Collector Spotlight!...

I am introducing a fun, new series here on my blog that features my supportive collectors out there! Please join me in welcoming our first guest feature as August's Collector Spotlight..... Craig has been a loyal Halloween fan for several years now, and he has graciously offered a peek at his Johanna Parker one of a kind collection at Halloween-time. You can read along at our Q & A, and enjoy the eye candy as you go!


J: How did you learn about my Halloween folk art?
C: I first came across your work at my first visit to Halloween and Vine about 4 years ago. So I guess you could say that I just stumbled across your work, although in hind site I had already purchased one of your cat bowls online to use at my veterinary hospital to hold candy at halloween. At that time I did not know you had any other pieces or original art work as well.


J: How long have you been collecting my originals?
C: Since I met you 4 years ago at Halloween and Vine.


J: What is it about my creations that captures your imagination?
C: I love vintage folk art Halloween images. I'm especially drawn to paper mache artwork. The color palates are perfect for that era along with the detail image work on the Halloween hats and the container bases. I also am drawn to your work because you incorporate animals such as bats, cats and more recently even dogs! The expressions on the faces are always fun and cheerful.


J: Where have you had the best luck in acquiring my original pieces;
shows, web sales, Collector's Catch, eBay, etc?
C: I have aquired most of your pieces at Halloween and Vine and some that you have offered online. I don't know what I'm going to do this year since you won't be at Hand V :(


J: I know, I won't be at H&V this year, but I will be exhibiting at the Ghoultide Gathering in October. It's a must see event with a fabulous Halloween artist line-up! I have a hunch you'd like it :)


J: Do you have a favorite piece in your private collection?
C: I love them all but I really like the squatty bat with the spread out wings.


(I think this is the squatty bat he is referring to, or it could be the one pictured below.......)


J: Is there anything in particular you suggest I try making in the future?
C: Would love to see more dogs! I think some skeletons or zombies would be great too if you wanted to go down the creepy road.

Thank you Craig for sharing your unique Halloween collection and spooktacular display with us! It's always a pleasure for me to see my creations so thoughtfully displayed in their new surroundings.....

~ Johanna

PS: I know there are many more of you loyal collector fans out there, so please don't hesitate to share your photos with me! Perhaps you will be my next Collector Spotlight! Many thanks for your support and interest in my original work :)