Love is in the Air.....

Hi Friends!

It's actually me, here, on my blog! I know, I know.... it's been a while. And by the way, Happy 2016!

I'm just popping in for a very quick update to let you know that I will be hosting a Secret Love Bug Sale for my Mailing List recipients this weekend. It's not scheduled. It's spontaneous because it's a small collection, and I just finished them! I've been juggling this original character set with special orders and several different licensing projects. Therefore, I was uncertain when this collection would be complete. So, setting a scheduled date was a little too scary for me.....eek! Anyway, they are almost ready to release, winged and ready to flit and flutter their way into your hearts. I'm working on their graphics, Secret Links and Newsletter now.

If you are not on my Mailing List, you can simply join HERE. Keep an eye on your inbox over the weekend for my Secret Sale! I will eventually post the sale on my website for all to see, but the sale will debut as an email event via my Newsletter.

Thanks for your loving support!

~ Johanna


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where I have been posting progress photos and little hints and teasers along the way....

Going Love-Buggy!...

Hello friends and Happy 2014! I just realized that it has been a whole month since my last post! After the holidays, I took a little time off from blogging as well as sculpting. The break was a nice change of pace after a very busy show season, but I am happy to be back and immersed in my creative bliss! Currently, with Valentine's Day just around the corner, I am working on a handful of original LoveBugs. I snapped a few photos from the work shop, but remember, they are not quite finished yet... They still await more painted details, wire accents, buttons and trims. With just a few of these one of a kinds to offer, I have decided to release them within my next Newsletter which will go out in early February. As it is a spontaneous sale, there is no scheduled sale date. But, it looks like I will have about a week or so to finish this small collection of ladybug inspired characters, photograph and prepare their graphics. So, keep an eye on your inbox, and best wishes to you for a LOVELY new year!

~ Johanna


* LoveBug mini busts and ball characters gather around my paint palette and await more details...


* A peek at the back side of one of my LoveBugs reveals swirling patterns and spots!


* Black, white and even a green-faced bug are included in the mix...


* This LoveBug says "OH, I'm not ready yet!"...... I think he feels a little exposed :)

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Just Flirting...

February is fast approaching, and the month of love has inspired me to create an intimate group of heart-themed folk art characters! It is rare that I make time to create for this special holiday, but the subject matter and palette delight me, and well, I flirted with the idea. Fortunately, I just completed a handful of Valentines friends, and I will be revealing them on the evening of February 1st! I only have six little treasures to offer, so if you are interested, please make sure that you have joined my Mailing List. On Wednesday, I will send out a Newsletter to your inbox announcing that my sale will start within that same hour. For now, I thought I would tease you with what's in store. OH, those little flirts!!!

~ Johanna

* I know, I may be getting a little too up close and personal here! hehe.....

Gifts of Love...

Looking for a sweet little touch to warm up your home this February? Or perhaps you are searching for a little something to give to your loved one? Take a peek at these vintage style Valentines ornaments that I have designed for this heart-warming season....


My heart bird is certainly a little tweet-heart and promises to bring many smiles. Attach him to the outside of a gift bag or package as a decorative adornment, or hang him around the neck of a bottle of wine to dress up the occasion....


My illustrated Love Cone is made from a thick-walled cardboard and adorned with red tinsel trim. It would be lovely to fill it with candy or perhaps hide a special jewel or necklace within for a special gift to your significant other. Hang it in your home and have your lover hunt for the love cone. These cones would also make lovely party favors for your Valentines-themed festivities. Suspend a series of cones, filled with sweets, from a feather tree or other clever stand in your home, and have your guests take them home to remember your special occasion.

You can find my Valentine's collectible products, including the "Love & Cherish" cherub set featured in a previous post, at the following websites:

* Bayberry Cove carries all my Valentine's items....
* Shelley B Home & Holiday ...
* Traditions carries my cherubs....
* All items can be found at this link on eBay.....

Have a lovely Valentine's Day, and thank you for adding a little touch of Johanna Parker Design whimsy to your holiday!

~ Johanna

We have a WINNER!...

It has been such a pleasure to read ALL of your sweet comments regarding my folk art as well as reading your personal stories! Some of you even went as far as to write me a special poem, and I think I was even offered a foot massage for bonus entry points! Hehehe! This has certainly been FUN! Many many thanks goes out to all of you who expressed your enthusiasm for my set of Valentine's Cherubs featured below. We drew three official numbers from my mailing list, blog comments and blog followers, and then drew the winner from those finalists. It was a tricky task, but alas we narrowed it down to one lucky winner!

Drum Roll Please............

The Winner of my Valentine's Pair is: faerwillow
Thank you faerwillow for your kind comments, and I hope you will cherish both "Love" and "Cherish"

Again, I so appreciate ALL of your kind remarks, and I had such fun reading your comments and receiving your sweet emails! I look forward to doing it again....

I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day!
~ Johanna

PS: Many of you have inquired as to where you can purchase my pair of collectible cherubs. Below is a short list of websites (in alphabetical order) whom I know are carrying this sweet set. Thank you for supporting these sites that support me!

* Bayberry Cove
* Shelley B Home & Holiday
* Traditions
... and you may get lucky and find a few listed at this link on eBay

Double-Heart GIVEAWAY!...

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought I would express my affection for my dear fans and friends by hosting another Giveaway! And as I just received my initial product samples from Bethany Lowe Designs, I have the perfect set to share! I am offering my sweet pair of ball-character cherubs that are debuting this year. One says "Love" and the other, "Cherish," and they will arrive signed by me, the designer of this heart-warming duo! To enter to win this signed collector's set, simply leave a heartfelt comment below! Of course, if you'd like to increase your odds, keep reading for additional ways to be entered. I will be drawing the winner on the evening of January 28th, so you have plenty of time to play along and spread the word. Best of LUCK to you!


The more ways you enter, the better your chances!

1.) Leave a heart-warming comment for me here at the bottom of this post by clicking on the "Comment" button ( and no worries, you do not have to create a Blogger account in order to leave a comment - you can simply click the "Anonymous" option when leaving your message. But, just make sure that I can somehow identify you if you are chosen! ) IF you are unable to leave a comment here, you can email me, and I'll add your comment for you.

2.) Simply become a "Follower" of my Blog by clicking on the "Follow" button at the upper right column of this page.... (All of my Blog Followers will automatically be entered)

3.) If you have your own Blog and choose to spread the word about my Giveaway on Your Blog, then I both thank you and welcome you to leave a 2nd comment here for a double entry! You can use the following Blog Badge to advertise on your blog's sidebar, or just grab the first, larger image above! Please remember to link back to me!

4.) Join my e-mailing list if you are not already a member. Just click on the "Email Johanna" link, top right of this page. (PS... the kind folks already on my e-mailing list will be entered as well, but I recommend those of you leave a comment, etc... to boost your chances of winning!
{ email: }

5.) Follow me on Twitter & share a TWEET about this fun Giveaway! If you do so, you are welcome to boast about it here in an additional comment for yet another entry at winning. You can visit jparkerdesign ~ my Twitter link!

OK!... So, as I said, there are LOTS of ways to enter!..... I look forward to reading your comments and hearing from you :) I will be posting the winner of this collectible SIGNED set of chubby cherubs in one week!.... Stay tuned and spread the word, and a big thanks to all of my loyal collectors and artist friends who have supported me through the years. Cheers to you!!

* Each cherub is signed with Love....

Will you be the lucky winner?..... Thank you for entering!

~ Johanna

CATCH him if you can!...

And as promised, my other Valentine-inspired Collector's Catch piece just popped up on my website! GO TO my Website to see details and be sure to click on the image for more views and descriptions. Please send me an email if you'd like to adopt "Bart O'Heart," and later I will update the page to reveal who caught him....

Thanks again for looking!
~ Johanna

UPDATE!.. Another great collector friend of mine, Robert in NC, caught this piece in just 15 minutes after posting it!... Thank You!... Guess he was at the right place at the right time! Remember to click "Follow this Blog," at left and your Blogger Dashboard will update each time I create a new post. It's a great way to keep up with any new surprise Collector's Catch pieces, and a way to show your support and interest in my folk art as well :)

© 2009 Johanna Parker Design * Folk art images are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission.

CATCH her if you can!...

My first Collector's Catch piece just popped up on my website! GO TO my Website to see details and be sure to click on the image for more views and descriptions. Please send me an email to secure "Valentina", and later I will update the page to reveal who caught her....

Thanks for looking!
~ Johanna

UPDATE!.. A great collector friend of mine, Sandy in PA, caught this piece in less than 30 minutes after posting it!... Thank You!... STAY TUNED for one more Valentine's piece that I hope to finish and post soon. Keep checking back!

© 2009 Johanna Parker Design * Folk art images are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission.