Later Today, Halloween Reproduction Array!.....

Stay tuned friends! I'm working on the photographs and graphics for my Blog Sale of Signed Halloween Reproductions that will be launching here, later today! The sale will commence with a newsletter announcement which will also include details about my Web Sale of originals next week on Oct. 13th. If you have not done so, please Join my Mailing List for ALL the details!

I'll be baaaaaack as sooooon as I can!  :)

~ Johanna


Halloween Original Sneak Peek...

Hi Friends..... It's been a frenzied last few weeks, and now we are so close to this Saturday's Art Walk in the Glens Neighborhood! Thankfully, I have finished a fun medley of originals, and I even took some pretty photos of each :) I am posting a sneak peek of these one of kinds which will be up for adoption at the show on October 1st. I will also have a variety of signed reproductions for Halloween lovers to collect along with my candles and notepads. I hope to see you at:

The Glens Art Walk
Saturday, October 1, 2016
10 am  - 4 pm
Find me & my Halloween at 1690 Glen Dee Drive, Lakewood, CO 80215
More Details HERE

Enjoy & Happy Halloween!
~ Johanna















Happy Halloween, Enter In...

My OH my, friends so dear,
HALLOWEEN is now here!
The hour is bewitching,
and Jack is itching (to show off his conical hat)
I also took photos by evening candlelight,
of vintage novelties and Halloween delight.
An October 31 birthday is ever so sweet,
as I'm often gifted a vintage Halloween treat!
We placed our corner cupboard inside for fun,
to fill it with pieces from my collection.
I also snapped a few photos during the day,
to share a small peek at my Halloween display.
I wish I had more time to festoon the whole place,
with orange and black decor, filling the space.
But, I have been quite busy making my art,
So, with limited time, this is a start….

Best Wishes to you for a Halloween so jolly!
May it be filled with smiles and sweet folly.

Happy Haunting,
~ Johanna


* Jack perches on a stool, wearing his new hat! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


* Our corner cupboard at glance…. And yes, this is the same cupboard that we take to our shows to showcase my one of a kinds! It's typically stored away, but we decided to bring it indoors and fill it with Halloween delights. I have so many more Halloween pieces in my collection that I will just have to find myself an additional curio cabinet to display them all in!


* A peek up close reveals one of my original owl ball characters that I gave to JP as birthday present a few years ago. He's surrounded with vintage Halloween finds.


* Down below, a cloth pumpkin man with a walnut shell head was created and gifted to me by my mom! She also made the sweet woolen stitched pumpkin above, left. Vintage horns, noisemakers and other delights have appeared in packages at my doorstep by dear friends and thoughtful collectors who know that I love antique Halloween novelties.


* An old orange bird cage reveals one of my reproduction crows roosting inside. A vintage owl clicker suspends along the edge.


 * A grouping of my original candy containers that I have collected over the years, traipse across the top shelf. Below, a sweet papier mache "Bewitched" cat candy box was gifted to me by a dear artist friend, Kitty Nikolai of Sweet Invocations.


* Vintage jack-o'-lanterns grin and glow next to an old orange ceramic cat that I found at a garage sale.


* A closer peek reveals my cat, witch and crow trio tucked in the corner of the cabinet.


* An older original spider of mine sits atop a timeworn candy tin. Behind, vintage tin noisemakers are mixed with some of my Halloween art.


* A creepy cool Spooklight lantern suspending from a stylized bat are both designed by my fellow Halloween designer friend, Bindlegrim! I was lucky to snatch this set at this year's Halloween Trunk Show!


* Below on a stack of old suitcases, you'll find an original owl bust that I created a few years ago… "Wise 'ol Owlexander"


* And, here's another peek of our corner cupboard from the side… It's tempting to keep this out all year, as it's all eye candy to me...


* Looking across to the mantel, we see Jack wearing an orange crepe paper bow tie. To bring in a little Halloween cheer, I added some orange accents to the decor.


* I quickly turned my new "Trick or Treat" bag from Primitives by Kathy into a pillow by stuffing it with another pillow! (thanks Mom for the idea :) In the distance, our handmade fire screen mirrors the play on black cats…


* JP brought me home a bouquet of birthday flowers, so I added those to a Roseville vase. Two of my new Halloween stand-up characters from Primitives by Kathy add some seasonal spunk!


* A headless dress form serves as an unusual illumination along with a canvas to adorn for the season. I added my "Oh Bats" hanger and draped the bodice with an orange scarf that my mom gave me last year.


* An orange and black handmade basket from our close friends carries one of my new Halloween box signs, "Halloween is Calling."


* And, just a quick glance to the back sunroom invites those who enter to take a seat. Jack has clearly abandoned both his hat and tie to sit and relax for a little bird-watching fun. As our bittersweet vine turns golden outside, a pumpkin and a pair crows add some fall spirit to the inside scene.


* Once again, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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Spooky Sneak Peek!

Well, it's that time of year again! I am counting down the last few days before the 9th Annual Halloween Trunk Show opens this Saturday! Today, I added the final touches to this year's collection of Halloween originals, and then they each smiled for the camera. At last, I will have 35 one of a kinds to share with collectors this weekend, and below is a sneak peek at some of these special collectibles. I hope you will join us this Saturday to meet them in person and also enjoy all the Halloween eye candy from a variety of artisan vendors that make this show so very unique! Beyond my collection of originals, I will also have a festive medley of my signed reproductions and illustrated notepads, all donning orange and black! Denver's Halloween Trunk Show is a free event located in Leo's pristine garage on historic S. Pearl Street. Bring your family and friends for a spooktacular fall experience!

See you soon!
~ Johanna














HOOT HOOT!  Happy Halloween to you!  :)

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Trunk Show Sneak Peek...

Hey Halloween fans! A few of you have asked for sneak peeks from my collection of originals. You know me ~ I don't like to reveal too much, but here are a few teaser images of just some of my one of a kinds that I will be offering at this Saturday's Trunk Show! I hope this will tie you over for now.... hehe! (and yes, the remaining original delights from my Denver event will find their way to the Ghoultide Gathering) I have much yet to do, so bye for now and SEE you SOON!

 ~ Johanna

* A Batty Egg Cup & a couple of mini bat busts..... Cute!


* A couple of Ghosts and a lumina jack-o'-lantern..... There's a really cool ghostly bust back there!  Wish I could keep 'em!


* Towering base chamber vase owl that I poured many many hours into.... and a sweet trick or treat black cat candy container......


* Quartet of Halloween friends including a vintage green-hued Jack....


* Bold Halloween owl ball character and a sweet bat candy container off in the distance....

And yes, there will be more at this Saturday's Trunk Show!  Doors open at noon, but arrive a wee bit early as they sometimes open a tad before schedule...

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A Ghoultide Tease...

Well, I spent half of yesterday photographing my originals for this Saturday's Ghoultide Gathering! It's always helpful for me to document what I have created. I find it quite fascinating to compare my work from year to year in order to see just how much I have progressed. The funny thing is, with all the practice I have accumulated over the years, one would assume that I would be speedy fast at creating my one of a kinds by now. Ha! However, on the contrary, I keep raising the bar it seems. So, my creative process from start to finish tends to only lengthen with time! (Darn, I'm thinking....No wonder I cannot keep up with all of those special orders) Anyway, while I was photographing each piece, I pulled out my macro lens and took some fun close-ups. You'll have to use your imagination to fill in the blanks, or better yet, attend the show! For now, here is teaser featuring just a handful of the Halloween collectible originals I have created for this very special event. I hope to see you there! And let me tell you ~ my Halloween papier mache characters are anxious to meet you and perhaps just hop into your shopping bag to be swept off to your home :)

~ Johanna

* Just one of the several owl-themed originals I sculpted for this event....

* This sweet little bat kettle cup turns out to be "JP's Pick!" He begged me to keep it, but this bat was created for the Ghoultide Gathering. So, I said I'd make him a similar one, someday... hehe....

* I had fun posing various pieces together, and I really loved how this scene turned out. It reminds me of Little Miss Muffet... They are sold separately, but I think they look pretty sweet together :)

* Looking up at "Wicked Wanda"..... the one of a kind witch candy container...

* Of course, I had to sneak in one of my signature black cats!

* A sweet jack-o'-lantern candy container offers a charming smile!

* For all you dog lovers, this guy turned out pretty neat! But, you'll have to see him in person to get the full perspective on "Spooky Sparky" ~ a double vase/candy container with secret chamber below.... Shhh, it's a secret!

* Whimsical candy corn carrots decorate this black Halloween bunny's kettle cup...

* A pair of spooky skellies seem to scare each-other's socks off! BOO!

* And a sweet witch bust finds me feeling bewitched.....

© 2010 Johanna Parker Design *All photos are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission

Delighted, times two...

Finally, after what seems to be countless days and months chipping away at my work, I am so delighted to reach the "finishing touches" portion of the process in creating my collection of Halloween originals for next Saturday's Ghoultide Gathering! (Wow, that was a mouthful!) I spent yesterday afternoon sewing crepe paper collars, making bow ties and adding glass glittered accents to various pieces. Admittedly, I have been nervous that I wouldn't complete what I had started. Distractions have been popping up throughout the month in every possible direction, but I am finally seeing the light at the end of the corridor. Last on the list is to photograph each original so I can remember these fun characters before they find their new homes. Well, then I have to tag, price and safely wrap them for their journey ahead, and I'm sure I'll find a million other things to do between now and then! The to-do list keeps growing while the clock ticks.....

Speaking of being delighted, I was also happy to open up my new copy of the Prims August 2010 issue by Stampinton to see that my "Delightful DoraWeen" made the Gallery! She is a sweet papier mache witch candy container that I created earlier in the year, and as usual, as a very last minute submission! Luckily she made the cut, and now I have to decide if I am willing to sell her or perhaps keep her for myself. I'll make that decision once she safely arrives back home. I will include a sneak peek below, but to read more and see all of the various artists' creations, you can order your copy of PRIMS here.

* A peek at page 124 reveals my "Delightful Doraween".....

* Look for this cover at the book store!
There is also a lovely tribute to the talented Penny McAllister who lost her life to leukemia earlier this year. She was a cherished member of PFATT, and the Last Page is dedicated to her and includes an image of our PFATT's Penny Feather Tree, loaded with handmade ornaments in her honor.


And, just a note: For those of you hoping to adopt one of my originals at the Ghoultide Gathering, I will be bringing my tall black cupboard hutch to house my collection. Just look for the Johanna Parker Design pumpkin logo at the top center, and if you don't see that ~ well that means, I left it at home by mistake! Let's hope I am more organized than that! OH, and I cut my hair off too! (not ALL of it, but about 6 inches at least...)

See you soon, and enjoy the Prims sneak peek as well!

~ Johanna

Magazine images, Copyright 2010 by Stampington & Company, LLC

Halloween in May!

Well, it's the last day of the month, and luckily I was able to complete two, one of a kind Halloween delights, available tonight! Inspired by the May Opening of our EHAG Emporium which promises to offer an array of handmade Halloween collectibles, I created a sweet Witch-on-a-Ball character and a grinning Black Cat! For those of you who have been asking for my happy-spirited witches, here is your chance.... "Bella Boo" is featured on our EHAG Emporium and you can see additional views of her below! "Grinning Gus" is yet another cheerful, one of a kind black cat from my imagination, so scroll down to see more!... Please email me at: if you are interested in adopting one of these characters! Please include the name of the piece, and THANK YOU for stopping by! Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day.....

~ Johanna :)


" Bella Boo " ~ SOLD
6.75" tall x 3" wide
A hand-sculpted & painted original papier mache witch, dressed and ready for the the pumpkin-carving season! Details of interest include her hand-formed conical hat, sculptural hair and illustrative imagery. Soft vintage green hues add a glow to her skin and repeat in the vine, stem and hat details.... Signed & dated, 1/1.
$325 plus shipping



....... and . . . . . . .


" Grinning Gus " ~ SOLD
6" tall x 3,25" wide
A hand-sculpted & painted original papier mache cat, dressed and ready for Halloween night! Details of interest include his hand-formed conical hat, dimensional face and illustrative imagery. Stylized cobweb lines surround his base and hat with a happy spider dangling at front.... He wears a hand-sewn vintage crepe paper collar, and black glass glitter trims his party hat. Signed & dated, 1/1.
$305 plus shipping



* © 2010 Johanna Parker Design *Photos and designs are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission