We have a WINNER!...

It has been such a pleasure to read ALL of your sweet comments regarding my folk art as well as reading your personal stories! Some of you even went as far as to write me a special poem, and I think I was even offered a foot massage for bonus entry points! Hehehe! This has certainly been FUN! Many many thanks goes out to all of you who expressed your enthusiasm for my set of Valentine's Cherubs featured below. We drew three official numbers from my mailing list, blog comments and blog followers, and then drew the winner from those finalists. It was a tricky task, but alas we narrowed it down to one lucky winner!

Drum Roll Please............

The Winner of my Valentine's Pair is: faerwillow
Thank you faerwillow for your kind comments, and I hope you will cherish both "Love" and "Cherish"

Again, I so appreciate ALL of your kind remarks, and I had such fun reading your comments and receiving your sweet emails! I look forward to doing it again....

I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day!
~ Johanna

PS: Many of you have inquired as to where you can purchase my pair of collectible cherubs. Below is a short list of websites (in alphabetical order) whom I know are carrying this sweet set. Thank you for supporting these sites that support me!

* Bayberry Cove
* Shelley B Home & Holiday
* Traditions
... and you may get lucky and find a few listed at this link on eBay