It's Rhyme Time ~ Make Your Offer!

UPDATE:  Wow, the winning offer has come in, and I am blown away by the wonderful admiration and response I received for Moonsong Moe! Many thanks to ALL the generous collectors who placed bids. I am so very grateful to you! In the end, this very special piece will soon be living with Patricia in Oregon! THANK YOU so very much for your support and love for one of a kind folk art!

I do believe it has been a couple of years since I created & offered one of my collectible Rhyme Time Originals! Unique to my line of one of a kinds, these full-figured fellows each balance atop a decorated ball and include a special rhyme that I have written to accompany the piece. "Moonsong Moe" is my first sitting bulldog, and he was certainly a labor of love with delicate details from the folds in his face to his ruffled collar and his tiny tail. Painted in a Carnival Halloween motif of cream, orange, black and vintage turquoise, he is a collector's delight throughout the year! "Moonsong Moe" is a hand-sculpted and painted folk art curio, standing at 8.5" tall, and certainly unique to the world! I welcome you to study the various images of Moe, here below, read his Rhyme Time poem, and consider placing your Best Offer!

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"Moonsong Moe is one vocal guy,
For at night he sings up to the moonlit sky.
A harmonious howl can be heard high and low,
As the man in the moon reveals his glow.
Mesmerized by the face that lights the night,
Moe perches on his ball and sings with might.
Crescent or full matters not to Moe,
As he is under the spell of the lunar show!"
~ Johanna Parker

About this Blog Auction: This is a unique & fun opportunity for my collecting fans to acquire this special, one of a kind bulldog! If you would like a chance at adopting this Rhyme Time Original, I am asking that you EMAIL ME your Best Offer. What would you be willing to spend in order to possibly accept this collectible piece into your home? I am starting the bids at $350. Bidders will remain private, and I will update my blog daily with the highest Best Offer thus far. Those numbers will be rounded down in increments of 50. So, keep an eye on the wheel image above and do reload this page to see current info. Submit your Best Offer/s once OR as many times as you wish within this 7-day period. On Tuesday July 31st at 9:30 pm EST, I will email all the participating bidders with a Last Call, announcing the current highest offer. Afterwards, you will have until mid-day on August 1st to submit any additional offers. I hope to announce the Winning Offer amount here on my blog by Noon EST on the 1st. You have about a week's time to submit your best offer/s. Anyone has a chance to participate if he or she chooses, and bidders can keep track of the approximated offers here on my blog. 

How to Bid :
Please study the various photos below to see if you would like to adopt "Moonsong Moe."
If he howls to you, then . . . . . . . 

EMAIL ME with the amount of your Best Offer (
* Title your email: "Best Offer - $ - - - - - "
* Look for a reply / confirmation email that your offer has been received

As you submit your offer/s, you are welcome to identify yourself or remain unknown. Therefore, you may email me from whatever email account you choose as long as I can reach you in the event you are the winner!  I will be accepting offers until Noon EST, August 1st. At that time, I will review all the offers and post the pending best offer amount. The winner will be notified and will have 24 hours to respond, identify him or herself and start the process of finalizing the sale. The piece will be offered to the bidder of the next best offer, in the event the top bidder fails to respond.

As for emailing me with your offers, please know that I am grateful for your support and any bids of affection. Best of luck!...... Now, let's get started :)

Up for Bids is "Moonsong Moe," an original sculpture by me, folk artist Johanna Parker...














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Speaking of Carnival...

I had the pleasure of chatting with Matthew Mead for a fun feature in his new book! He asked if he could interview me regarding my Halloween art and process, and I was delighted to play along. If all goes as planned, readers will enjoy our Q & A with topics that include my latest Summer-Boo Halloween Carnival look! And, Matthew's including a composite image I took of my recent clown and egg cup characters, seen below. "HALLOWEEN with Matthew Mead," published by Time Inc., will be available this August via Amazon and select book stores! So stay tuned for that, and don't miss this Sunday's Web Sale where I will be offering these one of a kind carnival characters on my Folk Art Originals page. Do Join my Mailing list for all the details and start time.

Jolly Haunting,
~ Johanna


Preparing for the Summer-Boo Carnival!...

This week, my workshop is a rainbow of colors as I add the final patterns and details to my Summer-Boo Carnival collection of characters! Hues of vintage turquoise, soft green and magenta happily pair with my classic orange and black to create a chromatic celebration! The days are counting down to Sunday evening's Web Sale when this special festive family of collectibles will be up for adoption. So, it's a race to complete the painting process, and add those magical touches, like glass glitter accents and vintage trims, that make these guys extra unique! This morning, I snapped a few close-ups of my unfinished characters in-the-works. Fingers are crossed that I can complete them all by mid-week, take their individual beauty shots, and then make ALL the graphics necessary for the sale. Woooo, it's a lot of work, but I'm getting closer. One step, or stroke at a time. Enjoy the sneak peeks, and do Join my Mailing List for all the details regarding my Summer-Boo Carnival Web Sale!

~ Johanna


* Here, a cone-nosed jack-o'-lantern sports some festive carnival flare. He still needs a few more textural details before I can call him complete...


* And, any guess as to what type of character this silly-sweet guy may be?...


* A peek at my color palette reveals a wheel of hues that excite the senses and remind us of festival fun!


* Of course, I couldn't host a web sale without a cat or two!  This cutie will have arms and legs and additional trims! EEk, wish me luck in getting this all done...


* And, I have a feeling this little guy will be quite the charmer when all is said and done...

Make sure to refresh the Folk Art Originals page of my website this Sunday to see all 11 characters that make up this special collection of carnival delights!


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Treasured Gifts, CARNIVAL TALE!

Some may call it coincidence, and others perhaps good fortune, but I call it whimsy in motion. Last week, two packages addressed to me, arrived on the same day. One made its journey from Tennessee while the other had traveled all the way from Australia... I was anticipating the latter as I knew I had won a sweet little papier mache crown from the magically talented Aussie artist, Victoria Sayer. While I was hosting my blog giveaway back in January, she popped in to invite me to enter hers at the Green and White Garden. Weeks later, a happy message appeared in my in-box stating that I had won the frog prince's wee golden crown! Her charming grand daughter, dressed as a pirate captain, drew my name from a slew of fans! What fun I thought, and how lucky I must be!


Then, a few weeks later while casually chatting with friends and family on Facebook, my (fairy) godmother Melinda reminded me of Mardi Gras and asked if Jack would be modeling for the Carnival. The thought had never crossed my mind, but we giggled a bit about the idea and went on our merry way.... To my surprise, the other package was from Melinda, and it contained a shiny loot of Mardi Gras beads, a festooned purple glove and three mini masks, just Jack's size!


Was it a coincidence that Victoria's wee little crown was just his size too? Then, images of Mardi Gras flashed in my mind ~ beads, masks, feathers AND crowns parading in a frenzy of color and delight! OK, I get the hint!!!! I laughed and laughed and had Jack model the bejeweled treasures this afternoon for additional grins!


And, I guess it was meant to be! The whimsy in motion worked its creative magic, and the photos below bring it ALL together!


Jack, in his purple, green and golden finery, would like to wish you a jolly Mardi Gras and gives us all an excuse to smile, laugh and perhaps add a little extra bling to our wardrobes this spring!


And let this fun tale be a lesson that whimsy is all around us! Acknowledge it and invite it in to stay :)


Thank you to both Victoria Sayer and Melinda Hightower for allowing this whimsy to unfold........

~ Johanna