Moons & Cats, OH my!...

Well, the last day of the month is upon us and that means the EHAG Emporium has opened its doors once again to unveil a variety of Halloween original delights. Inspired by the full moon this month, I decided to create my very own! Take a peek at "Fulluna" below wearing one of my moon & bat illustrated hats and elevated over a tripod stand. Equipped with craters and all, Fulluna is a frightfully fun lunar friend! And, I also managed to squeeze in one of my signature cats on a ball characters too! Keeping with the lunar theme, "MoonaLisa" will make you smile with her moon-themed decorations and spooky expression. Let's take a closer peek...


And here is "Fulluna," a whimsical hand sculpted and painted papier mache moon! Fulluna is also featured on the EHAG Emporium this month.

"Fulluna" ~ 9.75" tall ~ $375.00 plus shipping *SOLD*


And..... . . . . . . . .


And let's not forget "MoonaLisa," a whimsical hand sculpted and painted papier mache cat on a ball character!

"MoonaLisa" ~ 7.25" tall ~ $330.00 plus shipping *SOLD*


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~ Johanna