Halloween Original Sneak Peek...

Hi Friends..... It's been a frenzied last few weeks, and now we are so close to this Saturday's Art Walk in the Glens Neighborhood! Thankfully, I have finished a fun medley of originals, and I even took some pretty photos of each :) I am posting a sneak peek of these one of kinds which will be up for adoption at the show on October 1st. I will also have a variety of signed reproductions for Halloween lovers to collect along with my candles and notepads. I hope to see you at:

The Glens Art Walk
Saturday, October 1, 2016
10 am  - 4 pm
Find me & my Halloween at 1690 Glen Dee Drive, Lakewood, CO 80215
More Details HERE

Enjoy & Happy Halloween!
~ Johanna















Gone Buggy!

Hi all! I'm just taking a moment to share a sneak peek reminder image for this Sunday's June Bugs Web Sale of originals. The collection is now complete, and on June 26th, I will be sharing a medley of whimsical folk art bugs with you. Stay tuned to my Folk Art Originals page for more details and the buggy update! Thank you for your interest in my one of a kind collectible characters.

Best Wishes,
~ Johanna

Candy Corn Butterfly...

The whimsical creatures that always capture my imagination in the summer garden have inspired a fun series of buggy delights in my workshop this year. And as Halloween is one of my most favorite themes, a mirthful mix of the two subjects gave rise to this sweet Candy Corn Butterfly! A first of his kind, this little sweetie has a delicately painted wooden egg cup base, and a removable top sculpted from papier mache. Indeed, he is a one of a kind that promises to delight! He is available tonight via the EHAG Emporium, where you can shop for unique originals from the talented artists of the Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild! The EHAG Emporium opens and updates at 9pm EST on the last day of each month with fresh works available. I finally squeezed in a little time to make something special and participate this month! Here on my  blog, I am offering additional angles of this sweet piece! If you are tempted, please EMAIL ME to secure this piece! More images, info and price to follow..... Thanks for looking!

"Halloween Butterfly Egg Cup"
5.25" tall by 6.75" wide
$495 plus shipping
* SOLD *
Thank you!!!

* With a removable top, you can stash tiny trinkets in his wooden egg cup!

* The thought occurred to me to paint candy corn butterflies on this base... What fun!

* And with hand-formed wire wings and curly antennae, this bug is certainly a fun blend of patterns and textures.....

* Don't you just want to pinch those bulbous cheeks?

* His orange cap is accented with a hooked hat, trimmed in black glass glitter...

* And a wispy collar adds that final touch!

"OH"..."Are you buggy for me? Let me fly to you!".....

Best Wishes,
~ Johanna

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Art in the Home is a Delightful thing...

I love creating Art for the Home. The vintage character and folk feel of my pieces are intended to bring warmth and cheer to the collectors that graciously adopt them. Admittedly, it is a bittersweet moment for me when they do sell as I make pieces in a style that suits me well. And, rarely do I get a chance to enjoy my creations for very long before pack & ship day arrives. I tend to finish a collection right before the event occurs when I debut the art. Luckily this spring and summer I scheduled a little one-on-one time with some of my latest pieces before I bid them bon voyage! Subsequently, I snapped a few photos of my most recent one of a kind folk art pieces nestled in our  home. I thought you might enjoy.....


* Here is a glimpse as you enter our home, here in Colorado. We flip-flopped our front room with our back sunroom, bringing the table and chairs to the front, and our old mohair couch now settles in the back. The arrangement is more comfortabel for us, and we wonder why it took us about 14 years to figure that out! Haha! Pictured here is a small cat bust resting atop an old green saucer to bring more attention to the art. A couple folk art originals dot the mantel, but the focus remains in the foreground.


* I love how this sweet cat bust came to life. The colors resonate with our home, but I know she is more than content and well-loved in her new home in sunny California! I set her atop an old book to add a little height to this fun character.


* Stepping away, you can see the full arrangement which centers around a vintage Duffy's Delicious Drinks cooler that I picked up at a local antique mall many years ago. I love that color! The old shelf on the red wall houses a small collection of white pottery and earth elements, like feathers, shells, stones, honeycombs, etc... Two button-covered birds perch across the the top and guard the shelf below.


* A close up from below captures the bird at left, covered in vintage buttons. Mom recently visited and proclaimed that I must keep it! So, I have not sold this one yet, but I still might...... :)


* Here is a glimpse into our kitchen and back sunroom. You'll see that our old 1930's couch is now nestled in the back which creates a cozy place for gathering. A hand-painted plate that I purchased from artist friend Sharon Bloom hangs on the orange wall, and ties in some of my favorite hues.


* Atop our vintage 1940s fridge perches one of my butterfly egg cups. From my recent Flower Power collection, this little sweetie was difficult to let go. But, I know this bug is thrilled to be living in the home of a passionate art lover in Jersey!


* One of a few Flower Keeper cat originals found the purrrfect spot to rest atop an old corner shelf in our sunroom. The delicate tulips were picked from our backyard, and together the whole ensemble made me smile. I know this sweet character is making more smiles now that he resides in a loving home in Oregon...


* And lastly for now, another dear butterfly egg cup character cozied up to the corner on our kitchen window sill. What a delight a little fellow like this can add to your day as you go about your routine. She's now bringing joy and laughter to a sweet family in Michigan...

As bittersweet as it is to say farewell to each and every character I make, the pleasure is in knowing that each will bring delight to those near. If a piece of art has the power to distract, to draw one in and captivate, to generate new emotions, to inspire and stir the imagination, then the artist can take a deep breath and feel content.

~ Johanna

Back to Nature in Style...

The garden is flourishing outdoors, and the birds and bugs are happily buzzing around! I love this time of year when everything pops with color and texture. The breezes are warm, and artistic expression is freely flowing from everything. As much as I adore creating Halloween, it's lovely to be inspired by nature all around us. This month, between sculpting spooky cats, owls, and other haunting characters, I have been illustrating a new look in a more soothing and soft palette. An owl, followed by a butterfly, followed by a bluebird were the first characters to materialize in this sweet style. All of which including others yet to be seen, are up for consideration for decorative box sign art and possibly other product applications to be licensed to Primitives by Kathy. I have a POLL on my JPD Facebook Page asking for your feedback as to what other characters I should create to complete this collection. Please do share! I'm thinking that these could be quite sweet on some of my Zazzle products as well. So, stay tuned!

If you would like to see their full images, please visit my Artist Page and let me know your thoughts..... Thank you for your feedback, and make sure to stop and enjoy the sights and sounds and sweet smells of  spring!

~ Johanna




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Postage with a Spring Flare...

Spring will soon be in the air, and I look forward to its arrival! Due dates for spring 2013 licensed products have been my focus this month, and the imagery I have been creating inspired a new series of 6 spring-themed postage stamps. I know that the USPS is in decline, as we all become more and more computer savvy with our communications and correspondence. But, I personally dislike the thought of losing its service. I always enjoy receiving cards, notes and parcels from family and friends. And sometimes, opening the mailbox can be quite a treat!  The very way a letter can be beautifully addressed with the personal touch of a dear friend's penmanship is like nothing else. The color of the envelope, feel of the paper pressing against your anxious fingers, along with stickers and sweet postage stamps complete the package and raise the level of anticipation to open it! In celebration of this centuries-old tradition, I am now offering to you, a whimsical collection of my illustrated postage stamps, now available in my Zazzle Shop. Apply them to your Spring & Easter cards and correspondence or to seasonal party invitations, promising both smiles and lots of fun. These butterflies, bunnies and birds will bring frolic and cheer to those lucky recipients. Make your messages memorable and sweet while also keeping the history and tradition of sending and receiving postal mail alive.

Than you!
~ Johanna

To Purchase my Illustrated Postage Stamps & more delightful products, click HERE...

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Halloween Night...

Well, it's a new day and a new month, but I will always have fond memories of Halloween night! JP and I went out on the town with the best-est of friends and enjoyed a late dinner at Vesta along with some fabulous (and belly-busting) people watching. The imagination certainly runs wild on October 31st, and that is why I love it so very much! We scrounged up an old costume from years since past, bought some face paint and morphed into the Halloween Monarch! What fun it was! Here's a peek..... I hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween and enjoyed the sights and scenes as much as we did!..... ~ Johanna ~

* There I am, hurriedly applying orange and black paint to my face.. The doorbell kept ringing with anxious trick-or-treaters awaiting their candy handouts!... Once I finished with my face, JP was next in line...

* And voila!.... The Halloween Monarch strikes again! We had the tripod set up, snapping our photo as we oddly posed for the camera. We could see folks in costume stopping to stare from the street at our strange image in the window...