Candy Corn Butterfly...

The whimsical creatures that always capture my imagination in the summer garden have inspired a fun series of buggy delights in my workshop this year. And as Halloween is one of my most favorite themes, a mirthful mix of the two subjects gave rise to this sweet Candy Corn Butterfly! A first of his kind, this little sweetie has a delicately painted wooden egg cup base, and a removable top sculpted from papier mache. Indeed, he is a one of a kind that promises to delight! He is available tonight via the EHAG Emporium, where you can shop for unique originals from the talented artists of the Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild! The EHAG Emporium opens and updates at 9pm EST on the last day of each month with fresh works available. I finally squeezed in a little time to make something special and participate this month! Here on my  blog, I am offering additional angles of this sweet piece! If you are tempted, please EMAIL ME to secure this piece! More images, info and price to follow..... Thanks for looking!

"Halloween Butterfly Egg Cup"
5.25" tall by 6.75" wide
$495 plus shipping
* SOLD *
Thank you!!!

* With a removable top, you can stash tiny trinkets in his wooden egg cup!

* The thought occurred to me to paint candy corn butterflies on this base... What fun!

* And with hand-formed wire wings and curly antennae, this bug is certainly a fun blend of patterns and textures.....

* Don't you just want to pinch those bulbous cheeks?

* His orange cap is accented with a hooked hat, trimmed in black glass glitter...

* And a wispy collar adds that final touch!

"OH"..."Are you buggy for me? Let me fly to you!".....

Best Wishes,
~ Johanna

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Familiar Friends EHAG Challenge...

This week, a handful of EHAG artisans, including myself are offering our latest Challenge art pieces. The theme is "Familiar Friends". For those of you, ~unfamiliar~ with this term, keep reading for a little background history. My collectible piece features a grinning black cat that sits within a delicately painted egg cup. He's available on eBay this week, so visit his Auction Page for lots more pictures and additional info.


Why "Familiar Friends" you ask? Well, according to European folklore from the Medieval and Early Modern periods, "familiar spirits," sometimes referred to as "familiars," were supernatural entities that were believed to assist witches in their magical practice. According to transcripts from that era in time, these familiars would appear in various guises, often as animals and most frequently seen as black cats. Hence, the classic "witch and her black cat" image was born which we now see as an iconic symbol of Halloween.


This week, many of the artists of EHAG will be posting their renditions of this fun challenge theme on various sites, including eBay, Etsy and more... And with my passion for black cats, this was a theme not to pass up! For my challenge piece, I blended my signature black cat character with an egg cup featuring a detailed silhouette of a gentle witch cradling her black cat familiar.


This is a unique collectible, as the painted egg cup can be twisted to reveal a variety of scenes. With his hand-painted details, vintage paper collar, wire arms and a wee touch of black glass glitter high on his hat, this jovial character is certainly a keeper!

Thanks for looking and taking an interest in my creations! I truly appreciate it.

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Hoot Hoot for April!...

Owls for Halloween are always a HOOT, so why not get a head start this spring! After all, the birds are chirping and the feathers are now a'flutter as we look outdoors. What a treat it would be to spot an owl, so I decided to make my own since it's often a rare gift to see one. This particular owl is decorated with a series of intricate moons and a tiny mouse marks his front! He's up for bids on eBay through Easter weekend with an auction ending on Tuesday evening at 7pm PST. You can enjoy a fun variety of photos and a full description of this collectible egg cup character of mine by visiting his eBay Auction Link! Many thanks for your interest and your generous bids if you feel so inclined. I appreciate your support.

Thank you,
~ Johanna

* Stylized wings of wire certainly bring a touch of magic and whimsy to this striking character!...

* 'Lil mouse peers into the Mr. Moon's eyes with wonder and intrigue....

* Another crescent moon decorates his back, while two full moon faces bring smiles and laughs to each side...


Images & Designs, © 2011 Johanna Parker Design. Photos may not be used without permission.