Happy Halloween!

October 31st is here, and we gave Jack a different look this year! While I typically make a special paper hat for our furry friend to wear, he sported a mini-sized strand of my Vintage Halloween Pennants. Really, what a ham! He was fully engaged for this shoot. I placed him on an old picnic basket, draped his fluffy coat with Halloween flags, and he basically played along for the camera. JP snapped the shutter while I kept his attention at play. Enjoy a handful of photos from our Halloween photo shoot day!

Happy Halloween dear friends!


~ Johanna, JP & Jack

Here's one of the first lucky photos JP snapped ~ Jack sitting proud with puffed chest and eyes to the lens!

I'm readjusting his Halloween finery here... He didn't seem to mind one bit...

What a good boy!

He tries it out  for size....

Then, there was that brief moment where he realized that something odd was wrapped around his neck! I quickly distracted him from licking it off...

Sweet profile...

Paw in motion, ready to bat at my little distractor that I sometimes use...

Back to calm and cool... Jack has had his portrait taken countless times, so this is old hat... Hence no hat this time around.. LOL  :)

Showing a little tongue and fang in this one!

A snuggle hug after the session ended....

A snuggle hug after the session ended....

... Those lips....

What a charmer!....

And, we'll end it with a touch of spookiness for Halloween! Hope you're not too scared! Thanks for stopping by for a little furry fun and behind the scenes black cat cuteness... 

Wishing you a Purrrrfect Halloween!

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Behind the Scenes * Spoonflower Designer Spotlight

Last month, in the midst of my Halloween-mania, I entered one of Spoonflower's weekly design challenges. The theme was Vintage Halloween, and well, how could I resist? When the results came in, I placed 4th out of several hundred entries. Being the Spoonflower newbie that I am, I was thrilled to make the top 10! We did our high-fives and moved on to show preparations and the endless Halloween art to-do list! Then, a few days later, I received an exciting invitation!....

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A Glimpse at the Glens Art Walk...

I have been waiting for this moment to add a hearty blog post, chock-full of Halloween eye candy! As it turns out, the 3rd Annual Glens Art Walk is just the subject matter for this playful scene. Many many thanks to ALL of you that joined us! From both near and quite far, we enjoyed your company, and it was a pleasure to bring smiles to so many faces! Many weeks led up to the unfolding of this special event, and we were graced with such a lovely fall day.....

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Raffle Winners!

Many thanks to ALL that jumped in to count the many pages on our website! We hope you enjoyed the various categories and sub-categories within the Portfolio tab as well as the different aspects of our Store and beyond….

As it turns out, we opened a can of worms!!!  Thanks to your participation, we have learned that there is more than one way to count the pages! Some of you more technically-inclined folks found pages that we did not even know about, while others brought it to our attention that by clicking on the tags in both the Events & Blog postings, another flurry of unique URLs resulted! All in all, your count totals ran the spectrum from single to triple digits! That’s quite a range!  :) To sum it up, our intent was really to just introduce you to our site! So, we thank you ALL for participating and finding interest in the art of Johanna Parker Design!

I originally based my page tally by just surfing through our site and counting all the pages that I built. I reached a TOTAL of 50 pages. But, due to the various ways, perspectives and definitions of counting web pages, we have decided to enter ALL the participants that submitted a count. We LOVE that you all jumped in and took the time to play with us. So, out of a medley of enthusiastic participants, here are the names we drew:

Congrats to the Winners!

- Kristyn Cooper  (Ghost Candy Bowl)

- Kimmy Blankenburg  (Count Dracula Sitter)

- Elizabeth Anderson  (Owl Mug)

- Veronica Chavez  (Jack Salt & Pepper Set)


——————— The List Below is my original Total: 50 unique URL pages (excluding clickable fullscreen photos, outside links to other sites, and any .PDF printable download pages) But, it looks like I may have missed a few....  :-0



















































Some of you found these additional pages!....

URLS generated from our Blog's TAGS:








URLS generated from our Event's TAGS:







AND, then there were other pages with quirky URLS found using page counting apps or by brain-smarts that I just don’t got!..  Hehe! :)

What FUN, albeit a little more complicated than first imagined! Thank you all for participating and appreciating our new website! We hope you visit often and share it with your friends...


~ Johanna & JP

Grand Opening GIVE*AWAY!

Hi All! 

After a few months of sifting through photos, writing LOTS of descriptions and learning the capabilities and quirks of the web templates on this new platform, we finally launched our new site on July 1st! It's been a long time coming, but what a joy it is to have a fresh face on the web :) We then took a month to really test it and make sure things were working smoothly. NOW, on July 31st, we are Celebrating our Grand Opening! A Newsletter will be going out tomorrow to announce the fun news as well as other upcoming events! And what's a Celebration without a GIVE*AWAY and PRIZES?!! That said, we are hosting a fun "Count" so to speak! To help acquaint you with our new site, we are inviting you to COUNT the pages for a chance to WIN one of 4 hand-picked Artist-Signed prizes from the "Count" Dracula and friends group, pictured below! For the details, visit our "Win It" page! We'll be accepting your tallies via EMAIL through August 11th, and the 4 WINNERS will be posted here on our BLOG!


~ Johanna

My Blog has a New Home...

Hi Friends,

Accompanying my new website, is a place for me to Blog, here, all in one place!... It's crazy to think that I started my original blog on Blogger, 10 years ago! Those of you that have followed along with me there have probably noticed that my frequency of posts have dropped over the years. There was quite a blogging frenzy going on in 2007, and I jumped on the Blogger wagon like many. It was much more dynamic then, and folks were blog-hopping, leaving a trail of comments, enthusiasm and chatter along the way. It was an exciting time for sharing stories and images and creating a sense of camaraderie amongst friends ~ kind of like visiting each others homes for tea. Then, social media (Facebook) stole the show, and I noticed that folks were staying in one place and chatting on one platform vs. hopping all over the web from blog to blog. Makes sense I guess, but losing a majority of my blog audience to Facebook kinda took away the fun of blogging. Whenever I had a new blog post, I felt the need to proclaim the announcement on Facebook, and I probably still will. I guess it's a necessary evil these days....  :-0 

That said, I'm trying something new that will perhaps inspire me to blog more ~ one can only hope!  My blog on Blogger is feeling a bit stale, so it's time for a fresh face. For now, I will keep my old blog where you've always known it to live at: johannaparkerdesign.blogger.com ~ There are so many stories, and features, and bits of news that I cherish from years past over on that platform, and I certainly don't want to say goodbye with a click. I'll continue to keep my Flickr photostream active as many of the photos in my old blog posts are linked directly there. As time permits, I will look into transferring all the content and images from my original blog over to my new site here, hosted by Squarespace. I hear it can be a time-consuming process, reformatting all the  photos and text. And, honestly, that's not on the top of my list right now. So, until I have more information, we'll link back to the past on Blogger to see 10 years of Johanna Parker Design's journey. And, we'll look to the future, here on my new website!

Thanks for following along and offering support and feedback along the way. I am excited to try something new, and I hope you enjoy the journey with me.


~ Johanna


To see the 10 previous years of blog posts via Johanna Parker Design, you can bookmark and peruse her original site on Blogger: www.johannaparkerdesign.blogger.com