Delighted, times two...

Finally, after what seems to be countless days and months chipping away at my work, I am so delighted to reach the "finishing touches" portion of the process in creating my collection of Halloween originals for next Saturday's Ghoultide Gathering! (Wow, that was a mouthful!) I spent yesterday afternoon sewing crepe paper collars, making bow ties and adding glass glittered accents to various pieces. Admittedly, I have been nervous that I wouldn't complete what I had started. Distractions have been popping up throughout the month in every possible direction, but I am finally seeing the light at the end of the corridor. Last on the list is to photograph each original so I can remember these fun characters before they find their new homes. Well, then I have to tag, price and safely wrap them for their journey ahead, and I'm sure I'll find a million other things to do between now and then! The to-do list keeps growing while the clock ticks.....

Speaking of being delighted, I was also happy to open up my new copy of the Prims August 2010 issue by Stampinton to see that my "Delightful DoraWeen" made the Gallery! She is a sweet papier mache witch candy container that I created earlier in the year, and as usual, as a very last minute submission! Luckily she made the cut, and now I have to decide if I am willing to sell her or perhaps keep her for myself. I'll make that decision once she safely arrives back home. I will include a sneak peek below, but to read more and see all of the various artists' creations, you can order your copy of PRIMS here.

* A peek at page 124 reveals my "Delightful Doraween".....

* Look for this cover at the book store!
There is also a lovely tribute to the talented Penny McAllister who lost her life to leukemia earlier this year. She was a cherished member of PFATT, and the Last Page is dedicated to her and includes an image of our PFATT's Penny Feather Tree, loaded with handmade ornaments in her honor.


And, just a note: For those of you hoping to adopt one of my originals at the Ghoultide Gathering, I will be bringing my tall black cupboard hutch to house my collection. Just look for the Johanna Parker Design pumpkin logo at the top center, and if you don't see that ~ well that means, I left it at home by mistake! Let's hope I am more organized than that! OH, and I cut my hair off too! (not ALL of it, but about 6 inches at least...)

See you soon, and enjoy the Prims sneak peek as well!

~ Johanna

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