The BIG Day is Here!

Well, not only is it Halloween, but it's also my birthday once again....OH my! I figured that I better post something today as it is truly one of the most special days in my life...... It's the day my mother gave birth to me and now it's a day that I base much of my inspiration and art around. I often wonder what type of art I would be creating if I had not been born on Oct. 31st.......I guess I'll never know, but I am quite content with Halloween!

I dug this photo out of the archives... HA!.... Looks like I am about to make a wish as my super man brother ponders what birthday gifts he'll be receiving on Nov. 2nd! Yes, just two days later!.... And that fun jack-o'-lantern costume and cake bring back happy memories as well.... For me, Halloween is a day of whimsical costumes, sweet candies, Halloween cakes, presents and fun like no other..... It's a day you can be whomever you wish to be, where dreams come true and imagination runs wild! Have fun and savor the delights of this day and night as it's here but once a year!

~ Johanna