Have a Lovely Day!...

I bet some of you faithful fans of Jack were wondering if our 4-legged friend would be making a special appearance on my blog today. Fortunately, the answer is yes! His mood was quite chipper over the weekend, so we deemed it just the right time to make our move. I grabbed a few props, and after he heard the rustle of the red and white paper garland, his ears perked up and he rushed to my feet. I draped it around him in various ways, and he began prancing all about. He LOVES the attention! We noticed that he also LOVES my latest pair of Valentines lovebirds from my Bethany Lowe line. We perched them here and there for Jack to sniff and greet, snapping photos along the way. I know you might be asking where is his latest Valentine's hat and all? Well, me and the 'ol clock have a less-than-loving relationship, so maybe next "time".... For now, enjoy our silly little series of a cat and bird love affair. I hope they give you warm fuzzies too :)

Wishing you a LOVELY-fun Valentine's Day!

~ Johanna, JP & Jack







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Meet Crowster Buttonbird...

I have fun news to share! There is a beautiful, new magazine debuting right now from the talented folks at Stampington & Company! It's called Prims, and features art inspired by a bygone era. Last fall, their managing editor contacted me and asked if I would like to submit a piece that encompassed the look of primitive elegance. Thrilled at the challenge, I said yes! What resulted was a fun character that I named Crowster Buttonbird. After he came to life, I wrote a whimsical poem depicting his personification and they published that too! I am very grateful to have my folk art and poetry included within this premier issue! . . . . . . .

Prims ~ The Art of Primitive Dolls ~ 2010

Here's a peek at my feature which can be found on the Last Page of Prims! (It's easy to find for me as I oddly flip from back to front with every magazine I pick up... Anyone else do this? ) I must say, this is a beautiful publication. There are many wonderful works of art by fellow folk artists, and each creation is lovingly presented in a way that spotlights each creator's masterwork. It reminds me of an inspirational walk through a gallery. See for yourself, and order your copy today!


"A Whimsical Rhyme of a Crowster Buttonbird" ~ a peek at the poem I wrote to describe my creative process in bringing this fun crow character to life. I was asked to write an essay that personified my standing crow, and quickly that essay began to rhyme...


Here, a photo of Crowster Buttonbird that I took before his big journey to meet the editors of Prims. I know he would look great right here at home, but I'm also considering putting him up for adoption on eBay once he returns in April. If you're interested in taking part in that auction, please email me to join my e-mailing list. I'll keep you posted on my decision! ENJOY, and go get your copy today....

~ Johanna

Magazine images, Copyright 2010 by Stampington & Company, LLC

CATCH the birdie if you can!...

Finally, a new Spring-themed Collector's Catch piece just popped up on my website! GO TO my Website to see details and be sure to click on the image for more views and descriptions. Please send me an email if you'd like to adopt this sweet, one of a kind blue bird, and later I will update the page to reveal who caught the birdie!....

Thanks again for looking!
~ Johanna
CONTACT: johanna@johannaparkerdesign.com

UPDATE!.. A great collector friend of mine, Deb in Pennsylvania, caught this piece just a few hours after posting it!... Thank You!... I'm so glad you checked as you never know what you may catch! For those of you hoping to catch a special one of a kind in the future, remember to click "Follow this Blog," at left and your Blogger Dashboard will update each time I create a new post. It's a great way to keep up with any new surprise Collector's Catch pieces, and a way to show your support and interest in my folk art as well :)

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