Crawling out of the Pages...

Even though it's still just July, I recently received a copy of Country Sampler Magazine's September issue! It's a reminder to all that fall and Halloween are just around the corner. I started flipping through the pages and came across a trio of familiar faces. The Country Treasures section on Page 12 begins with a splash of my Candlestick Spiders! What fun it is to see these whimsical characters featured, and I am grateful that Country Sampler acknowledged me as well. These eight-legged collectibles are practically crawling off the page, and if you would like to adopt a few for your home this Halloween, I would suggest visiting the various vendor sites on my Source Links Page! There are a handful of online stores carrying these curios, and I will also have them available at this year's Halloween Trunk Show. So, go find yourself a copy of this zine in preparation for the harvest season, and many thanks to the folks at Country Sampler for including me once again!

~ Johanna


"Double, double, toil and trouble - these adorable accents by artist Johanna Parker can serve either as spider-topped finials or quirky candlesticks. Depending on your decorating mood, outfit the candleholders with grubby black tapers and spread the spiders around your tablescape, or present a united front by keeping the pieces intact."

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Want to know HOW?...

I just returned from a quick visit to see my family in Washington. The night before our return home, my mom and I dashed into Barnes & Noble 5 minutes before closing to snag a copy of this year's Holiday Crafts Magazine by Better Homes and Gardens! I read rumors that it was out, and I knew a couple of my How-To projects would be featured. So, I was anxious to see it! Fortunately, this will be the third year that they have published my art within this fun annual issue, and I am very grateful for that. I recommend going out and getting yourself a copy as it's full of wonderful projects, ideas and the instructions to make each creation unfold for you! For now, here is a peek... ENJOY!

~ Johanna

* A fun, full page image of my black cat candle holders for Halloween!...

* Visual aids to help you along as you construct your very own candle holder...

* Too good to eat! A snowman lollipop ornament hangs from a tree...

* For best results, find yourself a copy of this festive magazine and get started!

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