Rhyme Time Original BAT!....

Thanks to several of my enthusiastic collectors, I had a wonderful response to my first "Rhyme Time Original" last month! The owl and accompanying poem were a big hit, so I decided to create a bat for this month. Meet "Bizarro the Bat" and visit his eBay Auction page to read just why he IS so bizarre :) Just like before, I wrote a matching poem to go with this sweet collector's piece, so take a moment to see the various views and learn more about our friend Bizarro here.

* Now, just how did Bizarro get his name?
The answer is in the Rhyme........

* After I finished this whimsy-winged fella, JP and I almost decided to keep him for ourselves. But, I promised my collector friends that I would make a few more Rhyme Time Originals over the summer, so he is looking for a new bat cave :) Now, promise to take good care of him.......

* Of course, he is sitting on a "31" ~ his favorite day of October. He will arrive with the tag pictured above which features my signed poetry... Thank you for your generous bids, and best of luck!

~ Johanna

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