Mom is Back!...

Well, I have some fun news to share! My mom, that's Kathy Parker to you, is a new product designer for Primitives by Kathy! The first seven of her items just came out in PBK's 2010 Supplement. I have a sneak peek below of her charming designs along with their corresponding item numbers in case you want to order a few for yourself!


* Of course, I love this Spooky Pillow for Halloween!...

Mom is certainly the force behind my passion for folk art today. When I was little, I remember her weaving all sorts of unusual items from contemporary wall art to Santas. Her style evolved when the country movement hit the 1980s. She was always on the hunt for cutter quilts and accessories to add to her country dolls, and she taught me what to look for too. Soon, I was wanting to try my hand at crafting, and I found myself sewing samplers and patched art pillows. Together we sold our handmade items at local craft fairs, and really enjoyed sharing our creations with others who appreciated our work. Along the way, I branched off and grew fond of the papier mache and paints while mom continued to sew her one of a kind delights. So, we each have our own niche, but we certainly enjoy the art of crafting together.

When my family was relocated to Seattle about 8 years ago, mom's life drastically changed. Not knowing anyone in her surroundings, she poured her creative energy into making her new house a home, repainting room after room and decorating with her colonial touch. But soon she took on the honorable role as my grandfather's caregiver for the last few years of his life. He became her priority, and all else including her art were left in the past. After his passing, the house felt empty and mom was not in a place to create. Luckily with time there is healing, and I urged mom to delve back into her fabric arts and to tap back into that creative bliss that she now enjoys today. Obviously, she did, and I am so happy that her love for crafting has returned! She inspired me years ago, and I like to think that I have returned the favor by inspiring her :)

A big CONGRATS goes out to you Mom as you embark on this exciting creative path, and I know your sweet designs will bring many smiles to many people for years to come!


* These are too cute for the holidays! To see Kathy Parker's current line of products, CLICK HERE!


What's next on her list you ask...? Well, I suggest she starts her own blog! Mom, it's about time :) Cheers to you!

With love,
~ Johanna

PS.... Did you see mom's holiday home feature in Country Sampler Magazine last year? If not, take a peek HERE!

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