Out of the Box & into the Land of Hexagonia!

Hi Friends! 
I have a small, time sensitive favor to ask... The brightly colored design below is my entry into Spoonflower's Hexagon Challenge. If you like it, will you visit Spoonflower's Contest page, locate my "Land of Hexagonia" entry and enter a vote for me? There are lots of pretty patterns to marvel at, so vote for your faves! (no need to log in ~ voting is open to the public) THANK YOU!! Voting ends tomorrow, March 28th! I know, I'm not giving you much notice, and if you're reading this after the due date, well I still want to share this fun design with you! It will soon be available on fabrics, wall paper & gift wrap. Almost all the elements in this design are made up of 6-sided hexagons in varying shapes. I enjoyed making this pattern, and it certainly stretched my imagination a bit since I tend to think in swirls, curves and flowing lines. :) Thank you for your support! 


Cast your Vote... (thank you!)

Given the title of this post, I did find myself thinking outside of the box and submersing myself into a hexagonal land :) I've been obsessed with patterns all my life, and lately, I have felt the need to let them out. Imaginative patterns are often the last thing I see before I fall asleep and many times, the first image to greet me in the morning. So many fun and pretty patterned ideas flash through my mind each day that I'm lucky to capture and manifest just a tiny slice of what I dream. Visit my JohannaParkerDesign Spoonflower Shop to see what designs are currently available and also peek at my upcoming designs, for sale soon.

Enjoy & THANK YOU!

~ Johanna

Good Eggs for you!

Many thanks to those you on my Mailing List and beyond who have adopted a set or two of my Good Egg Sitters! These are truly sweet and unique folk art characters for spring. Line them a across a shelf or nest them in an Easter basket for smiles and delight. Developed from my illustrations, these guys are authorized licensed designs from my new 2017 Transpac, Inc. line. Only available this year, collect them while you can! I've ordered extras, and each will arrive signed and shipped directly from the artist (that's me!)  EMAIL ME to adopt your "Good Egg Sittin' Set Quartet"...

Happy Spring & Thank you for your support :)

~ Johanna


Project Green Gables, Texture Complete!

Well, it's time for my monthly update on Project Green Gables. With Halloween show season fast approaching, my progress on this labor of love has been intermittent. However, I have good news! After hours of intensive application, all the dimensional elements and overlaying texture have been applied, and the gable is ready for paint! Yay! Today, we brought home a quart of vintage green paint and JP has already coated the entire base in this lovely hue. As time allows, I will be dry-brushing on the cream accents to allow my design to pop. Stay tuned for more updates here and scroll down to my previous blog posts to see all the various phases of the project.....

Best Wishes,
~ Johanna


* And there she is in her sprawling beauty!  :) Click each image for a larger view...


* A closer glimpse reveals all the woody texture that I applied to the various scrolling vines...


* And here's a zoom on the right bird's profile, feathers and all...


* Another perspective helps to express the dimensional qualities of the sculpture...


* And of course, we have a few blossoms to round out the design...


* As well as a perched cutie facing forward...


* And a third bird completes the composition!


* Jack didn't offer too much physical help it seems, but he was often by my side, keeping me company. However, that big yawn probably means that he's about over this project and ready for me to get back to my Halloween black cat making! :) And that's probably a good idea given the date! I hope to See YOU at the Glens Art Walk! I better get busy!....

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Dear Robin ~ Silent Auction

I love Robins! These animated characters usher in spring, and always make me smile! In honor of these dear creatures, I was inspired to create my very first robin! I'm partial to this piece, and as it is difficult to place a value on him, I have decided to leave that up to you. If you are interested in this one of a kind robin, please EMAIL ME with your Best Offer. I will be accepting your bids through Thursday this week. On the morning of Thursday April 2nd, I will notify all bidders via email of the highest bid along with the option to place another offer. The winning bid will be determined that evening by 8pm EST on April 2nd, and the winner will be notified via email. I appreciate your bids of affection and support! HAPPY SPRING!

This Auction has ENDED. The winning best offer is $1,082.00  THANK YOU so very much for your bids of affection! I am grateful for your support :) xoxoxoxo

My first Robin.....

- 5.75" tall x 3.75" wide x 6" deep (from beak to tail)

- One of a kind, hand sculpted and painted standing bird

- Accents include hand sewn vintage crepe paper collar and glass glitter hat trims

- Signed and dated 1/1

EMAIL your Best Offer to: johanna@johannaparkerdesign.com

You will receive an email confirmation. However, if you do not receive a reply, please try sending your best offer to: johannaparker@mac.com  During this auction, bidders & bids will not be revealed. This is a silent auction. Many thanks to ALL participants :)


HUES: Ruddy orange, vintage sea foam green, hints of plum, chocolate browns, mustard and coffee cream


What a Dear! Enjoy him on display ALL YEAR....







Signed & dated...

Thank you for your interest!

Best Wishes,
~ Johanna

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Art in the Home is a Delightful thing...

I love creating Art for the Home. The vintage character and folk feel of my pieces are intended to bring warmth and cheer to the collectors that graciously adopt them. Admittedly, it is a bittersweet moment for me when they do sell as I make pieces in a style that suits me well. And, rarely do I get a chance to enjoy my creations for very long before pack & ship day arrives. I tend to finish a collection right before the event occurs when I debut the art. Luckily this spring and summer I scheduled a little one-on-one time with some of my latest pieces before I bid them bon voyage! Subsequently, I snapped a few photos of my most recent one of a kind folk art pieces nestled in our  home. I thought you might enjoy.....


* Here is a glimpse as you enter our home, here in Colorado. We flip-flopped our front room with our back sunroom, bringing the table and chairs to the front, and our old mohair couch now settles in the back. The arrangement is more comfortabel for us, and we wonder why it took us about 14 years to figure that out! Haha! Pictured here is a small cat bust resting atop an old green saucer to bring more attention to the art. A couple folk art originals dot the mantel, but the focus remains in the foreground.


* I love how this sweet cat bust came to life. The colors resonate with our home, but I know she is more than content and well-loved in her new home in sunny California! I set her atop an old book to add a little height to this fun character.


* Stepping away, you can see the full arrangement which centers around a vintage Duffy's Delicious Drinks cooler that I picked up at a local antique mall many years ago. I love that color! The old shelf on the red wall houses a small collection of white pottery and earth elements, like feathers, shells, stones, honeycombs, etc... Two button-covered birds perch across the the top and guard the shelf below.


* A close up from below captures the bird at left, covered in vintage buttons. Mom recently visited and proclaimed that I must keep it! So, I have not sold this one yet, but I still might...... :)


* Here is a glimpse into our kitchen and back sunroom. You'll see that our old 1930's couch is now nestled in the back which creates a cozy place for gathering. A hand-painted plate that I purchased from artist friend Sharon Bloom hangs on the orange wall, and ties in some of my favorite hues.


* Atop our vintage 1940s fridge perches one of my butterfly egg cups. From my recent Flower Power collection, this little sweetie was difficult to let go. But, I know this bug is thrilled to be living in the home of a passionate art lover in Jersey!


* One of a few Flower Keeper cat originals found the purrrfect spot to rest atop an old corner shelf in our sunroom. The delicate tulips were picked from our backyard, and together the whole ensemble made me smile. I know this sweet character is making more smiles now that he resides in a loving home in Oregon...


* And lastly for now, another dear butterfly egg cup character cozied up to the corner on our kitchen window sill. What a delight a little fellow like this can add to your day as you go about your routine. She's now bringing joy and laughter to a sweet family in Michigan...

As bittersweet as it is to say farewell to each and every character I make, the pleasure is in knowing that each will bring delight to those near. If a piece of art has the power to distract, to draw one in and captivate, to generate new emotions, to inspire and stir the imagination, then the artist can take a deep breath and feel content.

~ Johanna