Halloween in January!..

Who says you can't start adding to your Halloween collection in January? If you LOVE Halloween, then this is a great way to start out your new year! With a little nudge from both collectors and my EHAG friends in the Emporium, I was inspired to create a couple of new spooky fun originals for January's opening. First off is "Cross-Eyed Crowly," a decorated Owl ball character who is featured in tonight's EHAG Emporium. I have additional images of Cross-Eyed Crowly below. Keep scrolling down to also meet "Spooky-O-Lumino," another whimsically fun lumina jack-o'-lantern ball character with a wild "do". If you would like to adopt one of these collectible works of art, please EMAIL Me with the name of the piece to reserve yours today! And, don't forget to hop on over to the EHAG Emporium for several more original delights by my fellow Halloween artist friends!

Thank You!
~ Johanna


"Cross-Eyed Crowly"
SOLD ~ $365 plus shipping
~ 6.5" tall by 3.25" wide
Signed, dated and marked 1/1

* He is hand-painted in a crescent moon motif which repeats on his backside, and he wears a hand-sewn vintage crepe paper collar. Black glass glitter brims his hat. A textural head, bulbous eyes and dimensional beak bring out the "owl" in Crowly!


~~~~~~~~~~~~ AND ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


SOLD ~ $355 plus shipping
~ 6.5" tall by 3.25" wide
Signed, dated and marked 1/1

* He is hand-painted in a lumina jack-o'-lantern motif featuring various faces that surround his stylized base. His twisted stem looks like a wild "do", and handmade bow tie trims his neck with a band of black glass glitter. Recessed eyes, nose and mouth give him that classic JOL look!


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