A Lovely Valentine's Day to you...


What's another holiday without Jack posing in his special seasonal attire! I have been working on a few Valentine's designs for Bethany Lowe ~ one of which is a 4" ornament cone with a "Love" heart. With Jack in mind, I printed an extra one and fabricated a sort of conical necklace for him to wear. A sweet little toy mouse topped it off, and he was ready to say "cheese!"

And if you're wondering, why yes, Jack IS showing off some skin in this photo! And no, it has nothing to do with ratings. He had us quite scared for several months, so much that we needed to shave his belly for an ultrasound. Gratefully, he's out of the woods it seems, gaining weight again and full of life and good cheer! Thanks to all who sent him healing thoughts and love. With a sigh of relief, we can say they worked! Cheers to that, and may you ALL have a LOVEly Valentine's Day!

~ Johanna, JP & Jack