Winter's Coming....

As I was putting the final touches of shimmery mica on some of my latest winter originals, the weatherman was predicting snow and chilly temps for this weekend's Gifts for Yule Show. Winter is coming...the cool gray skies will fill with magical white flakes, and hopefully holiday shoppers will sense the nostalgic spirit of the season. Until then, here is sneak peek at just some of the winter delights I have been finishing up for this festive holiday show. You may have to bundle up, put on those hefty snow boots and trudge through a blanket of white snow to see the rest of my latest goodies. Stay warm and see you soon!
~ Johanna


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Best Wishes!....

Well, I guess this jolly snowman is a keeper after all. I was making him as a potential adoption piece for those who missed out on my web sale. While I was adding the final touches and trims to "Snowy Joey," JP walked in and insisted that we keep him! Guess he didn't have to twist my arm too much, and well, since I rarely keep my own creations, maybe it's best that I did. So, he's a keeper! And now Snowy Joey, JP and myself wish you our best for a very merry holiday week! Cheers.....

~ Johanna

* "Snowy Joey," a one of a kind shelf sitter snow fellow waives high his mitten hand to you! :)
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