Workshop Peek-a-Boo!

It's about time for an artist update! My workshop is beginning to look a lot like Halloween! As I have decided to exhibit at 2 Halloween Art Events this year, I figure it's best to begin building my collection of October-themed originals now versus later. Before I forget, please mark your calendars for these 2 special events:

* 2nd Annual Hallowbaloo in Redmond, Washington
SEPTEMBER 19th, 2015 

* 10th Annual Halloween Trunk Show in Denver, Colorado
OCTOBER 10th, 2015

I know I have been a little distant and distracted with gardening projects around the house and designing art for licensing. So, I have not had much time to blog. However, I have been juggling my papier mache sculpts with all the rest. Here's a current sneak peek from the workshop of my one of a kind characters in the works. Keep in mind, these guys are unfinished as many need painted accents, trims, and other final touches. But, I thought I'd share my process. And yes, there are many more to come! So, if I disappear again, know I'm busy creating :)

Happy June to you, and I hope to see many of you this fall at my Halloween Art Shows!

Best Wishes,
~ Johanna 


* A couple of Halloween character busts in the works, pose with unfinished party hats....


* A sweet jack-o'-lantern ball character dons a lovely aged green hue.... The hand-sewn vintage crepe paper collar will soon decorate his neck, and maybe a thin bead of black glass glitter will trim the base of his stem...


* For this year's hat, I hand-illustrated a version of my flying witch design that appears on some of my graphic-designed products from my Primitives by Kathy collection. A variety of hat sizes, glued and sealed, are now closer to being ready to top some of my folk art sculptures!


* My ball characters are always a popular choice. This black cat ball is trying on a 2-toned vintage crepe paper collar for color-matching and size.


* A black bunny here and there always adds more variety to my Halloween mix! This guy dons a medley of painted sweets on his round-bellied base... I think he needs a collar too...


* Just another view of my handmade party hats! It looks like a conical parade is coming to town!


* Cover your eyes! This bat is bare! Sans his wire wings, he still needs an appointment with JP for final sanding, and then we'll take it from there!


* An owl with no eyes and missing wire wings and feet is wondering when the heck I will allow him to see! Looks like his buddy is one step ahead, but still cannot fly. I have my work cut out for me....

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Do you have dreams of standing unclad on a bustling city street or perhaps on a blazing stage before an audience? Luckily, I have not experienced such a dream, but trust me, I do have some bizarre ones! However, the idea of exposing my folk art characters in their various phases of development does create a similar unveiled feeling for me. Often rough to the touch and bare-skinned white, each is without a coat of color and pattern. It takes me many steps and layers (and did I mention patience?) to create each figure just right. Initial sculpts are coarse and unrefined, and they beg for a patch here and a tuck there. More and more layers of papier mache and sanding along the way will eventually create a look I am willing to accept, and then I allow the paint and creative juices to flow again. As you will see, I have been busy sculpting and stock-piling my folk art pieces. Here is a glimpse of what has been drying on the rack. Some are ready for paint while others are just taking form. I must admit, I am feeling a little exposed right now, but I think it will be therapeutic to share here on the world-wide stage of my blog......
~ Johanna :)

* Drying racks house a menagerie of naked Halloween goods from owls, witches and bats, to skellies, pumpkins and cats....

* "Peek-a-BOO" says the 'lil owl in the crowd....

* This sweet JOL is drying her "do".....

* With no arms and no trims, this little skelly leaves much to the imagination...

* Ahh, a glimmer of paint here and there, and LOOK, do you recognize those bat wings from my last post? Things are starting to take shape... ever so slowly.....

* Cover your eyes, this owl is au naturel!....

* The lid of a witch candy container is in her initial phase.. Don't touch as she may scratch back.......

* Happy kitty here in the crowd is smiling as he IS ready for paint!