Collector Spotlight: Amber in CA...

And last but not least to help me finish out my most favorite month is this fun Collector Spotlight featuring my friend Amber who also lives in California! She spotted my folk art early on when I was still experimenting with my mediums and technique, and some of her pieces date way back to 2005 (which honestly feels like ages to me!) You will enjoy perusing her collection of Halloween folk art which also includes many wonderful delights from fellow artist friend Nicol Sayre. So, grab a handful of Halloween candy and enjoy the photos that Amber has graciously shared with us here. Many thanks to Amber for the open invitation to visit her decorated home, and a personal thanks for admiring, following and collecting my work fron my earlier days of artistic exploration to the current time. It's such a treat for me to revisit all of these pieces and enjoy catching a glimpse of them in their loving home.........Please leave comments for Amber at the end of this posting.....


J:  How did you learn about my holiday folk art?  
A: The 1st time I spotted your creations was in 2005 at Halloween and Vine.  I went with a friend to snag a Nicol Sayre witch doll.  After the rush we saw your booth.  Unfortunately, I had already spent all my money!  But my friend was able to buy a large cat head sculpture. I loved it and knew I had to have one for myself!!


( * Above, one of my earlier tall vase sculptures featuring an original black cat towers over some vintage style Halloween novelties )

J:  How long have you been collecting my originals?
A: 6 years ~ I started collecting shortly after H&V that year.  Halloween is definitely my very favorite theme and holiday, but I couldn't wait for the next October to roll around so I started my collection with an adorable Snowman named "Peppermint Tommy".  I love him with his candy cane nose!  He is very special to me cuz he started the whole collection!
J:  Ahh, this does take me back, and I do recall you adopting Peppermint Tommy, but I didn't realize that he kick-started your JPD collection! What fun! (Amber has included a photo of Tommy lower in this post, so we can all go down memory lane :)

( * Above, a wonderful grouping of my Halloween originals congregate together on a side table in Amber's home ~ two of which were created this year while others date back to 5 or 6 years ago. Scrolling wrought iron candle stick accent pieces add additional interest to Amber's arrangement. What a beautiful display! )

( * Taking a closer peek, Amber displays her first JPD bat just recently acquired and grouped alongside an owl and jack-o'-lantern friend from year's past )

J: Where have you had the best luck in acquiring my original pieces; shows, web sales, Collector's Catch, eBay, etc?
A: I have gotten pieces from Halloween & Vine, Web Sales and have been pretty lucky on Ebay!


( * Above, "Polka & Punkin" a candy container duo and "Ollie O'Lantern" are several years old, but still lookin' good and are some of Amber's favorites as you'll notice below..... )


J: Do you have a favorite piece in your private collection?
A: It is way to hard to pick a favorite...I actually have a lot of favorites!  LOL  Polka N' Punkin and Ollie O'Lantern are way up well as Gilly Juggles, and one of my newest, Moonlit Owlvira!  And I cannot forget Jester Jack!  He was a surprise birthday gift from the sweetest man ever!!!
J: Ah, yes, those are some of my favorites from your collection as well!  I still pine over "Gilly Juggles" (pictured above) as he really did turn out quite special. I almost kept him back when I made him, but I'm happy that he's well-loved in your home and amongst so many other Halloween friends!


( * And there's "Jester Jack" pictured directly above, adopted for Amber during my Black & White Delight Web Sale this past spring by her thoughtful beau! And I spy another sitter character that I completely forgot that I made! He must be several years old..... And I do believe that smiling jolly jack candy container was created last fall.... )


( * Looking to another display, a one of a kind candy container cat grins from ear to ear and lights up the counter. A glass jar filled with black and white striped candy batons adds a bold graphic touch  )

J: What is it about my creations that captures your imagination?
A: There are so many things I love about your work.  The colors, designs, attention to detail.  What I love the most is that they are so whimsical and scream vintage Halloween!  They also trigger a wonderful nostalgia for me :-)  My JP collection is among my favorite possessions.
J: That makes me smile!  (mission accomplished!)


( * Amber proves that grouping both my reproduction art (the tall bat vase from my line of Bethany Lowe Designs products) can look quite dashing with an original piece of art like this one of a kind owl head. The draping spider webs and haunting cheesecloth add background texture, and those spooky apothecary bottles add a creepy old-world touch )

( * Another eye-catching Halloween display sprawls across the bar counter in Amber's kitchen. She clearly wants to surround herself with eye-candy as she cooks! Let's take a closer peek below...... )


( * And there sits "Moonlit Owlvira," mentioned above as one of Amber's faves. She's proudly displayed with some sweet jack-o'-lantern characters designed by doll artist, Nicol Sayre. It's fun to see how well they complement one another! )


( * Moving down the line, I spy a one of a kind black & white owl candy container that I believe Amber snagged off of a private sellers's auction on eBay. He really looks enchanting here with more Nicol Sayre folk art characters...... )


( * And it's fun to be reacquainted with "Belinda Bag Lady" who was photographed on my coffee table trunk in the 2007 issue of Halloween Tricks and Treats Magazine by BHG. She looks ever so pleased at home with Amber! And I'm really liking that old decorated dress form off in the distance ~ I have a similar piece here in my home! )

( * And we mustn't forget some of my earliest reproduction pieces from my Primitives by Kathy line...... )

J:  Is there anything in particular you suggest I try making in the future?
A: Hmmmmm....maybe a werewolf or perhaps a mummy???  Could be pretty darn cute I think :-)
Thank you again Johanna...this has been fun and I am honored :-) xoxox, Amber
J:  Oh, the honor is all mine Amber!  Everything is just lovely, and I am thrilled to see my creations in such good company and so well-received.


( * And one more Halloween original, a black cat rattle cone from way back when, suspends over two sweet Nicol Sayre folk art witch dolls )

*BONUS Feature!... Here's a sneak peek at Amber's collection of my Christmas originals along with a Spring-themed piece as well! She's got the seasons covered :)


( * And remember "Peppermint Tommy," the snowman that fueled her collecting passion for my creations? Well, he's pictured above at left with that fun-loving candy cane nose! It's a pleasure for me to revisit these guys for this winter's inspiration! And look, one more sitter rests by his side! Looks to me like both Amber & Sandy & Gary had their sights set on my short-lived run on folk art sitters!..... Maybe I'll reintroduce a collection of sitters one of these days )


( * One more pair of my one of kind snowmen make me laugh with their quirky smiles. These guys date back 5 years or so! )

( * Ahhh, and I remember making a series of these nesting birds, each very unique and all-seasonal for the home. I wish I had more time these days to create more every-day delights, but Halloween has really stolen my focus with its high demand and popularity! At any rate, this turquoise bird looks lovely on an old peely white antique display cabinet )

Well, it was certainly a pleasure to see and share with you Amber's delightful collection of folk art!  A warm thanks goes out again to Amber for allowing us into her lovely home. She has offered a generous glimpse to us, so please offer your comments below for Amber to enjoy.

This has a been a delightful series during my most favorite month with 3 Collector Spotlight Features! I am honored to see my creations bringing joy to your homes and look forward to featuring more private collections in the near future!

Thanks again and Happy Halloween Collecting,
~ Johanna