Tote, Book & Note GIVEAWAY!...

Hello Friends! I am giving away a bag of eye candy treats to one lucky winner who can guess the magic number between 1 and 100. Included is a hot-off-the-press copy of the new Halloween with Matthew Mead Book! And, when you turn to page 136, you'll see that I have signed the 2-page article that features a fun Q & A between me & Matthew regarding my Halloween art. This collectible edition will arrive in my illustrated "Happy Halloween" owl treat bag tote alongside a matching owl notepad from my collection. It's a super fun trio of Halloween delights, and I wish you the best of luck in snatching this fun set for yourself!

UPDATE:  We have 2 WINNERS!!!
I'm feelin' that Halloween love tonight, especially after just reading ALL of your sweet messages! Two of you guessed the magic number:  10 (the month of October) + 31 (Halloween) = *41*
So, since I have an extra Tote, Book & Note, 2 sets will go out to:
PinFeathers & mbrcutie!

Congrats to you both, and please EMAIL Me with your shipping addresses. Many many THANKS to all of you for playing along and admiring my work! You inspire me :-)


So, all you have to do is GUESS the WINNING NUMBER between 1 and 100 for a chance to win!

The Winner will be announced here on my Blog this Sunday, September 2nd!

It's EASY to Enter. See the details below...


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* First, leave your lucky numeral guess in the comments portion below this post. Please include your thoughts on why you want to win!

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Remember, this contest takes place here on my Blog, so only guesses made in the comments portion of this Blog Post will be entered. If you have any issues leaving a comment via my blog, you are welcome to EMAIL ME, and I will include your comment.

(....and, If nobody guesses the correct number, I will do a drawing from those who guessed the closest. And, if 2 or more of you guess the winning number, I will do a drawing from those lucky names) 


Best Wishes,
~ Johanna

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Speaking of Carnival...

I had the pleasure of chatting with Matthew Mead for a fun feature in his new book! He asked if he could interview me regarding my Halloween art and process, and I was delighted to play along. If all goes as planned, readers will enjoy our Q & A with topics that include my latest Summer-Boo Halloween Carnival look! And, Matthew's including a composite image I took of my recent clown and egg cup characters, seen below. "HALLOWEEN with Matthew Mead," published by Time Inc., will be available this August via Amazon and select book stores! So stay tuned for that, and don't miss this Sunday's Web Sale where I will be offering these one of a kind carnival characters on my Folk Art Originals page. Do Join my Mailing list for all the details and start time.

Jolly Haunting,
~ Johanna


Setting the HOLIDAY Mood!...

As many of you know, my creative friend Matthew Mead is ALL about the holidays! I had the pleasure of contributing a fun Halloween story and shared my photos in his most recent Autumn issue. That was certainly a treat! Now, that the holidays are fast approaching, I suggest you order a copy of his latest HOLIDAY with Matthew Mead edition! It's a 144-page book-azine celebrating and offering inspiration for the holiday season. You can purchase your expanded keepsake edition NOW which is well ahead for the 128-page newsstand edition. And check out Matthew Mead's website for sneak peeks, holiday giveaways and even a vlog on what's in store!

Happy Holidays,
~ Johanna

Autumn with Me & Matthew Mead!...

For a few months now I have been keeping something exciting and very dear under wraps. But, now with fall fast approaching, it is time to let that cat out of its bag! And the scoop is that I am honored to be a style contributor for AUTUMN with Matthew Mead Magazine!


Thanks to the magical web of Facebook and a shared passion for Halloween, Matthew and myself connected and became friends. I quickly realized that he was an admirer of my Halloween folk art and I too of his Halloween themed articles, projects and books that he is certainly well known for. When my mom learned of this new friendship, she began to scheme and dream as she (and I) often do. Scheduled on her fall calendar was a fantastical Halloween event she promised to host within the decorated walls of her colonial style home. It would be a gathering of like-minded souls, sharing a passion for all things October 31st with an emphasis on collecting. I was to be one of the 3 surprise guest speakers presenting Halloween delights to the Country Collectors, a long-standing group of Washington-based friends that collect antiques and the like.... But, besides hosting the event, the idea to document and publish this one of a kind day began to haunt my mother, and naturally, she began to haunt me!

After mom had convinced both myself and JP to fly out for this unique experience, she charmed the hearts of both our friends, Bruce Elsass and Mark Craven to join us in presenting to the group. With Mark's prized collection and knowledge of vintage Halloween novelties, Bruce's vintage costumes and current product designs and my Halloween folk art collectibles, it made for a well-rounded group of Halloween hot shots!  And with everyone on board, we were destined to create a very noteworthy day. Fortunately, Matthew Mead was also intrigued by the idea, so with little time to spare, it was up to us to capture the moment!


I am happy to report that mom's dream truly did become reality! And, if you ask any one of the guest collectors in attendance, they would tell you that it was a magical day indeed. Eyes were bright with delight, while laughter and smiles filled the home. The happy spirit of Halloween was ever present, and the day was truly a treat for all. JP and myself spent countless hours photographing the decor, displays, the food and the presentations in hopes that we could indeed document the event for the opportunity to share it with Matthew's readers.

And guess what?  That opportunity will soon be here! Matthew and his design team are putting the finishing touches on his Autumn issue as I type. The only way you can enjoy his fall issue for yourself is to order your copy directly from Matthew's Website. This Autumn Holiday is destined to be a collectible book-azine as its his last self-published edition before he hits the newsstands with his winter Holiday issue up next! So, I suggest that you order your copy now before they sell out, as numbers are limited.

Matthew Mead's Autumn will be shipping out in early September. In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to offer you a glimpse of the event to pique your curiosity. Since we snapped so many photos, I have extras to share that were not selected for publication. But wait till you see the multiple page spread that Matthew and his design team compiled for us! I can't wait to hold it in my hands, and I am just tickled to think that he included us in his first ever HOLIDAY with Matthew Mead Autumn magazine  :)


* My mom, Kathy Parker, proudly introduces the guest speakers to a captive audience...


* Mark Craven of Craven Farm in Snohomish, Washington talks passionately about his love for vintage Halloween collectibles.....


* Bruce Elsass of the Hobgoblins Collection reveals his fabulous collection of vintage Halloween costumes and had the guests rolling in laughter...


* I share the story of my career path that has led me down a spooky-fun trail of Halloween Folk Art and product design...


* We filled one of mom's antique cupboards with just a sampling of Mark's vintage collectibles from his astounding collection of over 3,000 pieces!


* On the opposite side of the room, we loaded on old corner cupboard with the various delights that Bruce Elsass brought with him, all the way from Connecticut! Here stands one of his latest vintage-inspired Halloween figures from his product line, destined for the mass retail market.


* In the dining room, Mom had harvest tables and sideboards filled with edible delights. In this space, she also filled a corner cupboard with some of the items from her own Halloween collection. Can you spot some of my reproductions?


* In the kitchen, an antique tray of mom's homemade cookies beckoned guests to enjoy a sweet or two or three! The recipes will be included in AUTUMN with Matthew Mead Magazine...


So, would you like to see and read lots more about this memorable day? Then, order your copy of AUTUMN with Matthew Mead Magazine!
Oh, and bring it to one my upcoming Halloween shows, and I will sign your copy too :)

Happy Haunting,
~ Johanna