Preparing for the Summer-Boo Carnival!...

This week, my workshop is a rainbow of colors as I add the final patterns and details to my Summer-Boo Carnival collection of characters! Hues of vintage turquoise, soft green and magenta happily pair with my classic orange and black to create a chromatic celebration! The days are counting down to Sunday evening's Web Sale when this special festive family of collectibles will be up for adoption. So, it's a race to complete the painting process, and add those magical touches, like glass glitter accents and vintage trims, that make these guys extra unique! This morning, I snapped a few close-ups of my unfinished characters in-the-works. Fingers are crossed that I can complete them all by mid-week, take their individual beauty shots, and then make ALL the graphics necessary for the sale. Woooo, it's a lot of work, but I'm getting closer. One step, or stroke at a time. Enjoy the sneak peeks, and do Join my Mailing List for all the details regarding my Summer-Boo Carnival Web Sale!

~ Johanna


* Here, a cone-nosed jack-o'-lantern sports some festive carnival flare. He still needs a few more textural details before I can call him complete...


* And, any guess as to what type of character this silly-sweet guy may be?...


* A peek at my color palette reveals a wheel of hues that excite the senses and remind us of festival fun!


* Of course, I couldn't host a web sale without a cat or two!  This cutie will have arms and legs and additional trims! EEk, wish me luck in getting this all done...


* And, I have a feeling this little guy will be quite the charmer when all is said and done...

Make sure to refresh the Folk Art Originals page of my website this Sunday to see all 11 characters that make up this special collection of carnival delights!


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