Already Caught!...

Well, the wire legs of my winged finial creature featured in my "Wired" post have found a permanent home with sweet Batilda here as her whimsical bat wings. I just finished this piece this morning, and posted her on the Folk Art Originals page of my website as a Collector's Catch! I thought I would check to see just who out there was on their toes, or perhaps was having a lucky day, and so opted not to tease Batilda here on my blog. To my surprise, she was caught in just twenty minutes by my collector friend, Sandy in Pennsylvania! Nice chatting with you Sandy, and thank you for catching Batilda! :)

~ Johanna

PS: For more info about my Collector's Catch series, keep scrolling down...


So, what is "Collector's Catch?"

My Collector's Catch series is a fun, spontaneous way for me to offer my one of a kind pieces to those who happened to be looking for them at the right place and the right time! Unlike scheduled web sales, a Collector's Catch piece will list on my Folk Art Originals page without advance notification, making it fun to "catch" it! The best way to snag an original from this series is to frequent my website here at this link:

Johanna Parker's Folk Art Originals

And, I may also blog right here about the latest Collector's Catch piece right after posting one to my website. So, make sure to FOLLOW my blog to stay in the loop! Just click on "Follow" on the top right sidebar of this page. :)

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