Halloween at the Glens Art Walk!...

Many thanks to all that joined us on Saturday's 2nd Annual Glens Art Walk! It was a treat to see your smiling faces at a new location this time around! We were all blessed with a beautiful fall day, perfect for strolling the wooded and winding streets of the historic Glens neighborhood. More thank you's go out to Robert and Ann for their hospitality and for hosting us, as well as to hubby JP for putting up with me each and every year at this frenzied time and also to our friend Karen who wrapped and sacked for us at the show. That gave me a chance to chat more with my Halloween-loving friends! Included are some photos from our location on the Art Walk map. I will share more pics of some of the other open studios after I have a chance to sift through my images. The Glens Art Walk is slated for the first Saturday in October next year too! So, mark your calendars so you can experience it for yourself!

For those that have inquired and were unable to join us.... YES, I will be hosting a Web & Blog sale of Halloween delights this month! If you have not done so, please Join my Mailing List as those details will be included in my next newsletter, going out later this week!

~ Johanna

* There I am being goofy in my Halloween bling, bejeweled mostly by collectors that have gifted me these fun adornments! After a series of long days and short nights, I think I'm looking a little haggy.... :-0


* A pic of my Halloween display... The old white cubbies were perfect for my new shelf sitter characters, candles and my originals too...


* More Halloween delights cozied up on shelves and awaited collectors.... One of Ann's silk media art pieces is captured in the corner...


* A wide image shows my full corner display! We were pleased with the layout and how we were able to tuck everything in its place, given the new space... Ann's lovely silks were opposite my display, and you can see some of Robert's metal designs in the back sunroom, Alfred Hitchcock included!....


* More Halloween collectibles looked like candy for the eyes!


* JP and I made a last minute sign post to help guide art enthusiasts to our location on the map!


* A pic of Ann & Robert's front walkway which led visitors to our creations indoors..


* And let the collecting begin!... Decisions, decisions.....  :)


* A photo of Ann Lederer and her richly colored hand-painted silk scarves. We both shared the front room...


* Robert Hickler, strikes a pose next to one of his imaginative sculptures...


* More fishbone metallic sculptures from Robert hung in the back window where he displayed his creations. Their wooded backyard and picture window were the perfect setting to showcase some of his bold garden art designs. The burst of red off in the distance was one of two standing sculptures on display...


* And me again! I pulled out the black and white striped stockings to match some of my new shelf sitters :)

If you attended, we hope you enjoyed the art walk and a unique peek into a variety of artist homes and whimsical backyard studio spaces.....



Hats on Hand.....

It's that time of year again where my focus narrows in on this year's Halloween! The party hat illustration that I began a few months back resurfaced, and I refined it for print. I sized them up and down to various dimensions and just printed a batch. Saturday was spent with my hot glue gun in hand, and the tedious process of forming and creating these little marvels for my various folk art characters to wear, soon followed. I find pleasure in setting them all about and marveling at their various shapes and details once they are complete. Next, I will adorn each one with my signature wire swirls and chenille twists so they will be ready to be worn! OH, and I still have to create the sculpted folk art characters that will don these conical hats. Eeek! But for now, I had a little fun posing them on our bedroom dresser as the hues complement one another. Stay tuned this fall for the final look, when my illustrated hats will be worn by spooky-fun black cats, owls, witches and bats... and perhaps a few more. And so you see, I do have "Hats on Hand"......   :)  Curious what else I have been up to? Keep reading......


* Illustrated party hats, ready for their final touches, strike a pose and express themselves on my lanky fingers.....


* Various heights of hats in lines and stacks will be chosen for a variety of folk art characters for this year's Halloween collection of originals...


* My first "lumina jack" illustration graces the front face of this year's hat! I hope to design one more hat for this season, but perhaps I should have my fingers crossed...


* Yet another view of these delightful party hats stand tall on the bedroom dresser I painted many years ago in Halloween hues. (It's always been in my blood!)

On another note, did you happen to see the "Collector's Catch" blog badge image, here up top on my right sidebar? Well, instead of occasionally creating a blog post for the current Collector's Catch, I thought it may be more fun to just update my blog's sidebar when I have a new piece to offer.Yes, it's very spontaneous, and that's the point... You can either check here, or check my Folk Art Originals page of my website for these often rare sightings, when I have a piece available. The latest Collector's Catch, "Corndaisy Webster" was snatched by a Florida collector! (Thank you!)

Also, a lucky, "Lucky List" member said yes to "Lucky Lester" a few days back, and now he's off to Oregon to join a growing collection of JPD originals! (another Thank you goes out to you!) For those of you curious about my Lucky List, please click HERE!

I hope to spend the next week thoroughly focused on sculpting one of a kind delights for this year's fall shows, occasional Collector's Catch pieces, a few eBay goodies and beyond. So, keep checking my blog for updates.

**OH, and please don't forget that you have ONE week left to enter to win an original Ghost bust character of mine during my Zazzle Shop's Grand Opening! The prizes include 2 other collectible delights as well, so please visit the post below for the details..... Halloween is just around the corner, so snatch a sweet illustrated tote bag, T-shirt, coffee mug, etc.... ALL designed by me, for a chance to WIN!

Many Thanks for your interest & support,
~ Johanna

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