Join Johanna's Lucky List



On occasion, when I make an original to sell,

I will seek my Lucky List members and tell.

Following the order of names received,

I will start from the list's top and proceed.

A few photos with price and detail,

will be sent to the first collector's email.

They will have 36 hours to reply,

Before I send it to the next gal or guy.

Once my original finds a collector to pair,

I will move down the list with my next ware.

This is a unique chance to keep in mind,

and perhaps collect a one of a kind!

Will your lucky collector's moment manifest?

Email me now to be added to this list!

Email Johanna to Join the Lucky List:

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Please include a few details as to what kind of folk art character you are hoping to collect (i.e. black cats, snowmen, witches, etc...)