Caught, Orange & Black-Handed!...

This afternoon, as I was intensely painting away, JP snuck in and started snapping candid photos of me at work! EEK! No chance for hair & make-up, and where was wardrobe when I needed them?!  Yes, he caught me orange & black-handed, working on the last few pieces in preparation for my two Halloween shows. My long work table is a happy Halloween disaster of characters waiting for a final touch here or perhaps a pair of arms there. Luckily, I have another bin of completed goodies, all ready to go. Just wish I was!.... You're probably asking, why I would even have time to post this. And well, when 9pm rolled around, my right hand was sending me less and less subtle messages to call it a night! Anyway, here's the proof that I am truly busy at work, getting ready for Halloween. We (that's JP and I, along with all the Halloween characters I am bringing to life...) hope to see YOU at the Ghoultide Gathering and/or the Halloween Trunk Show.......

~ Johanna


* Yes, looks I needed to change out my paint water, but who has time!


* A growing crowd of owls, jack-o'-lanterns, bats, black cats, crows, ghosts, a moon and a mouse, are almost officially done. I must say that they look more dapper than I....


* It's a funny feeling to be surrounded by all these spooky-sweet faces staring back at me!


* I take a quick moment to look up as I paint a ghostly black and white base chamber vase...

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