Have a Lovely Day!...

I bet some of you faithful fans of Jack were wondering if our 4-legged friend would be making a special appearance on my blog today. Fortunately, the answer is yes! His mood was quite chipper over the weekend, so we deemed it just the right time to make our move. I grabbed a few props, and after he heard the rustle of the red and white paper garland, his ears perked up and he rushed to my feet. I draped it around him in various ways, and he began prancing all about. He LOVES the attention! We noticed that he also LOVES my latest pair of Valentines lovebirds from my Bethany Lowe line. We perched them here and there for Jack to sniff and greet, snapping photos along the way. I know you might be asking where is his latest Valentine's hat and all? Well, me and the 'ol clock have a less-than-loving relationship, so maybe next "time".... For now, enjoy our silly little series of a cat and bird love affair. I hope they give you warm fuzzies too :)

Wishing you a LOVELY-fun Valentine's Day!

~ Johanna, JP & Jack







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