Earth-Friendly Costume!

Well, we certainly had fun creating our costume yesterday! We recycled JP's 'ol broom stick jumpsuit which I painted a whimsical wood grain pattern on a few years back. He had the clever idea that he could be a TREE, and I would be his TREE-HUGGER! HaHaHa! So, we spent the afternoon decorating an old bicycle helmet with maple leaf branches, Spanish moss, birds and butterflies! We barely finished before the sun went down, dressed ourselves and spent the evening hugging each other at the Witches' Ball!
What fun! Here is a glimpse of our fun......... Now, go hug a tree!!!!!

(at home before our night out)

(me peeking through the leaves)

(My tree up close..... I sculpted and painted his gnarled twig-like nose....
Look at the little bird perching on his shoulder and nesting on his head!)

(more tree-hugging....Look at the orbs!)