Happy Halloween!

.... October 31st is here once again! We hope it's hauntingly purrrfect for you! Enjoy a medley of pictures from black cat Jack's Halloween photoshoot over on our NEW BLOG! 

Bugs & Hisses,
~ Johanna, JP and Jack


Get the look! Download my illustrated Vintage Style Halloween Garland from our Store's DIY Printables page. Happy Haunting & Crafting!

Pattern Pleasures with a Burst of Color!

Hi Friends!

I am excited to share my 2nd round of pattern designs with you! Included in the mix is my new and very colorful "Garden Delights Collection"! I must admit that I do love color, so this group really brought me smiles and joy. The swatches just arrived, and I've been marveling out how close the colors match  my original designs. I also added a medley of accent hues to the doodle patterns that accompany the whimsical hummingbirds in my "Nature's Frolic Collection". I look forward to seeing what lovely projects some of you makers out there will dream up with these designs. And, lastly, I added a couple new Halloween patterns that are oh so fun! You can find all of these designs and more in my JohannaParkerDesign Spoonflower Shop! Hop on over and look around...

Thank you for your support & Happy Creating!

Now, I really feel like we are creating together :)


* That's me holding up my latest sheet of fabric swatches :)


* Then, it was time to slice 'em all up!


* Here's a quick and colorful glance at the swatches of my Garden Delights Collection! It's a wide palette of many colors, but they bridge across each other, offering coordinates for your crafting.


* I just added the two front designs to my Halloween grouping. I designed the Halloween Cat & Owl Checkerboard design to fit just right on a standard 8" x 8" swatch!


* "Nature's Frolic" ~ It's one of my favorite groups... I used the same color palette throughout in order offer coordinates for your projects. Don't forget that these come in gift wrap & wallpaper too. And, the Roostery has lots of pretties over there, just ready to be ordered and made to enjoy!


* Jack played a little hide & seek with the fabric swatches...


* A closer peek at my Halloween checkerboard design shows the depth of detail that is achieved in these prints. Yay! This is the kinda thing that makes an artist sing :)

I hope you enjoyed the peek! I need to take some crisper pics with a decent camera as most were captured with a cell. But, I was anxious to snap some photos!  There will be more to come. I hope you enjoyed the peek. Please feel free to share your feedback, and I hope you'll think of my Spoonflower Shop when dreaming and designing your next projects. I can't wait to see, and I hope you'll share a photo or two.

Happy Creating!
~ Johanna

Out of the Box & into the Land of Hexagonia!

Hi Friends! 
I have a small, time sensitive favor to ask... The brightly colored design below is my entry into Spoonflower's Hexagon Challenge. If you like it, will you visit Spoonflower's Contest page, locate my "Land of Hexagonia" entry and enter a vote for me? There are lots of pretty patterns to marvel at, so vote for your faves! (no need to log in ~ voting is open to the public) THANK YOU!! Voting ends tomorrow, March 28th! I know, I'm not giving you much notice, and if you're reading this after the due date, well I still want to share this fun design with you! It will soon be available on fabrics, wall paper & gift wrap. Almost all the elements in this design are made up of 6-sided hexagons in varying shapes. I enjoyed making this pattern, and it certainly stretched my imagination a bit since I tend to think in swirls, curves and flowing lines. :) Thank you for your support! 


Cast your Vote... (thank you!)

Given the title of this post, I did find myself thinking outside of the box and submersing myself into a hexagonal land :) I've been obsessed with patterns all my life, and lately, I have felt the need to let them out. Imaginative patterns are often the last thing I see before I fall asleep and many times, the first image to greet me in the morning. So many fun and pretty patterned ideas flash through my mind each day that I'm lucky to capture and manifest just a tiny slice of what I dream. Visit my JohannaParkerDesign Spoonflower Shop to see what designs are currently available and also peek at my upcoming designs, for sale soon.

Enjoy & THANK YOU!

~ Johanna

Spring Giveaway Raffle * 3 Prizes!

Hi Friends :) We are celebrating the Grand Opening of my new Spoonflower Shop ~ a fun website where you can order my designs on fabrics, wallpaper and gift wrap! You can help by bringing some attention and love to my new shop, and in return, I will mirror your efforts as multiple entries into our 3-Prize-Raffle. Liking a design, or in this case, "hearting" my art, leaving comments, following my shop and even making a purchase all go towards building my online store's credibility. So, let's create a Buzz :)

NOTE: In order to interact, you'll need to Sign In to Spoonflower

Play along by choosing as many ways as you wish to enter: 
(No purchase necessary) 

 - Click the Heart symbol next to some of your favorite swatches

- Follow my Spoonflower Shop under the Connect sidebar

- Comment on your favorite designs

- Order fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap from my Spoonflower Shop, and/or hop on over to the Roostery by clicking on the pillow icon underneath each swatch and order one of my many products, made & ready to enjoy! 

Spoonflower's notifications will alert me when you interact in my Shop.
 So, I'll be able to track my supporters & count your entries.

3 Winners will be drawn on March 31st!

* Good Luck & Thank You! *

~ Johanna ~


Finally, Fabric Designs & more are Here!

Happy Spring! March has marched right in... It's been a while since I popped in here for an update. 2017 is well underway, and with a new year comes new adventures! With my love for illustration and patterns, I've been moved to open a Spoonflower Shop! Over the years, your inquiries for my designs on fabrics have been such, that you inspired me to join up with this American-made company. My sample swatch prints have now arrived, and all is good... So, my JohannaParkerDesign ~ Spoonflower Shop has officially opened! Hop on over for a peek where you will find a medley of my designs for spring as well as a teaser for Halloween. I've also organized this first round of designs into collections. So, from my shop's page, click on "Designed Collections" to see those groups coordinated by color and theme. Feel free to share your suggestions for new designs and any needs for pattern scaling. You are welcome to make and sell my fabric into your creations, and I encourage it! Please offer credit to #johannaparkerdesign along the way. I look forward to seeing your projects, so do share photos as I may post those to my shop. Along with fabrics, my patterns are also available on wallpaper and gift wrap! And, if you like a fabric design but don't feel like sewing a darn thing, you can visit me on Roostery! There, you can select and order pillows, tea towels, cocktail napkins and even chairs that feature my designs! FUN! I've pulled together a few samples below for your viewing pleasure. Visit the following links and enjoy browsing my collections. As always, I appreciate your support in spreading the word, sharing and collecting my art in its various forms :)

~ Johanna


* I have a thing for butterflies and just couldn't resist adding a few winged patterns to my "Spring Whimsies" Collection on Spoonflower. I may just have to order the buggy vintage green pillow from the Roostery! And, get a look at that fun patchwork chair.. How sweet would that be in a child's nursery?!  :)  The chairs are a bit spendy, but you can get the same fabric on pillows, tea towels, etc... I think it would be fun to get a yard and cut it up into mini spring projects or have fun quilting it...


* I grabbed a screen capture of my Spring-themed fabric swatches so you could see them all in one place. I hope to add more along the way. Feel free to share your suggestions, scaling preferences, etc..  This is all new to me, and I'm learning as I go.


* I also have a thing for Robins.... and hummingbirds, and Halloween and the list goes on.. LOL! Currently, my "Nesting Robin" Collection on Spoonflower has just three surface designs, but the Roostery has expanded upon those to offer a variety of delights. Don't forget that you can also order these patterns on wallpaper and gift wrap too!


* My "Hummingbirds on Lilac" is one of my faves. Elements from this pattern were initially designed for a life size utility station box wrap along Lakewood's RTD West Rail Line... I enjoyed the composition so much that I thought it was time to extend it to other surfaces so that we can enjoy it in our homes. I plan to add more pattern designs to this Collection entitled "Garden Delights"... Check out the Roostery's matching Pillow and Cloth Cocktail Napkins... Cute!


* And, I'd be remiss to open my JohannaParkerDesign ~ Spoonflower Shop without including a few Halloween designs! So far, I have a series of 10 October 31 themed patterns for fabric, gift wrap and even wallpaper for those of you serious Halloween fanatics :) I definitely want to see photos of that! Do SHARE!

Thanks again for your support. I so look forward to your adventures in crafting with my surface designs. Let's keep the creative spirit flowing!  :)

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Vintage Holiday Blog Sale!

Ho Ho Ho my friends! Vintage Holiday delights are here! Although fleeting, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an assortment of samples from my screen printed Vintage Holiday collection of reproductions, and now I am releasing those to you! Each piece is SIGNED on the back or the base by me, the artist behind the design. A few of the sets also include an 8 pack of my matching Christmas cards! You'll see that with some sets, I have also included a snowman ornament in the mix. ALL of my designs being released here have been retired by their original manufacturers. Please review the descriptions below each image for more information, and click on the photos for a larger view. To reserve your faves please EMAIL ME and include the name of the set or single you wish to adopt! Also include your name, phone number and shipping address. When your order is prepared, we will send you an e-invoice to complete the sale. Thank you for interest in my collectible holiday licensed designs!

* Happy Holidays *

~ Johanna ~

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jolly Be Santas

~ Each Santa Signed by the Artist ~ SOLD OUT!
Collect all three Santas & a Bottlebrush Tree @ $56 plus shipping


- 1 "Jolly Be" Box Sign - Stand or Hang
(from Johanna's retired Primitives by Kathy line)
Approximately 4" tall by 1.75" deep / Screen Printed on Wood

- 1 "Ho Ho Ho" Box Sign - Stand or Hang
(from Johanna's retired Primitives by Kathy line)
Approximately 7" tall by 1.75" deep / Screen Printed on Wood

- 1 "Jolly Be" Santa Stand-up
(from Johanna's retired Primitives by Kathy line)
Approximately 7.75" tall / Screen Printed on Wood

- 1 small white bottle brush tree with mica shimmer
(from Bethany Lowe Designs)
Approximately 3.5" tall

* CLICK on the Photo for a larger View * 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Frosty Frolic

~ Each Signed by the Artist ~ SOLD OUT!
Collect all three Snowmen @ $75 plus shipping


- 1 "Frosty Frolic" Snowman Stand-up
(from Johanna's retired Primitives by Kathy line)
Approximately 8" tall  / Screen Printed on Wood

- 1 "Frosty Frolic" Box Sign - Stand or Hang
(from Johanna's retired Primitives by Kathy line)
Approximately 12" tall by 1.75" deep / Screen Printed on Wood

- 1 Snowman Ruffled Ornament
(from Johanna's retired Primitives by Kathy line)
*ONLY 6 ornament samples were ever produced by PBK*
Approximately 4.5" wide / Papier Mache & Paper

* CLICK on the Photo for a larger View * 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Oh Christmas Tree!

~ Printed Trees, Signed by the Artist ~ SOLD OUT!
Collect all three Trees and a Pack of Cards @ $59 plus shipping


- 1 "Joy" Tree Stand-up
(from Johanna's retired Primitives by Kathy line)
Approximately 7" tall / Screen Printed on Wood

- 1 "Oh Christmas Tree"Box Sign - Stand or Hang
(from Johanna's retired Primitives by Kathy line)
Approximately 5" tall by 1.75" deep / Screen Printed on Wood

- 1 small white bottle brush tree with mica shimmer
(from Bethany Lowe Designs)
Approximately 2.75" tall

- 1 Pack of 8 Christmas Cards
(from Johanna's retired Primitives by Kathy line)
Cards include an illustrated full color scene on the inside too!

Inside Message:

Ho Ho Ho: "Wishing you a jolly holiday!"
Happy Owlidays: "Hope your holiday is a hoot!"
Jolly Be: "Frolic and glide along the ride!"
Warm Wishes: "May your den be cozy & bright!"

Each 4.75" x 7" with Envelopes 

* CLICK on the Photo for a larger View * 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Peppermint Snowman Candy Bowl

~ Signed by the Artist ~ SOLD OUT!
Each Candy Bowl @ $72 plus shipping


- 1 paper pulp / resin snowman candy bowl
(from Johanna's retired Bethany Lowe Designs line)
Approximately 9" tall

* CLICK on the Photo for a larger View * 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

* CLICK on the Photo for a larger View *

Johanna's Limited Edition Christmas Cards
* Available *

1 Card Pack - $19
2 Card Packs - $32
+ USPS shipping - $6.50

~ Each Pack INCLUDES ~

- 8 Christmas Cards
(from Johanna's retired Primitives by Kathy line)
Cards include an illustrated full color scene on the inside too!

Inside Message:

Warm Wishes: "May your den be cozy & bright!"
Ho Ho Ho: "Wishing you a jolly holiday!"
Jolly Be: "Frolic and glide along the ride!"
Happy Owlidays: "Hope your holiday is a hoot!"

Each 4.75" x 7" with Envelopes 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Vintage Holiday Sneak Peek...

I've got a special treat for you! I am releasing my small collection of vintage style holiday graphics, screen printed on box signs, ornament plaques and character stand-ups. These limited edition collectibles made only a brief appearance via Primitives by Kathy at last summer's gift market. Shortly after, PBK's themes and color palettes took a different path, and hence, this retro winter collection came to an end. As these designs were not introduced at this January's market, it's safe to say that production was low, making these finds extra special! I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an assortment of samples, and I will soon be releasing those to you! Each piece is SIGNED on the back or the base by me, the artist of each design.

Check back this evening, November 22nd at 6:30 pm EST for a medley of Collector Sets that will be posting here on my Blog.

Thanks for your interest!!
~ Johanna


Workshop Peek-a-Boo!

It's about time for an artist update! My workshop is beginning to look a lot like Halloween! As I have decided to exhibit at 2 Halloween Art Events this year, I figure it's best to begin building my collection of October-themed originals now versus later. Before I forget, please mark your calendars for these 2 special events:

* 2nd Annual Hallowbaloo in Redmond, Washington
SEPTEMBER 19th, 2015 

* 10th Annual Halloween Trunk Show in Denver, Colorado
OCTOBER 10th, 2015

I know I have been a little distant and distracted with gardening projects around the house and designing art for licensing. So, I have not had much time to blog. However, I have been juggling my papier mache sculpts with all the rest. Here's a current sneak peek from the workshop of my one of a kind characters in the works. Keep in mind, these guys are unfinished as many need painted accents, trims, and other final touches. But, I thought I'd share my process. And yes, there are many more to come! So, if I disappear again, know I'm busy creating :)

Happy June to you, and I hope to see many of you this fall at my Halloween Art Shows!

Best Wishes,
~ Johanna 


* A couple of Halloween character busts in the works, pose with unfinished party hats....


* A sweet jack-o'-lantern ball character dons a lovely aged green hue.... The hand-sewn vintage crepe paper collar will soon decorate his neck, and maybe a thin bead of black glass glitter will trim the base of his stem...


* For this year's hat, I hand-illustrated a version of my flying witch design that appears on some of my graphic-designed products from my Primitives by Kathy collection. A variety of hat sizes, glued and sealed, are now closer to being ready to top some of my folk art sculptures!


* My ball characters are always a popular choice. This black cat ball is trying on a 2-toned vintage crepe paper collar for color-matching and size.


* A black bunny here and there always adds more variety to my Halloween mix! This guy dons a medley of painted sweets on his round-bellied base... I think he needs a collar too...


* Just another view of my handmade party hats! It looks like a conical parade is coming to town!


* Cover your eyes! This bat is bare! Sans his wire wings, he still needs an appointment with JP for final sanding, and then we'll take it from there!


* An owl with no eyes and missing wire wings and feet is wondering when the heck I will allow him to see! Looks like his buddy is one step ahead, but still cannot fly. I have my work cut out for me....

Thanks for stopping by!

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Happy Mother's Day!

Well, despite waking up to a chilly blanket of snow, the sun is now aglow, and it's turning out to be a sunny Mother's Day! In honor of my Mom, and all the other moms out there, I made this sweet graphic depicting a mom and baby robin. Notice the nervous worm, sneaking away... hehe!

Robins have been a reoccurring theme this spring in our family. While I was making my very first sculpted robin original this past March, my mom and family were being visited by a group of rather persistent robins, tap-tap-tapping on their window panes. The interactive visitation went on, hour after hour, for several days before they all flew on and away. Here in Colorado, I was well into my robin sculpture before I even knew what was going on at the Washington Parker house! So, there must be some feather-friended symbolism here, as a robin-themed long-distance connection was made! As they say, the universe works in very mysterious ways....

Sending SUN and SMILES and STORIES that delight your SENSES!

Best Wishes & Much Love,
~ Johanna

Happy Mother's Day Robins Johanna Parker

Back to Nature in Style...

The garden is flourishing outdoors, and the birds and bugs are happily buzzing around! I love this time of year when everything pops with color and texture. The breezes are warm, and artistic expression is freely flowing from everything. As much as I adore creating Halloween, it's lovely to be inspired by nature all around us. This month, between sculpting spooky cats, owls, and other haunting characters, I have been illustrating a new look in a more soothing and soft palette. An owl, followed by a butterfly, followed by a bluebird were the first characters to materialize in this sweet style. All of which including others yet to be seen, are up for consideration for decorative box sign art and possibly other product applications to be licensed to Primitives by Kathy. I have a POLL on my JPD Facebook Page asking for your feedback as to what other characters I should create to complete this collection. Please do share! I'm thinking that these could be quite sweet on some of my Zazzle products as well. So, stay tuned!

If you would like to see their full images, please visit my Artist Page and let me know your thoughts..... Thank you for your feedback, and make sure to stop and enjoy the sights and sounds and sweet smells of  spring!

~ Johanna




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6 Ways to Bestow Spring in a Mug!...

Spring is certainly a time of celebration and smiles as mother nature slowly wakes up from her long winter's nap. I always look forward to the warming of the mornings and the chance, to at last, take my hot cup of coffee or tea outdoors and explore the latest buds and blossoms in the garden. It's a lovely way to wake up and start the day. As the two go hand in hand, I thought I would have a litte fun and share with you 6 Sweet Ways to Give the Gift of Spring in a Mug! I currently have 2 illustrated mugs available in my Zazzle Shop that promise to make the perfect spring gift to both family and friends (or yourself!). Whether it's in celebration of Easter, the changing of the seasons, a birthday, a thank you, a hostest gift or just an act of simple kindness, these suggestions promise to bring smiles to those you share them with. The mugs are certainly custom and unique and serve as a functional base and vase for whatever you choose to fill it with in your presentation. The ideas are certainly endless, and if you have more, please feel free to share them here with our readers. Enjoy and THANK YOU for spreading smiles through my art!

~ Johanna


* Idea # 1 gets top ranking with me as it is probably the easiest and most cost effective to produce. Plus, the results are so dear! Spring invites a whole host of flowering bulb plants that often pop up all over the landscape. Snip a few from here or there. Daffodils are always a favorite, so just trim them to height and place in water. If your flower-filled mug must go on a journey before it is gifted, then anchor your flowers in wet floral foam, cut to size. This keeps those pretties fresh and firmly grounded while eliminating the splashing of water and potential spills.


* Although Idea # 2 takes a little more work, the results are too sweet for words! A tuft of fresh wheatgrass spells out spring, and health-minded folks love to juice it in their smoothies. Wheatgrass can be found at most health food grocers in the produce section. Purchase a square of it and cut it to size and stuff it into your mug. Alternatively, with more time and patience, you can grow your own with organic soil and wheatgrass seeds. With a little care, your grass will be perky in 10 days or less. I poked a pink lollipop in for pizazz, but again the ideas are endless. The recipient can keep the lively mug in their windowsill till the grass is used or fades, or they can even share it with their feline friends who also adore this green treat. In the end, they are still left with an adorable mug. Just wash well and enjoy!


* Idea # 3 is the choice for your chocolate & coffee loving friends! I chose dark chocolate covered coffee beans to go with the coffee mug theme. A simple cellophane bag and pretty bow will do the trick. Other suggestions may be chocolate covered nuts or other cocoa-themed sweets. Take it a step further and fill a cellophane bag with homemade chocolate chip cookies ~ YUM! Now, that woud certainly taste quite delightful with a cup of spring coffee in one of my sweet mugs :)


* Idea # 4 is certainly for those with a sweet tooth! Fill carrot cellophane bags with orange jelly beans and ground them in a base of spring green paper packing grass. These bags are easily found online. Do a search for "cone shaped cello bags" or "carrot cellophane bags" and you should find a variety of vendors offering cone shaped packaging, perfect for this sweet application!


* Idea # 5 takes sugar to a higher level of sweetness! Make a bouquet that celebrates the well-known "peep"! Poke these marshmallow bunnies or chicks into wooden skewer sticks, cut to length if necessary and anchor them into a mug fill with spring-hued candies, such as M&M's. What an adorable hostess gift this would make at a spring party. Suddenly, your unique gift takes center stage!


* And Idea # 6 showcases the traditional chocolate bunny. Make sure to purchase one that will fit snuggly in your muggly :) With a little spring green construction paper and scissors, cut a continuous strip of zig-zaggy paper grass. Cut to fit the diameter of your mug, tape it end to end and tuck it down & around your bunny. If you find him wiggling around too much, tuck a little tissue paper down below and around him to set him just right, and add those decorative blades as your final touch!

I hope I have inspired you with these 6 Sweet Ideas to Bestow Spring in a Mug! As I said earlier, please feel free to comment with more fun ideas. Sharing is caring, and it is always FUN to hear from you.

Now, go pick up a SPRING MUG or 2 from My Zazzle Shop!  Thank you for your support & kindness...

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Holiday Bustle...

Well, it's certainly that time of year when we find ourselves bustling around town. Whether we are out and about visiting with family and friends, gathering together at various festivities, eating, light-seeing, shopping for just the right treasures, and beyond, the season is a frenzy of run-run-run-fun!

Between December's calendar of events, I have been back to the drawing board, illustrating holiday-themed notepads and charms for 2012. Of course, the due date for these designs falls right during the busiest season of all!  So, I continue to play the juggler.


This month a couple mice found their way into my drawings...  Despite the last minute rush to complete these images, I must admit that illustrating season-appropriate subject matter makes more sense (rather than illustrating winter characters when its spring outside!)


And, it also helps to have a little snow on the ground when drawing snowmen and the like!


Holly berries, festive wrap, bows and mischievous cats staking their spots in gift boxes are holiday traditions in our family and familiar scenes around the house that offer artistic inspiration.... (and a little holiday humor I might add!)


Before I packed and shipped the last few one of a kind holiday characters from my December Treasure Hunt, I had the chance to display them at Lakewood's Cultural Center. During this particular event, visitors had the opportunity to peek at my case of originals, ask questions and adopt reproduction ornaments. Many thanks to those of you who stopped in to visit and collect my creations!


That's me and my case of holiday delights! They had me situated right outside the lovely Artisan Showcase featuring other handmade treasures by local artists in a gallery setting. Many thanks to the   Lakewood Cultural Center for the warm welcome and invitation to show my creations...


In between art signings, project deadlines, etc... we snuck out on a sunny day for a brisk walk to the park! I honestly had not been on a walk to that park since summer!!!  Eeek! Yet, the clock was still ticking and there was little time to sit for a spell.....  At least I had a chance to finally move my legs. And like I said earlier, December seems to be the month for run-run-run-fun!


We had to scoot for a fun lunch date, shop and then scurry back home to change for 2 evening parties that we wanted to attend. JP snapped several images of the holiday eye candy at party #1... Check out that towering tree all aglow!


I naturally gravitated to the fountain of chocolate fondue and quickly made a mess of myself! But, this time of year, you are supposed to indulge, right?


Cookies and sangria also make a tasty pair too, not to mention licking the chocolate off of my palm :)


And I mentioned light-seeing as well, which is certainly a must this time of year! Thank you Dave & Yv for the magical holiday displays! The journey across town to find our way to your Christmas house was certainly worth the trip...

Well, with any luck I am hopeful to soon sit for a spell and enjoy the weekend with those that are dear. The holiday hustle and bustle has a tendency to intensify through the years, and we all seem to scurry around like excited mice. Perhaps that's why I drew a few last week ~ hehehe! While you are out and about running your holiday errands and dashing through the snow, take a little time to enjoy the sights, sounds and one another. Here's wishing you a little magic and R&R during the holidays! And many thanks to so many of you that make our holidays special and one of a kind......

~ Johanna

Sending Seasons Greetings!...

Since many of you have asked for my winter-themed postage stamps, it was the first thing on my list of to-do's after last weekend's holiday home show! So, I just composed 6 new designs, and I hope you like them..... By the way, thank you for taking an interest in my designs! There's still plenty of time to order your favorites and add them to your out-going greeting cards. Each features an illustration of mine and promises to add jolly good cheer to your recipient's mail! You can find these in my Zazzle Shop.
For individual links to each design, see my captions below!

Thank you for mailing my whimsical designs across Santa's map! I love spreading my art and good cheer to others......

Best wishes,
~ Johanna


Here are the individual links to each stamp, starting from top left:
* Party Snowman Stamp
* Cheers Santa Stamp
* Happy Snowman Stamp
* Holiday Owl Stamp
* Candy Cane Stamp
* Vintage Santa Claus Stamp

30+ Years Ago....

With just 4 short years under my belt, Sesame Street was the center of my world. That with a budding imagination, drawing paper, crayons and markers gifted from my parents, I was already expressing my love for drawing and art. The year was 1981, and mom obviously was aware of my artistic expression. She subscribed to Sesame Street Magazine for me, and spotted a children's drawing contest. A child's interpretation of a classroom setting was requested to all those blooming artists, and mom must have asked me to fill in the blanks. My recollection of this assignment is quite blurry, but clearly mom had a vision. Not long after, we were celebrating my first published art work! Ever since, I have been on an artistic spree, sharing my work on a public level. A few years later, I would see my childhood illustrations on the Disney Channel, and I also won a drawing contest with Pentel where my hot air balloon art traveled all the way around the world. My youth was dappled in art, art projects and entries into contests and the like. I remember seeing my Strawberry Shortcake caricatures hanging in an art exhibit at my favorite shopping mall, and it seems I was the Go-To artist whenever a class project required a graphic. So, it's not surprising that I have stayed on course along a path in the arts. This fall, I have some exciting features coming out in a handful of magazines that I look forward to sharing with you soon! So, I keep rolling along, and fortunately my creativity continues to flow with many blessings to follow.

I thought you might enjoy a peek at where it all began......  ENJOY!
(Thanks mom for your encouragement and keen vision! You were on to something!!)

~ Johanna


* Wow, 1981!...... Feels so long ago...
(Oh, Bigbird..I loved you so much!!!...........)


* I was only 4 when I drew this and had not started any form of school yet. Somewhere in my few short years of life, I must have observed that teachers stood at the head of the class, and students sat at desks that had 4 legs. I find it funny that the kids are facing the wrong direction! hehe.... Mom tells me that I was drawing stick figures with 5 fingers at the age of 3. Even then I was paying attention to detail....


Gearing up for Zazzle...

I know I've been teasing about opening my Zazzle Shop, and yes, I'm STILL teasing you! But, I promise to open shop this month with a Grand Opening Event and a few Door Prizes to boot! We ordered some sample shirts and a coffee mug, all featuring just a few of the illustrations that I will be embellishing my products with. Finally, as the weather and our schedules lined up just right, we had a chance to model some of these shirts yesterday afternoon. I wanted to make sure that the shirts fit properly and the prints were to my liking. So far so good ~ let me know what you think! I am finishing up a series of whimsical illustrations that too will be applied to shirts, totes, mugs and the like! So, please stay tuned!  Enjoy the teaser for now........

* Me, modeling my classic Johanna Parker Design jack-o'-lantern logo!

* Pure silliness here as JP passes me my dancing black cat coffee mug!

* My chandelier owl image in black, boldly marks the front of JP's Halloween orange tee!

* OH, is that an owl on my chest?!  Hehe!...  Again, the same owl image as above, but this time filled in with Halloween hues atop a field of white ~ very striking!

* Why not get coordinated!  If you love black cats, go ahead and accessorize!  :-)

* Just another couple shot to show off our new tees...


Thanks for peeking, and I promise to open the doors soon to my Zazzle Shop. You can certainly save the LINK to my shop for now and become a FAN for Zazzle updates. If you'd like to see a few more images from our silly photo shoot, please visit my Johanna Parker Design Facebook Fan Page. Hit the "LIKE" button once there to stay in the loop about my Grand Opening, door prizes and more!

Thanks for stopping by,
~ Johanna

Toot Toot!...

Finally, my first sample pair of decorative Halloween tin horns arrived! These collectible goodies are part of my 2011 fall collection of reproductions from Bethany Lowe Designs. From the day I first spied a vintage toy horn cloaked in whimsical imagery, I have been intrigued by these novelties. What a pleasure it was to create my own vintage style versions, complete with a black cat and of course an owl companion to match. Proudly standing a tall 13" in height, this spooky-fun coupling will certainly add a festive ring to your home this Halloween season. I believe these party pleasers will be available in early summer, so make sure and ask your favorite vendors to order them now before they are sold out! Enjoy this sneak peek... TOOT TOOT!

~ Johanna

* A perched owl and a frolicking cat bring these decorative horns to life!

* They look great side by side and stunning across your mantel.....

* Up close and personal with this ornery owl!

* It's always a hoot to dance with the bats......

* Mix these collectible pieces with your existing collection of vintage horns or other antique Halloween novelties....

* Smile ~ Halloween's just around the corner :)

Designs & Photography, © Johanna Parker Design. Images may not be used without permission.

Dazzled by Owls and such...

Here I am again with another quick update from the studio of all things whimsical and fun! My artist hand has been busy at work, illustrating and designing some fun new characters for my new line of products this year! I FINALLY finished my owl illustration that I introduced to you earlier this month. He is complete with a set of mesmerizing eyes and slated for various products SOON to hit my Zazzle Shop! I have been playing on my computer and have made various versions of this owlicious character, some for ALL seasons and some for my favorite holiday! Can you guess which one that is?? I am including a few peeks below, and I hope you return when the doors open to my new online store! I have ordered a few samples for myself for final inspection. Once those pass the test, I will let you know! Enjoy the peek and have a very happy week!

~ Johanna

* For a more all-season approach, I eliminated the jack-o'-lantern that this sweet owl is holding in my original illustration, added a calming field of soft green and will apply him to various products..... I'm thinking the tote bag below will be Oh-So-Fun and functional!.....

* Zazzle is great because you can Customize your purchase! So, if you love the image, but want it on a smaller tote, shopping bag, vertical tote, etc.. you can add my image to your preferred choice!

* Of course, this image was a pleasure to create! I applied a series of bold Halloween hues and filled in my base drawing with a warm, autumn palette! Check back later to see this spooky character on apparel and more....

* Oh, and lookie who we have here! It's my stylin' dancing cat from the previous blog post. "Lets' Boogie" will certainly be a fun way to kick start your day :) And, again if you prefer the image on the opposite side of the mug or perhaps a different mug, it's an easy click away!

I would LOVE your feedback! Visit Zazzle's Main page and click their CREATE link to see the various products they offer. If you have your heart set on something in particular that you would like me to to offer in my shop, please let me know!

Thank you......

PS: As you can see, I have been a bit preoccupied with illustration and graphic design this month. As a result, I will not be posting a new Halloween original on EHAG's Emporium this evening. Fingers are crossed that I will be more prepared in March!

Back to the Drawing Board....

February is that time of year for me to pull out the 'ol sketch pad, pencils & erasers, and then the ink pens and crisp illustration board naturally follow. It has certainly been a while since I have spent days upon days at my drafting table, drawing fun characters for future products, and I must admit that I am thoroughly enjoying it. I was a little nervous that I would forget how, but luckily, the whimsical ideas are flowing well. Sure, at this stage, the drawings aren't perfect, but I have learned to "breathe through" the lines as my pen touches the board and to allow my breath to help keep the lines flowing and smooth. At the end of the day, my right hand feels a bit stiff, so a little yoga here and there is helping keep the balance. If only I could keep to this nice relaxing pace for the rest of the year.... haha! I will enjoy it while it lasts though and draw as much as I can now before I must revisit the workshop to sculpt and sculpt some more!

* I dreamt up this fun dancing black cat illustration the other day when imagining characters for wearable products, such as Tees and totes. JP and I had a brainstorming session, and decided to open a Zazzle Shop where I can offer my drawings, photographs and such on clothing, bags, greeting cards and more! It's not open just yet, but I'm working on some fun ideas that I promise to make available to you! So, stay tuned. And while I'm at it, why not put this cutie-pie cat on notepads and charms...

It was late the other night when JP snapped a few candids of me while I shooed him away. I just loaded the photos today and decided to share a few after all. As many of you know, I LOVE incorporating owls into my designs. They have such fun character and texture, so this particular illustration has been a fun play on stylization. It's certainly taking its time to evolve, but I have a feeling it will be a hoot! As you can see, I like to wait till the end to add the eyes, partially because I hesitate out of fear to add them, but also because they truly bring the character to life.

* Eventually I will paint this owl, but for now I need to "commit" to the eyes and finish the whimsical chandelier-style branch that surrounds him. He will be quite stylin' on a shirt or bag or card or or or....... We'll see!

* Another candid of me busy at work on my stylized owl. Off in the distance are recent sketches for Halloween box containers that have been approved by Bethany Lowe Designs for 2012 production. Now, I just have to illustrate those graphics too! The to-do list is growing!!!!

* Another black cat candy pail image that I am almost finished with has been staring at me for days. The shading and highlights are created by a series of dots or lack there of. I find myself using stippling in both my illustrations and on my painted folk art pieces. I know it sounds odd, but I love dots! This drawing is slated for a Primitives by Kathy notepad and perhaps some Zazzle products as well.

* Here, another notepad design is in the works. Of course, a splash of orange in various hues will bring this image to life!

* And while I'm at it, some whimsical snowmen and Santa-themed notepad designs are taking shape was well. My due date for these various designs is fast approaching next week, so I really should step away from the computer and go back to the drawing board! I hope you enjoyed the little peek from within my studio...

Happy creating,
~ Johanna

New Hats in the works!...

For the past 7 years I have designed at least one new illustrated paper hat for my Halloween folk art originals to wear. When I release my fall collection of one of a kinds, you will see the hats appearing in a variety of sizes and worn on the heads of a select few of my characters. I am a little slow at completing my hats this year, but luckily I have just finished a batch! You can take a peek at what I have so far! Adding my signature hats is a fun way for me to share my love for illustrating with my fondness for papier mache. It's a mixed media approach to my art that completes the package and gives the work one extra step of uniqueness. ENJOY and keep an eye for the various characters who will be sporting these hats soon!

~ Johanna

* One of several party hats, just formed and glued and ready
to by worn by a papier mache folk art character!

* Here's the flat art before it goes to print. The oranges appear
yellow, but the output is a yummy rustic orange hue...

* Hats in various sizes line up to be inspected and then set aside
for the next phase in the folk art process...

* © 2010 Johanna Parker Design *Photos, designs and concepts are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission