30+ Years Ago....

With just 4 short years under my belt, Sesame Street was the center of my world. That with a budding imagination, drawing paper, crayons and markers gifted from my parents, I was already expressing my love for drawing and art. The year was 1981, and mom obviously was aware of my artistic expression. She subscribed to Sesame Street Magazine for me, and spotted a children's drawing contest. A child's interpretation of a classroom setting was requested to all those blooming artists, and mom must have asked me to fill in the blanks. My recollection of this assignment is quite blurry, but clearly mom had a vision. Not long after, we were celebrating my first published art work! Ever since, I have been on an artistic spree, sharing my work on a public level. A few years later, I would see my childhood illustrations on the Disney Channel, and I also won a drawing contest with Pentel where my hot air balloon art traveled all the way around the world. My youth was dappled in art, art projects and entries into contests and the like. I remember seeing my Strawberry Shortcake caricatures hanging in an art exhibit at my favorite shopping mall, and it seems I was the Go-To artist whenever a class project required a graphic. So, it's not surprising that I have stayed on course along a path in the arts. This fall, I have some exciting features coming out in a handful of magazines that I look forward to sharing with you soon! So, I keep rolling along, and fortunately my creativity continues to flow with many blessings to follow.

I thought you might enjoy a peek at where it all began......  ENJOY!
(Thanks mom for your encouragement and keen vision! You were on to something!!)

~ Johanna


* Wow, 1981!...... Feels so long ago...
(Oh, Bigbird..I loved you so much!!!...........)


* I was only 4 when I drew this and had not started any form of school yet. Somewhere in my few short years of life, I must have observed that teachers stood at the head of the class, and students sat at desks that had 4 legs. I find it funny that the kids are facing the wrong direction! hehe.... Mom tells me that I was drawing stick figures with 5 fingers at the age of 3. Even then I was paying attention to detail....