Happy Halloween!

Of course, at least here in JPD-Land, October 31st would not be complete without an appearance from Mr. Jack fashioning one of my party hats for Halloween! Fortunately, he was in good spirits when we decided to snap his photos. Honestly, the first round of pictures was a little rough, so we gave him a wee break. But, suddenly he was meowing for more! So, on went the hat and bow tie combo once again, and the camera's shutter just clicked away! I found myself laughing at the silliness of the scene and his calm demeanor. What a ham!  He is such a sucker for attention.... May these fun photos make you smile, and enjoy the additional outtakes at the end of this post!

Wishing you a very Happy Halloween! May it be purrrrrrfect...

~ Johanna, JP & JACK

* 100% genuine photo indeed. My black cat Jack is truly wearing a party hat and a bow tie to match!


* The key to getting just the right image is to distract him a wee bit!


* He loves pencils with erasers....... Why, I don't know!


* But, he'll wear anything for the attention! Lots of praise along with a distractor or two adds just the right magical touch!


* Ya, I know he looks thrilled doesn't he? But, he was just flattening his ears down so that I could properly place his hat!


* And he kindly extends his chin so that I can tie the bow....


* A little tuck tuck there to secure that hat in place...


* One or two more adjustments to fine-tune the festive ensemble!


* And voila! Jack is ready!....


 * And after it was all said and done, I give him an affectionate squeeze of thanks for putting up with my silly antics! But seriously, he wanted to do it all over again!

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