popping up in unexpected ways! Last month I had the pleasure of finding one of my original black cats peering back at me in the debut issue of FOLK Magazine! Here, I'm in good company with a menagerie of Halloween artisans chosen as FOLK's favorites, so thank you FOLK :)  In addition, the fall staple Tricks & Treats Magazine by Better Homes & Gardens revealed an unexpected grouping of candy containers in a private home feature. Fortunately, the owner with her "zest for decorating" included a pair of my reproduction cat & owl glass jars. I had friends and family spotting this way before I had ever made it out to the newsstands. What a treat! As much of my time is spent at home creating, my chances to journey out and shop are far and few. So it's a always a surprise to see the work that I do take on a life of its own in various magazines and within the private collections of others. Just thought I'd share...... Happy Halloween to all & thank you for the opportunity to share my work with you!

~ Johanna


* Amongst Halloween art friends, Robert Brawley, The Whimsical Whittler, Lori Ann Corelis, Cheswick Company, Prim Penny, Jody Cain, Needlin Around & Honey and Maple Syrup.

* A closer peek at this jolly cat ~ I'm still scratching my head as to where the staff at FOLK actually found this image..... surprise, surprise is all I can say!


* Homeowner, Cher Beall shares her collection of candy-filled jars in her "fall frolic" feature in Better Homes & Gardens, Tricks & Treats Magazine. Can you spot my two jar designs?

Hootin' Auction & a Halloween Web Sale!

Woooooo!  I am wrapping up a really great Halloween Art season with a super special Owl Egg Cup Auction on eBay and a Halloween Web Sale next Wednesday. In the meantime, I will be glued to my computer screen as I finish up the graphics for my upcoming sale. As for the owl, this unique character was made famous this fall, thanks to the folks at Phyllis Hoffman's Celebrate Halloween Magazine. This internationally known seasonal publication is currently featuring my one of a kind Halloween folk art, and this original owl of mine is pictured twice on page 23. Oh how I wavered back and forth.... too keep or not to keep. Alas, he is now on eBay and accompanies a signed copy of this Halloween collector's magazine. Many thanks to all of you for placing a bid of affection for this sweet guy. Best of luck to you! As this auction is winding down on the evening of October 19th, my Halloween Web Sale will commence!  For more details and the exact start time, please Join My Mailing List!...


* Like all of my signature egg cups, simply lift his body up to reveal a cup below to stash tiny trinkets, treats, jewels or whatever you fancy....


* Look for the spooky-fun coconut cake on the cover of this year's Halloween issue of Celebrate Magazine! My article starts on page 23.....


* Visit my Auction Page to see more views and descriptions of this very special owl. The winner also takes home a signed copy of this magazine....


* And Save the Date for my last Halloween Web Sale of the year!  A Dozen-plus one of a kind characters will be available for your choosing. Members of my e-Mailing List will receive the full scoop, including the official start time. So, do JOIN now if you are not on my e-maling list already.

Thank you,
~ Johanna

Scenes from the Trunk Show!...

This time, Fall in all its cold and wet dreariness haunted our Halloween Trunk Show. We have been spoiled with warm Indian summer days for the last 5 years, but we were due! Despite the chill, we were so thrilled to see that many of you braved the weather to visit with us and collect a few more Halloween delights for your homes this year. An extra thanks goes out to you out-of-state collectors that traveled via the skies (perhaps by broom? :) to attend this fun event. It was so wonderful to see all of your smiling faces. Many thanks also to Sam Robinson, our event planner extraordinaire along with all the vendors that made this year's trunk show extra special. With just moments to spare, JP and I rushed around and snapped some photos to share with those unable to attend.... Enjoy!

~ Johanna


* That's me in my silly Halloween attire, in front of my hutch of Halloween originals......


* My reproduction Halloween-hatted head characters flew off this old plant stand that they were spookishly hovering on......


* This year's illustrated Halloween cones were also a fun find for my shoppers looking for a little something to spook their homes with...


* I loved how this last-minute display turned out, showcasing my black cat pins. An old wire plant basket made for the purrrfect web-like rack for these popular guys!


* And there's Sweet Owlfred and friends perched atop a rusty old step ladder!


* The back wall of my display in all it's orange and black glory! My signed reproductions from both Primitives by Kathy & Bethany Lowe Designs are showcased, left and center. The right corner hutch housed this year's Halloween originals...


* There's Sam Robinson, aka Manorisms and also our show promoter, snapping some quick  photos before the doors opened. If you squint, you can see my display at center and all the way, straight back!


* As usual, I had about 10 minutes to spare and make the rounds to snap some quick pics. JP had a camera too, so he caught me in the act!


* The clock struck noon and the collectors, who had been huddled under a tent out in the rain, came marching in! Look at all the smiles on their faces ~ love that :)


* Hungry? For those with an empty belly, Erica McNeish was offering some of her yummy eats for lunch....


* Not to mention her delicious sweets for dessert ~ look at those luscious candied apples!


* Erica prepares for the frenzy of hungry guests!


* Next door to me, Mr. Bumble Bindelgrim had a striking display of vintage Halloween delights, up for grabs!


* And, I snapped a quick photo of him before the Halloween fans arrived to snag a copy of his new book, The Pumpkin Dream...


* Handmade pumpkin folk nodders and paper lanterns also graced his table...


* Brightly hued jacks and black cats from Bindelgrim's vintage collection were a hit!


* My other neighbors were Kirsten of Pearl Clothing & Jil Cappucio with her fun fashions...


* Across the way was Heide Murray with her novelty Halloween delights including some spooky rings made from real human molars!


* And to her side was Mysti Gulsrud of Delphinium Design with a table full of colorful Dia de Los Muertos jewels and delightful Halloween handmades....


* And it was fun to see Ed & Sherry of Sticks n' Things join us this year with their creations from wood...


* Up front, attendees were greeted with the colorful delights offered by Sam Robinson, aka Manorisms....


* Homemade apple butter plus other jams & a series of adorable handmade jack-o'-lanterns were made by Sam's mom, Mozell Falletti!


* Cubbies of Jacks and gumballs certainly excited the children that always enjoy Sam's offerings....


* More Halloween novelties from Sam, displayed on electric green!


* And all that orange caught my eye ~ sweet, stitched Jack by Mozell Falletti...


* Kiddy Kits, Raspberry Pear Jam, finger puppets and Apple Mint spread enticed the shoppers...


* Due to the rainy weather, Rabbit Shadow Farms moved their whimsical plants indoors and offered both a fresh scent and visual treats for the senses...


* Pome of Denver had a fun display including black cats ~ one of my favorites!


* Spooky fun collage art also on display from Pome...


* And to "top it off" we had Erin Saboe, our hat-maker offering handmade witch's hats, and just in time for Halloween!


* And although we found homes for many of my Halloween folk art one of a kinds, I still have a fun variety to offer.

So, MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the evening of Wednesday, October 19th when I will be offering those to you during my Halloween Web Sale! Stay tuned for a variety of sweet characters, each unique. The fun takes place on my Folk Art Originals page. For the official start time and details please join my e-mailing list. An easy sign-up form resides on the sale page at the link above.

Happy Haunting!

Trunk Show, Tomorrow!...

I have just a quick reminder for all of you Halloween-loving folks that will be in the neighborhood. Tomorrow, when the clock strikes noon, Denver's 6th Annual Halloween Trunk Show will begin! I included the following eye-candy-filled ad in my latest Newsletter, but if you missed it, I will be offering a really fun assortment of my latest licensed designs at this unique event. Also, I should have around 30 or so originals to offer, including a very special black cat kettle cup that made the newsstands this fall... It's bittersweet to possibly part with the little fellow, but I will be happy to find him a black cat-loving home too. So, I hope to see you this Saturday - that's TOMORROW at Leo's Garage on historic S. Pearl Street in Denver.


* The ad above features a collage of just some of my licensed designs that I will have available.. But, there will be a dozen of us vendors offering an array of vintage-style delights, including delicious eats!


* A peek at page 23 of Phyllis Hoffman's Celebrate Halloween Magazine reveals a photo of me along with a small menagerie of my one of a kind Halloween creations... The "TREATS" black cat kettle cup at right will be up for grabs at the Trunk Show.... I just decided tonight that I might be willing to part with him, maybe...  :)


* It's always difficult to put a value on such a piece.... pondering that still.

SEE YOU Soon! This shall be fun!...........
~ Johanna

Caught, Orange & Black-Handed!...

This afternoon, as I was intensely painting away, JP snuck in and started snapping candid photos of me at work! EEK! No chance for hair & make-up, and where was wardrobe when I needed them?!  Yes, he caught me orange & black-handed, working on the last few pieces in preparation for my two Halloween shows. My long work table is a happy Halloween disaster of characters waiting for a final touch here or perhaps a pair of arms there. Luckily, I have another bin of completed goodies, all ready to go. Just wish I was!.... You're probably asking, why I would even have time to post this. And well, when 9pm rolled around, my right hand was sending me less and less subtle messages to call it a night! Anyway, here's the proof that I am truly busy at work, getting ready for Halloween. We (that's JP and I, along with all the Halloween characters I am bringing to life...) hope to see YOU at the Ghoultide Gathering and/or the Halloween Trunk Show.......

~ Johanna


* Yes, looks I needed to change out my paint water, but who has time!


* A growing crowd of owls, jack-o'-lanterns, bats, black cats, crows, ghosts, a moon and a mouse, are almost officially done. I must say that they look more dapper than I....


* It's a funny feeling to be surrounded by all these spooky-sweet faces staring back at me!


* I take a quick moment to look up as I paint a ghostly black and white base chamber vase...

PS:  If you would like occasional updates regarding my folk art, events and news, please Join My Mailing List and look for the simple email address form at the bottom of my Folk Art Originals page.

You can also catch up with me on Facebook. Choose the "LIKE" button at my Johanna Parker Design page in order to see my news.

And don't forget to sign up for my Halloween Horn Giveaway too! Details are listed below...... Time is a'tickin!

Faces of the Ghoultide Gathering....

What a fun surprise! I have the pleasure of being featured as one of the many faces of the Ghoultide Gathering in two different national magazines this fall. The art of each and every artist that exhibits at this fabulous show is truly wonderful, so I am honored that my folk art characters have been chosen to help represent a gathering of talent beyond imagination!


At last year's Ghoultide Gathering, photographer Brad Ziegler from Midwest Living Magazine made the rounds to each artist's table, just hours before the doors opened to the public. He snapped an assortment of images from each artist as we anticipated the show to commence. As quickly as he appeared, he vanished as the frenzy of collectors took center stage. So, almost a year later it is such a delight to see that a sampling of his photos did indeed make the pages of this October's Midwest Living! Turn to page 69 and look for the page titled "Discoveries ~ A few of our Favorite Midwest Finds." An original standing owl sculpture of mine perches at the top right corner of the page, and as I recall, he was one of the first pieces to fly off the shelf! For those of you in the midwest, you should be able to spot this magazine on the stands, and for all others, you can order a copy from Midwest Living.


And have you heard of A Primitive Place Magazine? It's a treasure for those of you looking for your primitive fix! This past spring, this year's artists of a Ghoultide Gathering were asked to submit images of their Halloween folk art, nestled in primitive-style settings, all for a possible feature. This was an easy task for me as a I have amassed a small library of images that I have snapped in the surroundings of my mother's colonial style home. She has an ever-growing collection of my Halloween folk art, so luckily I was able to resort to the photos that I have taken in her primitive home over the years. Fortunately, the candy container witch I made for mom several years ago is included in their Fall 2011 issue! Alongside this sweet piece in the magazine is a fun assortment of my black cats and owls that I photographed at mom's Halloween Collectors Event. To see it all and the wonderful work of several other of my Halloween artist friends, please order you copy HERE!

The 5th Annual Ghoultide Gathering promises to delight your senses and transport you to a place of whimsy and imagination. If you love the happy spirit of Halloween, you must join us!


See you there, or beware..... :)
~ Johanna

Sneak Peek from my Workshop....

With August more than halfway behind me, and September looming, I have been spending long hours in the workshop preparing my collection of Halloween originals for this fall. I have one batch of characters almost complete, but many pieces still yearn for a set of wire arms, wings and the like along with a trim or two to be finished and ready for adoption. It's certainly a process that tends to take me longer with each year ~ I know, it should be the other way around!... So, I have another batch underway, and I spent most of my day sculpting candy containers and other characters that came to mind. As 9pm rolled in, I decided to scrape the crusty papier mache flakes off of my fingers and snap a few teaser images of what I have in store.... Many of these guys are still works in progress, so use your imagination :)

(PS ~ just peeked at my post again, and ALL these pictures look like they are on fire!  Hot orange saturation galore :) That's what I get for taking my shots at night and working on the graphics with tired eyes....)


* A black & white owl sports my new illustrated hat and awaits a vintage bow tie, perhaps....


* Peek-a-boo!... says the egg cup character peering through a pair of black cats...


* A funky cocoa powder tin holds a series of paintbrushes ready for action...


* Eek! Cover your eyes ~ these guys are still in the nude.....


* A surprised jack-o'-lantern lets out a little shriek! Perhaps she's a wee bit scared of the mouse sneaking up behind her....


*Another jack-o'-lantern is topped by a wee little bat, awaiting a set of whimsy wings... That's a whole process in itself ~ cutting the wire, forming, shaping & curling the tiny wings, a little glue here and a little glue there, drilling some holes more glue, and voila!....
It all takes patience, and I'm honestly not a very patient person!!


* A little box of handmade collars made from vintage crepe papers offers me options when the time comes to dress each character. The papier mache cup is decorated in handpainted autumn leaves and will serve as the base for another JOL character....


* In the works is this owl, obviously in need of eyes and more finishing touches... He sits atop a recycled container that once housed some yum yum yum gelato.... I feel a chocolate craving coming on!....


* Black kitties in the foreground look to be howling at the ghost figures in the back...


* Another peek at some of the Halloween characters that have been watching me work!

Did I get you in the mood for Halloween?  Are you intrigued, and would you like to see more?  Well, I will be revealing all of these fun characters at my 2 Halloween Events this year, and of course you will have the opportunity to adopt one or a few for yourself!


The 5th Annual Ghoultide Gathering
The 6th Annual Halloween Trunk Show

And if you are unable to attend, I do hope to host a Web Sale in October if all goes as planned. So, Join My Mailing List for all the details....

Happy Haunting,
~ Johanna

Meet "Blushing Pumpkina"...

It's the last day of the month which means that the EHAG Emporium is again open with a fresh offering of Halloween folk art from a sampling our artist guild members. This time around, I was able to play along and created a fun and rather different piece for your consideration. "Blushing Pumpkina" is a one of a kind, "mini bust" pumpkin character. She is painted in rich undertones of magenta rouge which naturally made me think that she was a bit blushed! With recessed features, carved for Halloween and protruding cheeks, she is quite the cutie! A gnarling stem rises with a twist and adds height and interest to her look. Blushing Pumpkina (Pump-keen-a) has a pair of wiry vine-like arms painted soft green to match her towering stem. With her left arm raised, you have the option to attach your favorite photo or small card within the prongs of her fingers. And, she comes with the sweet EHAG Emporium tag that I designed as well. Keep scrolling down for a few photos, and thank you for your interest!

* A pair of orange and black strands of wispy whimsy threads trim her neckline and add softness. A jack-o-lantern painted pendant smiles back at Blushing Pumpkina and marks her sweet heart.

Blushing Pumpkina ~ 5.75" tall by 4.5" wide
 $275 plus shipping SOLD

To reserve this piece, please email me at:
I may not be available to take your request at the start of the sale, so I thank you for your patience and will return your email as soon as possible.


* She's such a little flirt as she offers a wave to you!

* A simple floral-like pattern of circles and dots repeats itself across the back and decorates this little beauty! She ships with the EHAG Emporium card, signed on the back.

Images & Design, © Johanna Parker Design, LLC 2011. Photos may not be used without permission.

A True Halloween Artist Spectacular!...

With August just around the corner, visions of fall and Halloween are haunting our minds! This year's dazzling ad for the 5th Annual Ghoultide Gathering is now being revealed as it hits the stands soon in the fall issue of Art Doll Quarterly Magazine. Perhaps a peek may just entice you to join us on the last day of September and the first day of October in Northville, Michigan for this spooktacular event! I promise that you will be mesmerized by the whimsical displays and works of collectible Halloween art that will be offered by 30 nationally known artisans. There's nothing quite like it, so please join us!

And can you spot my winged contribution to page one of this lovely ad spread?....

Page 2 reveals a fun array of one of a kind jack-o'-lanterns, witches, a skelly & rabbit, an ogre, a devil and a spooky frog! Halloween has no limits, and continues to tease our imaginations. The intriguing subject matter, hand-crafted spirit and attention to detail truly make this an event all of its own.


Please visit The Ghoultide Gathering online for a peek at ALL of the participating artisans who will be sharing their wares with you!

Here's hoping these fanciful images of Halloween will haunt you into joining us!

See you there!
~ Johanna

Mouse Tales...

Well, I did it! I stepped outside of my black cat, owl and bat box to try my hand at a mouse! After several nudges and a number of suggestions from my collector friends, I thought it was time to give mouse-making a try. I must admit, my first attempt at a pointy-nosed whimsical rodent occurred last winter, and I failed miserably. I was trying to make a teeny weeny mouse ornament, and it ended up as a pile of papier mache mush in my anxious hands! Luckily, I had more patience this time around, and I think "Jerry Juggler," my first official mouse, turned out quite swell. See for yourself by visiting his eBay Auction page. I will include a few teaser pics below, but there are lots more images along with descriptions once you visit Jerry's listing. He's up for bids for 7 Days this time, so keep that in mind. His auction ends on Sunday, July 10th at 10pm EST, so save the date. Good luck and many thanks to any and all of you who offer us a bid :)

Thank you,
~ Johanna


* I think this photo really captures Jerry's flirtatious side!


* Another sweet little frolicking mouse is painted on his spherical base and depicts a whimsical juggling scene..... Cute as a mouse!


* The stage curtains are pulled to reveal this jovial scene, and they wrap all the way around this unique piece....


* A peek at the underside reveals that Jerry Juggler is indeed my first mouse! I'm hoping to create a few more mice in various forms before Halloween ~ mouse tails are crossed!

OH ~ and check out The Haunted World of Bumble Bindlegrim! Looks like my mouse has inspired him, and I'm in good company.... Take a peek at all the Halloween eye candy....

Design & photography, © 2011 Johanna Parker Design, LLC ~ Images may not be used without permission.

Web Sale Tease...

Yesterday, I happily finished a collection of ten, one of a kind originals for this-coming Wednesday evening's web sale! JP and I spent our Friday night taking their photos for all of the sale graphics I will need to create ~ it's quite the task... Along the way, we had a little fun with some teaser pics which I will post below. If you would like more information about my Black & White Delight Web Sale, please visit my Folk Art Originals page and join my mailing list. There's a quick sign-up form as you scroll down. And, if I have time to spare, perhaps I will complete a few more goodies to add to the collection. Have a wonderful weekend, and perhaps I'll see you on Wednesday!

~ Johanna


* Remember, if you see something you wish to adopt on sale night, please email me with the name of the piece so I can reserve it for you.


Photography, © 2011 Johanna Parker Design, LLC

Spirits, Anyone?...

Hmm, could she possibly be referring to the nebulous spooks that go bump in the night, or perhaps a bubbly evening beverage to taste? Both sound intriguing, but I'm actually referring to my one of a kind EHAG Emporium piece that I am offering this evening. "Spirited Sparky" was born out of my new fascination for painting ghostly figures this month. Sparky himself is a robust, black and cream colored cat, but his bulbous base tells a haunting tale of flowing ghosts in graphic shapes and hues. If you would like to adopt this original folk art character, please Email Me to secure this piece! Keep scrolling down for additional photos and details, and don't forget to visit EHAG's Emporium to marvel at the other haunting originals by fellow artists, this evening!

Thank you!
~ Johanna


SOLD to Elaine ~ "Spirited Sparky"
~ Thank you!

$365 plus shipping
~ 5.5" tall by 3.25" wide
Signed, dated and marked 1/1
He wears a wispy strand of black filament around his neck, and a handmade vintage crepe paper bow tie adds a festive touch below his chin!


Sparky and his eye-catching base are intriguing from all angles. Add him tonight to your collection of haunting delights!

Designs & Photography © 2011 Johanna Parker Design, LLC
Images may not be used without permission

Halloween, 2012......

Designing holiday products can be tricky as I must think a year-plus in advance while creating my pieces off season. The latter comes natural since I always have Halloween on the mind! But, I do find my patience running thin as I design and create pieces that will not be available for more than a year. By the time they arrive, it's like a happy reunion where the face is pleasantly familiar, but we do have to get reacquainted a bit. This week, I am finishing up a small batch of Halloween prototypes for Bethany Lowe Designs, 2012. I had fun with these as I decided to blend my illustrations with the sculptures that I love to create. The end result is a series of fun, jack-in-a-box style candy box characters that serve as both decorative as well as functional pieces of art! The first image is a mock-up as I honestly ran out of time to actually build the boxes. Keep scrolling down for more.....


The illustration of a lanky pumpkin man teetering atop a jack-o'-lantern
creates the fun panels for this sweet piece.


These sample drawings are a trio of sideshow-style images conveying a whimsical character framed in a staged setting. Four panels of each design will comprise each box, and the corresponding character's bust will crown the box's lid!


Of course, I had to include one of my black cats in the mix!


Here's another peek at my jack-o'-lantern character! What a fun face :)


And, my first licensed skelly will be making his debut alongside the other two characters. I'm looking forward to reuniting with this fun trio next fall! Now, if only I were more patient.....

I also squeezed in a spooky spider design.... Stay tuned for a peek at him later...

Happy Haunting,
~ Johanna

PS... I'm starting a few Facebook Fan Page photo albums of my work....
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Halloween in January!..

Who says you can't start adding to your Halloween collection in January? If you LOVE Halloween, then this is a great way to start out your new year! With a little nudge from both collectors and my EHAG friends in the Emporium, I was inspired to create a couple of new spooky fun originals for January's opening. First off is "Cross-Eyed Crowly," a decorated Owl ball character who is featured in tonight's EHAG Emporium. I have additional images of Cross-Eyed Crowly below. Keep scrolling down to also meet "Spooky-O-Lumino," another whimsically fun lumina jack-o'-lantern ball character with a wild "do". If you would like to adopt one of these collectible works of art, please EMAIL Me with the name of the piece to reserve yours today! And, don't forget to hop on over to the EHAG Emporium for several more original delights by my fellow Halloween artist friends!

Thank You!
~ Johanna


"Cross-Eyed Crowly"
SOLD ~ $365 plus shipping
~ 6.5" tall by 3.25" wide
Signed, dated and marked 1/1

* He is hand-painted in a crescent moon motif which repeats on his backside, and he wears a hand-sewn vintage crepe paper collar. Black glass glitter brims his hat. A textural head, bulbous eyes and dimensional beak bring out the "owl" in Crowly!


~~~~~~~~~~~~ AND ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


SOLD ~ $355 plus shipping
~ 6.5" tall by 3.25" wide
Signed, dated and marked 1/1

* He is hand-painted in a lumina jack-o'-lantern motif featuring various faces that surround his stylized base. His twisted stem looks like a wild "do", and handmade bow tie trims his neck with a band of black glass glitter. Recessed eyes, nose and mouth give him that classic JOL look!


Email to Purchase:

Designs & Photography © 2011 Johanna Parker Design, LLC
Images may not be used without permission

Gone Batty!...

OK, so I've been hoarding this original bat! For months, he sat unfinished in my studio, anxious for a coat of paint and layers of detail to bring him to life. But, I did not get around to finishing him in time for my fall events, nor Halloween! However, a little nudge from my EHAG friends in the Emporium was just the right amount to inspire me to finish him in time for November's opening. Meet "Wally Wingster" a unique one of a kind collectible bat, complete with hand-formed stylized wings and a series of flapping bats that encircle his spherical base. Take a peek below for a few images of Wally, and decide for yourself if you would like to invite Wally into your home, or perhaps give him as a cherished gift this season to a special friend. Don't forget to hop on over to the EHAG Emporium for just a few more original delights by my fellow Halloween artist friends!

Thank You!
~ Johanna

"Wally Wingster" perching atop a Corinthian-style shelf in our kitchen.....

SOLD ~ $385 plus shipping ~ 7.25" tall by 8.25" wide
Signed, dated and marked 1/1

* A zoom on Wally reveals the hand-painted highlights on his crepe paper collar
and the black glass glitter brim that trims his hat...

* A peek at Wally's backside displays a mirror image of his front!....

Please email me at johanna to reserve him... :)

Just a Few Halloween Sets Left!...

Many thanks to all of you who popped in at the start of my Halloween Web Sale last night and adopted a special collectible piece for yourself! I appreciate your determination and your patience ~ I know some of you had trouble getting my Folk Art Originals page to load, including me! Sorry! I'll look into that for next time as I'm suspecting there was too much traffic hitting all at once. I feel so very fortunate that your interest in my one of a kinds continues to grow, and of course, I wish I could accommodate everyone's request. The good news is that my love for Halloween is a year-round passion. So, expect to see more from me after the holidays settle. :)

I do however have a few Halloween Reproduction Collector's Sets still available! If you love Black Cats or Owls & Bats, I may just have the set for you! Each item is signed by me, and I'll include an extra goodie in your box. Please contact me soon if you are interested in a set as I only have a few remaining.

Thank you so much for your support & Happy Halloween!
~ Johanna

CLICK HERE for more details on my "Cat Lovers Set"
( The little kitty, top right, sits on a little clip and can be attached to a tree, wreath, etc...
The hugging cat pail can certainly be filled with treats, etc and Shreik the cat looks great just standing around :)

CLICK HERE for more details on my "Night Flyer Set"
( The hanging owl and bat are double-sided and add great movement and fun to any room or window! The sitting owl is another clip ornament and can attach to a tree, wreath, etc... The owl on a stick is also a small rattle and can be shaken or hung. And the bat pail is ready to be filled with your favorite candy treats! )

To reserve one today, please email me at:

OH Bats & Celebrate365 Magazine!...

I had the pleasure of sharing some of my Halloween collections here at home in Connie Porcher's Celebrate365 Magazine! You can see a fun collage within an article of Halloween goodness around my house in her Fall 2010 issue. It just came out! From my own collection of Halloween originals, I promised to auction off a very special Bat Candy Bowl that I am pictured with in this fun publication. So, you can meet "Sweet Billy" the bat bowl and see lots more photos of him on eBay as his auction just listed tonight. Both functional and fun, you can place him on display, and he will literally hug your sweets! Fill him with candies, and expect years of giggles and grins to come as each Halloween approaches. The winner of the auction receives both the Bat and a signed copy of Celebrate365!
CLICK HERE to see more, and many thanks for your kind bids of support :)

Cheers & Good Luck,
~ Johanna

* A peek at "Sweet Billy"......

* Another look at "Sweet Billy" with the signed copy of Celebrate365 Fall 2010. You can see a glimpse of the photo where I'm holding him out for the readers to see!

* Cute profile, huh? His dimensional wings wrap from inside to the backside of the bowl....

* And another peek at Sweet Billy next to this fun Halloween Collector's issue!

Please visit his AUCTION page to see more! Thanks for looking..... and thank you Connie for sharing my love of Halloween collectibles with your readers!

* OH, and speaking of Halloween Collectibles....
Please Mark your Calendars for my Halloween Web Sale, this Wednesday evening! I will be offering about a dozen one of kind pieces, and will also have a link to a variety of Signed Halloween Reproduction Collectors Sets! So, if you're interested, but would like to know more, please join my e-mailing list by just sending me a quick message to:

See you then!