Christmas Gallery Update!...

It has been ages since I have spent the time to update my Christmas Folk Art Gallery! With show season winding down, I have finally had a moment to sift through some current images of my work from this season to share with you. This year flew by much too quickly for me, so my collection of holiday one of kinds was smaller this time around. But, here is a peek at a few of the fun characters that I was able to create. Below is a tease of a few originals featured in my Gallery. You can always find a link to my various Folk Art Galleries by clicking on the text links on the top right-side column of this blog. You will then be redirected to my Website. Items featured in my Gallery have all found loving homes, but if you are interested in adopting a holiday original from me, please send me an email to join my e-mailing list for updates!

~ Johanna

* A jolly Santa candy egg cup boasts his classic "HO HO HO!"

PS: If you click on "Christmas Gallery Next" at the bottom of my first Christmas Gallery page, you'll find yourself looking at holiday creations of mine from 2008.... It's interesting to compare the quality of photos from an old point and shoot camera I often used to this year's crystal clear images from our DSLR by Nikon.... Makes a BIG difference!

* Both Santa above along with this sweet girl, dressed for the holiday season, are wearing felted mittens. To see more, visit my Christmas Gallery!

* You just want to squeeze this snowman's chubby cheeks!

* A sweet winter kitty up close ~ one of the few winter-themed kettle cups I was able to complete for my holiday show season....

* A closer look reveals a trio of holiday owls hand-painted on the spherical base of a red-feathered owl named "Holly Hoot Hoot"

Photography & Folk Art, © 2010 Johanna Parker Design - Images may not be used without permission.

Featured Snowman GIVEAWAY!

In the spirit of season, I am giving away one of my collectible reproduction, signed snowman candy cane stands! This adorable guy made the "Party Picks" section of Phyllis Hoffman's Celebrate Christmas Magazine! So, he's a wee bit famous :) He will arrive, signed by me the designer and will include 2 whimsical papier mache candy canes! This cutie is about 9" tall, makes a jovial statement on your holiday table and is new this year from my line of winter delights produced by Bethany Lowe Designs. He's pictured below, so firmly visualize his image in your head, think positive thoughts and cross those fingers as he may soon be yours! Of course, you'll have to enter, and there are plenty of ways to WIN!.. The more ways you enter, the better your chance.... So, look for those details below. BEST of LUCK to you!

* Winner takes home this collectible candy cane stand designed & signed by me!

* Look for this cover at the store, and turn to page 9 to see my sweet snowman pictured amongst a fun mix of holiday Party Picks chosen by the staff at Celebrate Christmas Magazine! To order you copy today, CLICK HERE!

* Here's a peek at my snowman's feature :)


The more ways you enter, the better your chances!

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4.) Join my e-mailing list if you are not already a member. Just click on the "Email Johanna" link, top right of this page. (PS... the kind folks already on my e-mailing list will be entered as well, but I recommend those of you leave a comment, etc... to boost your chances of winning!
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OK!... So, as I said, there are LOTS of ways to enter!..... I look forward to reading your comments and hearing from you :) I will be posting the winner of this collectible SIGNED snowman candy cane stand in one week (Nov. 24th)!.... Stay tuned and spread the word, and a big thanks to all of my loyal collectors and artist friends who have supported me through the years. Cheers to you!!

~ Johanna

Magazine photos, © 2010 Hoffman Media
First photo, © Johanna Parker Design

Holiday How-To for You...

The quick transition from Halloween to Christmas always catches me by surprise! Once November 1st hits, I have to kick it into high gear and switch from grinning jack-o'-lanterns to whimsical snowmen. With a holiday show in less than 2 weeks, I am certainly feeling the heat, or maybe I should call it the chill! And now that I have changed my seasonal focus, I find it most appropriate to share a couple of fun holiday How-To projects with you! The 2010 issue of Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Crafts Magazine features a pair of my snow-folk ornaments along with my instructions to create them! Included is a fun clown-like lollipop of mine and a ring-a-ling-ding snow-girl, both designed to hang from your holiday tree. I suggest you find a copy today as it's full of wonderful projects from both myself and many of my fellow crafty friends! Happy creating!

~ Johanna

* Look for this festive cover at the store!....

* This easy, fun lollipop project makes a sweet & memorable gift....

* This little cutie also jingles when you give her a shake...

Project Concepts © Johanna Parker Design ~ Photos © Meredith Corporation

Holiday Show Time...

* Above, "Happy Stack Snowman" raises his wiry arms up to the winter skies. He's one of my latest primitive reproduction designs offered through Primitives by Kathy...

Is it just me, or do the days go by faster and faster with each year? I have my first Winter Holiday show in just 3 days, and part of me is still wondering what happened to summer and perhaps even spring! They say "times flies when you're having fun", so perhaps that is the attitude and excuse I should use... It makes sense I guess, as I do have FUN making my art, and I find myself consumed daily with design and creation. But sometimes, I look up with paintbrush in hand and the day is over! Yet, I feel like I've only just begun! Tell me I'm not the only one?! I think time can be cruel to an artist, as I could truly spend years on just one piece. It is difficult to say "enough" and move on, but the clock is always ticking and forces us to forge ahead. Speaking of "ahead," I'm often dreaming up designs one year in advance as well. As a product designer for two companies, part of my role is to imagine trends and designs that people will like in the future, a year later and so on. I'm often designing spring concepts for two years out during December, and well, you get the drift. And then, there is that other part of me, creating one of kind works of art for the upcoming season, and that part of me is always behind... It's no wonder why I am a bit surprised and bewildered that November is upon us and the holidays, well, are just around the corner. It sneaks up on me every year, and here we are again!

I do love this time of year though as there is a spirit of whimsy in the air that I can connect with. And, there will be plenty of that whimsy to go around this weekend at Denver's Gifts for Yule Show. Once again, (ready or not) I will be there with my holiday collectibles, both originals and signed reproductions. So, bundle up with your scarf and mittens and stop by for a dose of holiday cheer! We will be looking forward to seeing your smiling faces and catching up. In the meantime, wish me luck while the familiar face on the wall goes tick-tock-tick-tock....................

~ Johanna

Images from the Gifts for Yule...

Last weekend we celebrated the 11th Annual Gifts for Yule Show in Denver, but with a twist! This show, rich in holiday tradition, had a new face this year as Sam Robinson hosted it for the first time at the Historic Phipps Tennis Pavilion. Wow, what a beautiful setting for any special event! You will see from the photos below that the artisans enjoyed a glassy rooftop above our heads as our showroom featured a fabulous arched atrium ceiling. There was no need for special spotlights or other lighting as the sun rays filled our booths with natural light. The character and history of this special place was quite captivating. Thank you all who spent your weekend shopping with us! As always, we appreciate your kind words, smiles and support, and I hope you enjoyed our new, yet ancient location :)

~ Johanna

* A quick photo taken the last hour as exhibitors put the final touches on their displays... Look at that amazing glass ceiling!

* A snap of me peeking through my display of Santas and candy ornaments...

* One of two entrances... like stepping back in time....

* A wide shot of my booth featuring a festive theme of red & white...

* Red Belsnickels in various sizes enjoy the company of whimsical snowmen...

* A peek out back on an unusually warm November day reveals a sea of brick patterns and architectural elements that intrigue the eye....

* A quick look about and you see a gorgeous climbing tree, sprawled across a time-worn brick wall... What a peaceful place to enjoy the outdoors....

* Back inside and after the intense lunch rush, a few shoppers rest and enjoy hot soups and muffaletta sandwiches created by the talented Erika McNeish... Yum!

* My tall hutch, housing a current collection of my holiday one of a kinds....

* A feather tree displays candy-inspired ornaments that I designed for Primitives by Kathy....

* More of my holiday reproductions, including snowmen candle holders were a big hit!...

* A snap of Sam Robinson's long table of goodies for the home...

* A comfy seat above the exhibiting space below offers a different perspective...