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Collect a One of a kind Folk Art Original by Johanna Parker!

Picture originally snapped and shared to Johanna's Instagram page. Follow for updates!

* Johanna's collection of Halloween originals are ready to debut at the 3rd Annual Glens Art Walk! Visit her Events page for more details... 

Original Folk Art



'Tis the spooky season where visions of Halloween characters haunt Johanna & JP! They've been working on this year's collection of one of a kind folk art sculptures which will debut at the 3rd Annual Glens Art Walk. Collectors unable to attend are invited to join their Mailing List for newsletter updates on Johanna's annual Halloween Web Sale, scheduled for Friday, October 13th. 

Visit this page to see the latest one of a kind originals up for adoption. Johanna creates themed collections throughout the year, and sales of Folk Art Originals are typically scheduled. Advance notice is shared with members of Johanna's mailing list. Occasionally, Johanna will post a spontaneous Collector's Catch character as well. So, check this page from time to time as you may just get lucky!

Speaking of Lucky, those interested in acquiring a one of a kind piece from Johanna are invited to Join her Lucky List too!

Visit Johanna's Portfolio of Folk Art Originals for a Gallery of past work.

Thank you for your interest in Johanna's collectible folk art.