Happy Mother's Day!

Well, despite waking up to a chilly blanket of snow, the sun is now aglow, and it's turning out to be a sunny Mother's Day! In honor of my Mom, and all the other moms out there, I made this sweet graphic depicting a mom and baby robin. Notice the nervous worm, sneaking away... hehe!

Robins have been a reoccurring theme this spring in our family. While I was making my very first sculpted robin original this past March, my mom and family were being visited by a group of rather persistent robins, tap-tap-tapping on their window panes. The interactive visitation went on, hour after hour, for several days before they all flew on and away. Here in Colorado, I was well into my robin sculpture before I even knew what was going on at the Washington Parker house! So, there must be some feather-friended symbolism here, as a robin-themed long-distance connection was made! As they say, the universe works in very mysterious ways....

Sending SUN and SMILES and STORIES that delight your SENSES!

Best Wishes & Much Love,
~ Johanna

Happy Mother's Day Robins Johanna Parker

Dear Robin ~ Silent Auction

I love Robins! These animated characters usher in spring, and always make me smile! In honor of these dear creatures, I was inspired to create my very first robin! I'm partial to this piece, and as it is difficult to place a value on him, I have decided to leave that up to you. If you are interested in this one of a kind robin, please EMAIL ME with your Best Offer. I will be accepting your bids through Thursday this week. On the morning of Thursday April 2nd, I will notify all bidders via email of the highest bid along with the option to place another offer. The winning bid will be determined that evening by 8pm EST on April 2nd, and the winner will be notified via email. I appreciate your bids of affection and support! HAPPY SPRING!

This Auction has ENDED. The winning best offer is $1,082.00  THANK YOU so very much for your bids of affection! I am grateful for your support :) xoxoxoxo

My first Robin.....

- 5.75" tall x 3.75" wide x 6" deep (from beak to tail)

- One of a kind, hand sculpted and painted standing bird

- Accents include hand sewn vintage crepe paper collar and glass glitter hat trims

- Signed and dated 1/1

EMAIL your Best Offer to: johanna@johannaparkerdesign.com

You will receive an email confirmation. However, if you do not receive a reply, please try sending your best offer to: johannaparker@mac.com  During this auction, bidders & bids will not be revealed. This is a silent auction. Many thanks to ALL participants :)


HUES: Ruddy orange, vintage sea foam green, hints of plum, chocolate browns, mustard and coffee cream


What a Dear! Enjoy him on display ALL YEAR....







Signed & dated...

Thank you for your interest!

Best Wishes,
~ Johanna

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