JPD Partners in Craft Presents:

The Sawmill Shop

JPD Partners in Craft * The Sawmill Shop + Johanna Parker Design * Artist Collaboration

ARTIST: Erik McCartney

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WHERE: Greer, South Carolina

CRAFT: Printmaking, Woodworking, Carpentry

Making holiday home decor has turned into a business for The Sawmill Shop. They could never find Christmas and Halloween decor the way they liked it, so they decided to start making their own! Erik & team reached out to JPD back in 2017 after realizing that one of their popular wood cuts was an original primitive bat design that Johanna had licensed along the way. They were drawn to the image, which had circulated on the web, and later connected the dots! We were grateful that they reached out, and hence, a partnership was born.

COMING SOON to The Sawmill Shop are more of Johanna’s “primitive, not perfect” folk art flat wood cuts featuring more of her signature characters.