Happy o'Natural Easter!...

It's EASTER! ~ well minus the bangles and beads, bows, collars and party hats! I hope you all are not tooooo disappointed, but Mr. Jack wanted to fashion his o'natural side for this spring holiday. Next time around, we hope to be a wee bit more creative when it comes to sprucing up for the season. But speaking of,  JP and I have been busy-bees, sprucing up our landscape, carving and shaping berms, setting stones and creating rock walls around our property. It's starting to take shape! The goal is to sew clover seeds by the end of this week which will create a whimsical carpet of green while retaining our soil before the spring rain falls..... So, we're practically racing against the clock to get things in place and ready for the next phase! I promise to take photos soon and will share them here with you. The word from passers-by has been very positive and inspiring :)


Anyway, we are just "peeking" in to wish you a Happy Easter! Now, we're off to go hunt for more rocks and play in the dirt....

Best Wishes to you!
~ Johanna

Have a Lovely Day!...

I bet some of you faithful fans of Jack were wondering if our 4-legged friend would be making a special appearance on my blog today. Fortunately, the answer is yes! His mood was quite chipper over the weekend, so we deemed it just the right time to make our move. I grabbed a few props, and after he heard the rustle of the red and white paper garland, his ears perked up and he rushed to my feet. I draped it around him in various ways, and he began prancing all about. He LOVES the attention! We noticed that he also LOVES my latest pair of Valentines lovebirds from my Bethany Lowe line. We perched them here and there for Jack to sniff and greet, snapping photos along the way. I know you might be asking where is his latest Valentine's hat and all? Well, me and the 'ol clock have a less-than-loving relationship, so maybe next "time".... For now, enjoy our silly little series of a cat and bird love affair. I hope they give you warm fuzzies too :)

Wishing you a LOVELY-fun Valentine's Day!

~ Johanna, JP & Jack







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Best Wishes to You!...

Dear Friends,
Thank you for another fruitful year filled with whimsy, laughter and fun! Your encouraging words, delight and praise for the folk art I create truly make me smile and inspire new creations and ideas every day. It is such a joy to bring good cheer to one another through the passage of art, and I am so very grateful for this daily exchange. May you have a very Merry Christmas! And, as Jack and his chickadee friend below tout, may you have Peace and Good Cheer through the holiday season and in the new year!

Best Wishes,
~ Johanna ( and JP and Jack and his feathered friends! )

Happy Halloween!...

Wishing you ALL a very Happy Halloween from Jack and the gang at Johanna Parker Design! Delight in the clever costumes, savor the sweet treats and share in the merriment of this fun carnival......

~ Johanna,  JP & Jack


* Roll over Jack and show off your latest owl tee designed by Johanna!
Add one to your pet's wardrobe HERE...



Photos © 2011 Johanna Parker Design, LLC ~ Photos may not be used without permission.

Treasured Gifts, CARNIVAL TALE!

Some may call it coincidence, and others perhaps good fortune, but I call it whimsy in motion. Last week, two packages addressed to me, arrived on the same day. One made its journey from Tennessee while the other had traveled all the way from Australia... I was anticipating the latter as I knew I had won a sweet little papier mache crown from the magically talented Aussie artist, Victoria Sayer. While I was hosting my blog giveaway back in January, she popped in to invite me to enter hers at the Green and White Garden. Weeks later, a happy message appeared in my in-box stating that I had won the frog prince's wee golden crown! Her charming grand daughter, dressed as a pirate captain, drew my name from a slew of fans! What fun I thought, and how lucky I must be!


Then, a few weeks later while casually chatting with friends and family on Facebook, my (fairy) godmother Melinda reminded me of Mardi Gras and asked if Jack would be modeling for the Carnival. The thought had never crossed my mind, but we giggled a bit about the idea and went on our merry way.... To my surprise, the other package was from Melinda, and it contained a shiny loot of Mardi Gras beads, a festooned purple glove and three mini masks, just Jack's size!


Was it a coincidence that Victoria's wee little crown was just his size too? Then, images of Mardi Gras flashed in my mind ~ beads, masks, feathers AND crowns parading in a frenzy of color and delight! OK, I get the hint!!!! I laughed and laughed and had Jack model the bejeweled treasures this afternoon for additional grins!


And, I guess it was meant to be! The whimsy in motion worked its creative magic, and the photos below bring it ALL together!


Jack, in his purple, green and golden finery, would like to wish you a jolly Mardi Gras and gives us all an excuse to smile, laugh and perhaps add a little extra bling to our wardrobes this spring!


And let this fun tale be a lesson that whimsy is all around us! Acknowledge it and invite it in to stay :)


Thank you to both Victoria Sayer and Melinda Hightower for allowing this whimsy to unfold........

~ Johanna

Sending Valentine Smiles to You!...

From our custom CATalog of cat fashions is Jack here once again in his holiday wear! He dons a red hat with frosty February flakes and a sparkling red heart to top it all off... Despite his moody character yesterday, we were lucky to snap a few memorable moments with Jack all decked out in his latest Valentine's attire. Honestly though, he had HIS HEART set on running off to his favorite tattered rug for some kitty lovins'!
(that's where he likes it best :)

Enjoy! Sending you smiles, laughter and a little extra love to spread around.
~ Johanna, JP and Jack






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New Year's Escort in Style.....

I had a silly vision this morning that Jack would lead us all into the New Year! After all, he does have quite the reputation for celebrating the holidays in style. So, I stripped the mailbox of its rather garish silver garland and brought it in for Jack to sniff. With a little persuasion, he was soon fashioning this shiny stole and leash combo, and I was begging JP to play along. Luckily, all went well and my silly vision began to take shape. And, Voila ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR to YOU! I wish you and yours the best that 2011 has to offer. May it be filled with magic, shimmer and delight!

~ Johanna, Jack (and JP, our willing & ever-ready camera man)

* Jack leads the way to a prosperous New Year!...

* Jack looks up and questions my sanity..... :)

* He glances up once again, just to double check....

* A proud pose he strikes here with that shimmery stole! (He loves the attention)

* One more glance back to make sure we are headed down the right path...

* A swoosh and a jump, and he's ready for a break! Me too :)

Photography © 2011 Johanna Parker Design - Images may not be used without permission.

A Very Merry one to You!...

Jack, our four-legged festive friend, JP and I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

I must admit, this photo is one of my favorites!

Many many thanks to all of my dear friends, family, collectors, and anonymous readers who both touch our lives and whom we hope to touch as well. May you have a magical holiday and cherish those 4-legged friends and ALL who are the true gifts this season.

~ Johanna

Photography © 2010 Johanna Parker Design - Image may not be used without permission.

Happy Thanksgiving!...

Move over Squanto, Jack is here to bring you lots of Thanksgiving cheer! With a headdress full of plumes and a fringed tissue collar, Jack our holiday poser was eager to ham it up for our friends in blogland here again. Once I started cutting the fringe, his curiosity was in full swing. And, when we thought we were finished, he was eager for more! Here are just a few of the fun images we snapped.... These holiday shoots are always a hoot, and with such an enthusiastic model, it's always a good time!

Cheers & Happy Thanksgiving,
~ Johanna, JP & Jack

* A fan of feathers in harvest hues, crowns his head from ear to ear...

* Earlier, his headdress of feathers was gathered in a bunch as he posed on an old child's chair, just his size!...

* Here he patiently sits as I try out his collar for size....

* He rolls around on his favorite rug to wear in his latest duds!...

* A quick action shot reveals his airy, tissue paper collar....


A Happy Halloween to You!

It's time to put your party hat on and celebrate another fun-filled Halloween! Wishing you many smiles, laughs, frolic and treats from our spooky home to yours....

Halloween Hugs,
~ Johanna, JP and Jack, our holiday poser!


* Jack proudly poses, wearing my illustrated party hat for Halloween 2010.... For my birthday, JP gave me a new lens for my camera that created this dreamy, soft blur effect that I just love!

Photography, © 2010 Johanna Parker Design - Image may not be used without permission.

Happy Lazy 4th of July!...

Ever since the weather has warmed, Jack's new summer-time napping spot is on the old wicker settee in our back sun room. He is always sprawled out with all fours up in the air and his big soft belly exposed. It cracks me up (even though the scene is completely covered in black fur!) So, today when I walked through "his" room, he was sporting an American flag under his front paws! Imagine that??! So, out came the camera, and here is the proof..... :)


HAPPY LAZY 4th to all of my friends out there in blogland! I hope you have a moment to put your feet up and lounge around like Mr. Jack likes to do.

~ Johanna

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Well, did ya think I'd forget this one? HaHa, not a chance! I had a spurt of St. Patrick's day inspiration over the weekend and set to work on a mini leprechaun hat for Mr. Jack. This was serious business indeed! Of course, Jack knew I was up to trouble and sat at my feet while I wrapped various shades of green chenille, round and round my handmade hat. He always seems to know when I'm making him a new seasonal accessory! Luckily, and I mean LUCKily, he was a good sport when it came time to take his photo. He simply would have no part of the ribbon-under-the-chin combo, so I just set my silly hat on his head and he proudly posed. Cheers to all and ENJOY Jack's latest holiday fashion! Don't forget to wear your GREEN, and to leave a jolly comment here for GOOD LUCK!
~ Johanna



* © 2010 Johanna Parker Design *Photos & Designs are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission.

A Lovely Valentine's Day to you...


What's another holiday without Jack posing in his special seasonal attire! I have been working on a few Valentine's designs for Bethany Lowe ~ one of which is a 4" ornament cone with a "Love" heart. With Jack in mind, I printed an extra one and fabricated a sort of conical necklace for him to wear. A sweet little toy mouse topped it off, and he was ready to say "cheese!"

And if you're wondering, why yes, Jack IS showing off some skin in this photo! And no, it has nothing to do with ratings. He had us quite scared for several months, so much that we needed to shave his belly for an ultrasound. Gratefully, he's out of the woods it seems, gaining weight again and full of life and good cheer! Thanks to all who sent him healing thoughts and love. With a sigh of relief, we can say they worked! Cheers to that, and may you ALL have a LOVEly Valentine's Day!

~ Johanna, JP & Jack


A New Day, A New Year!...

Happy New Year, one and all!... We rolled out of bed this morning a bit later than usual as we were up late with family and friends savoring delicious delights and enjoying their company. Once awake, we were blessed with the warm rays of the sun on this first day of the year. Here in Colorado, it has been bitter cold and unusually gray, so it was a treat to have the warmth of the sun greeting us. We decided that it would be a perfect day for a walk to our neighborhood lake. It's been so long it seems since I have treated myself to a brisk nature walk! But, first a cup of JP's ritual morning cappuccino was first on the list.... This is something I doubt I will ever give up :)


He makes the yummiest cappuccinos and sprinkles natural cane sugar and cinnamon on top! Delish! That along with a couple of slices of homemade chocolate chip banana bread, and we were set for our outdoor excursion.


As we approached, the lake was almost completely frozen, but the sky was a rich happy blue. We brought the camera along to document our first day of 2010....


"Stop and smile!" I said to JP. Off in the distance, folks were riding their horses and also savoring the sun. I must admit, we had to walk at a quick pace at first just to warm ourselves as the temps were in the 30s.... BRRRRR.....


Luckily, I wore black to attract more of those warming rays, and soon I was feeling great!....Hmmm, maybe I should do this more often.....


The contrast of snow, sky and earth were pleasing to the senses, and it was a joy to soak it all in and experience the fresh air, especially after a couple of trying weeks. But we'll get to that later....


I stopped to rest on a park bench, and JP snapped a quick pic of my new year's smile :)


"Quick, Look up!"... Geese were flying overhead making that haunting swoosh-like sound with their large wings. I pondered how far they had yet to travel to reach their destination...


A gnarled tree caught my eye, framing an icy lake landscape in the distance... You can see the front range mountains out west....


We stopped at a balcony overview and caught a glimpse of our shadows on the snow- covered icy lake below. "Wave your hand," I said to JP.....


Intrigued by the various animal prints that traipsed across the lake's surface, I had to snap another photo....


Before we headed home, I asked JP to stand near an old Cottonwood tree, but he had his own agenda! Silly guy!

What a wonderful way to start a new year! We were glad to breathe deep and enjoy the day. As I said earlier, the days leading up to this new year have been a bit trying to say the least. If you noticed in an earlier post, I mentioned that my dear cat Jack was recovering nicely from having 4 teeth pulled. Well, so I thought at least... On the evening of Christmas day he became ill, and all my Facebook friends who have been following along will know the story. So, I won't go into detail, but luckily, he is now officially on the mend! I am so very grateful he is back to his cheerful self, and he is eating again! Yay!! The poor guy lost close to 5 pounds in a couple of months which is substantial for such a critter. I was worried sick about him as he is such a dear. In fact, his doc proclaimed that he was the kindest, sweetest cat he had ever encountered in his 30 years of practice!.... I believe it! You've all seen how agreeable he is to my fanciful "kitty dress-up" days, right?! Anyway, I wanted to say thanks again to all who sent him positive thoughts of healing and recovery! It worked :) And now, we can enjoy a happy cheers to this new year!


We played "feather" with him after our walk, and he played along! Spirits are high, and we are happy!....(He doesn't look too skinny here, but well, he was over 19 pounds in the recent past - maybe it's a blessing in disguise as he needed to go on a kitty diet!)


.. And a big New Year's kiss for my Jack! .... Like it's the only kiss he got all day?!! Right!?! Haha!... So, we're overjoyed to have him back to his chipper self! It is amazing the impact our 4-legged friends have on our lives.....

Again, Happy New Year to all! Count your blessings and be grateful for ALL of your loved ones and the joys that bring smiles to your every day life.

~ Johanna

Merry Christmas!

.... To You and Yours.....


We woke up late this morning after a nice Christmas Eve family gathering the night before. We had our daily cappuccino and sampled some yummy Belgian chocolates sent from JP's mom. Then, I realized that Jack had not fashioned this year's Christmas attire. So, I scurried down to my workroom and pulled a snowman hat from last year's collection, added tinsel and ribbons. "Meow Meow" he kept saying as I added glue and trims. He always knows when it's photo time! For a collar, I recently found a vintage holiday style velvet choker in my grandmother's belongings. I hope she wouldn't mind Jack borrowing it for a holiday shoot! He seemed to like it! Anyway, JP and I snapped some fun photos, and this was our favorite! ENJOY, and have a Merry Christmas Day!

~ Johanna

Thanksgiving Greetings!


Jack and I would not allow this holiday to fly by without another fashionable photo shoot. With a little enticement from the "shake-shake-shake" of the Indian corn, Jack was game! I tore off a square from a roll of paper towel and began trimming his pilgrim's collar... He sat by my side as he always does when I prepare his seasonal attire, and we had fun!

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL from our family to yours...... I am so very thankful for your friendship and support, year after year!

Blessings and Abundance to you,
~ Johanna, JP & of course, Jack.....

The Purrrrrfect Halloween!...


It gives me great joy when I have the pleasure of experiencing bits of my wild imagination materialize before my eyes! As you may know, I have this fascination with placing conical party hats on the heads of my papier mache black cats. I know I am not the only artist with this urge to whimsify (if that's a word) the 4-legged creature companions we share this planet with. But, it is something I cannot resist! In fact, I just found myself making a mini party hat for my black cat, Jack! He is really a dear as you will see, and so, so kind to permit me to play out my silly fantasy. We had quite the chuckle as I dressed him for the occasion. He patiently posed on an old stool as we snapped shot after shot in utter amazement at his lack of concern. Perhaps, I am less of a loon than I had initially thought, for I have discovered that black cats truly do wear party hats! CHEERS to that, and may you have a purrrfectly HAPPY HALLOWEEN! ~ ENJOY ~ Johanna :-)

* Oh, look at that little dear in all his Halloween cheer...

* Picture purrrrrfect poser.....

* Loving that party hat profile.... utter cuteness!

* In the background... a glimpse of my original black cat firescreen, complementing the Halloween scene...

* No words necessary to describe this image.. hehehehehe!

* © 2009 Johanna Parker Design *Photographs are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission.