Halloween Labels for YOU!...

For those of you that like to cut and paste, play and create collages and add pizazz to everyday objects, I have something fun to share with you! Pick up a copy of this year's Better Homes & Gardens Halloween Tricks & Treats Magazine, and go to page 14... There, I have shared a trio of fun Halloween label ideas with you to try! This How-To article features an illustrated label of mine, applied to various items and also includes a web link for you to visit and download my graphics (for free!) So, look for this cover at the store, get out your scissors and tape and enjoy!

PS.... For those of you who have had trouble retrieving these graphics on BHG's website, try this instead:
(It may take a few minutes to load, but the resolution is high and your print output should be good quality!.... Let me know if it works!)

~ Johanna

* This annual publication is a great resource & idea guide for any Halloween fan!

* A peek at my how-to article with fun ways to dress up everyday objects...

* Here's that silly Halloween kitty!...

PS.... Don't forget to visit pg. 91 and read Scott Smith's (Rucus Studio) article on his fabulous Halloween art & decorated home! We'll both be at the Halloween & Vine Show this month & hope to see you too!

Labels, designed by Johanna Parker, Copyright 2008, Meredith Corporation