Introducing "Rhyme Time Originals"...

A clever thought occurred to me today as I was creating my auction page for "Owlexander Web" here. Perhaps I could write a matching poem to accompany this unique character. Hmm, I love rhyming words to create whimsical descriptions, so to include a short poem would be quite a treat! So, this spur of the moment idea is how "Rhyme Time Originals" began. This sweet little owl will be the first in a limited series of eBay exclusive sculptures to be offered as a Rhyme Time Original. And, as time permits, I will be creating a small sampling of original pieces with a rhythmic story to be told. I know, perhaps it's silly, but so is my folk art! As it goes,"Owlexander Web" has just listed on eBay tonight, so CLICK HERE to visit his auction page. Best of luck and thank you so much for your support and interest! (A peek at his poem is included below)

~ Johanna

* Original Art & Poetry by Johanna Parker...

" With mesmerizing eyes, glowing in the night,
Owlexander Web the owl is soon to take his flight.
Dressed in festive finery, he's ready to be seen,
By all the trick or treaters on the night of Halloween.
He spreads his wiry wings, and sits atop a ball,
And waits for all his owl friends to hoot their eerie call.
When Halloween arrives, it’s likely you will see,
The wings of Owlexander flying high above each tree! "

* Winner of this collectible Halloween owl will receive the signed poetry tag as well...

* Hoot Hoot!

* © 2010 Johanna Parker Design *Photos, designs and concepts are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission