Announcing EHAG's 1st Annual Next Generation Halloween Art Contest!

What: A Kid's Halloween Art Contest
Who: Children ages 10-14
When: Now thru August 31st, 2010. The winner will be announced by September 7, 2010
Where: Online at the EHAG Facebook Page and EHAG Blog
How: Parents email an image of your little ghoul's Halloween themed artwork to along with the young artist's name, age, date, contact info, title of piece and medium used.
Prize: $100 gift certificate for art supplies from the winner's art supply store of choice.

Be as creative as possible and all artwork must be created solely by the young artist. We ask that no gore be depicted. Artwork will be judged based on originality and use of medium, and all mediums will be accepted. (All EHAG family members are excluded from participation.)

The artists of EHAG are obviously not the first generation to create Halloween art, and we certainly will not be the last. So, we decided to sponsor a kid's art contest that both celebrates our most favorite holiday and nurtures their creative spirit! And, as we know that there must be children out there that love both art and Halloween, why not begin to encourage them today! So, please spread the word :)

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your creative Halloween art entries!

It's Rhyme Time once again!

Well, it's a new month and a new Rhyme Time Original has been born! This time I have created a charming black cat named "Smilin' Simon!" He's an unusual sculpt for me as I rarely create full-figure cats. His auction starts tonight, so make sure to check back for a link and to read my latest poem explaining just why Simon smiles so much :) ENJOY, and Thank You for your generous bids of support!

UPDATE: Here's Smilin' Simon's Auction LINK!
Best of luck!

~ Johanna




* © 2010 Johanna Parker Design *Photos, designs and concepts are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission


Well, I just snapped some photos of my Black & White Fright EHAG Challenge piece. I know, I know, he's not quite ALL black and white, but I hope that he will do! I have decided to post him on eBay tomorrow night instead of Tuesday, so he'll be a 5-Day auction. Stay tuned for a link to his page with lots more pics. And yes, he's a frightfully-fun spider ~ My first spider candy egg cup! More to come......

~ Johanna


You can click on the Black & White Fright Logo Badge in the left-side column to visit the various works of B&W EHAG art available throughout the week. Keep checking back as more items will be listing daily!

* © 2010 Johanna Parker Design *Photos & Designs are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission.

Have you Heard the News?!...

The talented members of EHAG ~ Eclectic Halloween Artists Group ~ are opening our online Marketplace this month! Please give a warm welcome to the EHAG Emporium! Our first group showing of Halloween art debuts on January 31st at 9pm EST. Over 20 spooktacular artists will be offering one of kind delights for the collectors of all things October 31st. For a list of artist participants this time around, please visit our new blog site where the sales will occur. Each artist will have one image for viewing along with contact info and a link to their blogs for more views of the piece in consideration. We hope you mark you calendars and join us on the 31st, and all months that end in 31 (except for New Year's eve :)

* EHAG Emporium logo design, created by ME!.....

PS: Be sure to bookmark our Emporium's Website address:
And become a FOLLOWER of our blog to get the EHAG scoop! :)

Evolution of EHAG's Logo...

Well, it's official!.. EHAG * Eclectic Halloween Artists Group * has a new logo, and I designed it! Behind closed doors, or tucked away in front of our computer monitors, the moderators of EHAG, including myself have been thinking of new ways to put a fresh face on EHAG. Image is certainly key, and a new logo design was an obvious answer! With my graphic design experience and a few subtle nudges from our group's leader, I went ahead and started sketching. I thought it might be fun to share with you my process. However rough the sketches and initial graphics may look, it is a necessary step, at least for me in building a brand. Here's a peek at the evolution of EHAG's logo from a "closet graphic designer turned folk artist"... Hope you like it!

~ Johanna

* Here are extremely rough sketches just to get my thoughts on paper... I had a vision to blend the "A" of EHAG somehow with a witch's hat, and slowly it evolved...

* Next, a rough, line-art pencil logo was scanned, and then I made it into a vector-based file in Adobe Illustrator, pulling and tweaking the letters until they started to take shape... First, the thought was to place the logo over an orange rectangle.... But, then orange turned into pumpkin...

* As the pumpkin base took shape, I thought of applying script-style text in green as vines, but that did not translate so well when reduced in size. In the meantime, JP suggested adding a curl to the "H"....

* Finally, I shared this image with our EHAG mod's group, and they loved it! Phewwwwww...... It was a lot of work getting here. Just a few additions and a few more days, and I was ready to finish!

* And WaaaaaLaaaaaa, here she is! It's BOLD and it screams HALLOWEEN in a classy sorta way.... YAY!.... You can view it full size and see other various banners and badges I made at

Cheers to my fellow artist friends in EHAG! This is my gift to you :-)
*EHAG Logo Design: © 2009 Johanna Parker Design

EHAG's Frightful Fete!

While I was away on a much needed vacation with my hubby, my fellow Halloween artist friends of EHAG were busy creating gifts for you! I was hopeful to participate in this special giveaway in honor of EHAG's 3rd Birthday, but the time slipped quickly by. Nonetheless, I invite you to peek at the unique Halloween creations they are offering to you. Just click on our Frightful Fete logo below and venture over to EHAG's blog! Good luck and may you be one of the lucky winners!

~ Johanna