Collector Spotlight?...

Hi Halloween-loving friends! I just wanted to peek in with an update for those of you with inquiring minds. I know I promised that I would feature a couple of Halloween Collector Spotlights during the month of October. Well, this month has quickly slipped by, and it's already the 30th!  EEEK! I had a handful of collectors slated to be featured this fall, but for some reason they have vanished! Actually, I was a little too late in asking some while others are still lurking in the shadows.. hehe! Sorry to disappoint, but the good news is that I will have more collectors and their spooktacular collections to feature next fall!

But, never fear ~ I wouldn't dream of leaving you with no eye candy! So, join me in taking a walk down haunted memory lane with a look back at just some of my past Collector Spotlight features:

Behold Amber's Autumnal Acquisitions

Notice Mona's Menagerie 

Feast on Sandy & Gary's Spread

Glimpse at Celeste's Treasures

Contemplate Craig's Collection

Inspired? Or perhaps you have a growing collection of Johanna Parker Design Halloween collectibles..?  If so, now is the time to snap those photos and share them with me! I would be honored to feature you in a future Collector Spotlight feature. Come out from the shadows and don't be shy ~ wear a mask if you wish or a patch o'er your eye! It's always a pleasure to see my creations displayed in your homes, bringing laughter and joy to your family and friends. And, it's a treat for my readers to find inspiration in your holiday traditions through happy-spirited decor. Many thanks to ALL that find a cozy spot for my art in your personal spaces. I am honored to be a part of your holidays.

Happy Halloween!

~ Johanna