Behind the Scenes...

I don't know why, but I thought I'd share with you a peek at the glamorous and colorful life I lead as a Halloween folk artist. Today was an exceptionally messy day (probably because I am so frantic to finish my work in time). Anyway, I spilled my mucky gray paint water all over myself and the floor and also kept dragging my fingers across my wet paint palette. I'm sure by the end of the day, I had it all over my face, but I jumped in the shower too quickly to look! While I was in the midst of making my daily mess, I looked down at my hands with a laugh to see them spotted and stained in various hues of Halloween. At least I can giggle about it! While admiring my custom-colored fingers and palms, I noticed that my paint palette, layered in uneven mounds of thick color, had its own contemporary charm! So, I decided to take some behind the scene photos!

~ Johanna

* I'm grateful for these hands (however messy they are!)
... Any palm readers out there?....  :-)

* Would you hang this on your wall? :)

* Ahhh, yes it's my trusty old paint palette... eventually, I'll peel all of that hardened paint off and start all over again....