Back from the Ghoultide Gathering!...

We pulled into our driveway at about midnight last night after 2 long days of driving back from Northville, Michigan ~ the charming site of the Ghoultide Gathering. Luckily, the road home was an event-less stretch where the main challenge was to just keep those eyes open and alert! The road going, on the other hand, was a different story as our truck broke down in Nebraska. AAA came to the rescue, and after a few hours of slight mental meltdown, and the AC compressor plucked from the engine, we were mobile again. I was already overly tired from preparing for the show amidst the construction zone we've been living with here at home. So, you could have called it the icing on the cake, but it wasn't very sweet! Luckily however, we arrived in plenty of time to set up for our show, connect and reconnect with fellow artists and get a teeny bit of sleep before the doors opened to the Halloween fans. After our long journey, it was a pleasure just to reach our destination with time to spare. Seeing all our friends, both artists and collectors was truly the icing on the cake, and of course it all flew by so very fast that I keep replaying it in my mind as to remember all the fun we had.

We snapped as many photos as time would allow, but I always wish I had more to share. My photos below feature the fellow artists that I exhibited with in the historic church at Mill Race Village. I captured most of the displays that surrounded my table, but did not have a chance to lug my tripod over to the other 2 buildings before the show opened. Luckily, many other images are popping up in blogland, so hop around for more perspectives as I know they are out there! Let's get started......

* That's me, the morning of the Ghoultide Gathering looking rather sleepy. Now you know why!..... I look forward to catching up on my zzzzzzzzz's, maybe in mid December! haha......

* Luckily, the Friday before the show was a beautiful day which allowed for an easy set-up. JP snapped this photo while the various artists inside the Church at Mill Race Village set up their individual tables. Unfortunately, the weather was less agreeable on Saturday morning, so we are grateful to all the loyal and determined collectors for getting up early in their layers and rain gear to stand in a chilly, wet mist.

* JP set up our tripod on the church balcony and captured this photo right before the doors opened.

* And here's a glimpse of the frenzy after the show began..... You can see me and JP at the back right, looking up at the camera :)

* A view from my table looking out. I brought along my 2 portfolio books for folks to skim through....

* Going back in time just a tad stands JP ready to meet and greet our collector friends.

* The talented William Bezek won best display! Congrats Will, it was sensational!

* And Nicol Sayre and her lovelies won one of the runner up prizes, and it's no surprise! (Laurie Hardin won the other 2nd place price, but regretfully, I have no images from the cozy room she, Scott Smith and Pam Gracia shared)

* Maria Barton of the Star Rug Company had a table full of delights right across from us! It was fun getting to know her :)

* This is only half of the wonderful witches and ghouls that Sheila Bentley of Primdolly Designs brought with her to Ghoultide this year! We were side by side, and it was fun to chat in person, finally, and see all the amazing characters she creates.

* The intricacy and vintage appeal of Darla & Jerry Arnold's spun cotton figures were just marvelous...

* Lori Ann Corelis had a yummy-colored harvest display of her endearing mohair animals all dressed for the Halloween season....

* Vaughn & Stephanie Rawson, the talented duo that make up the Whimsical Whittler had a display full of enchanting creations....

* A glimpse at some of the wonderful creations from Paul Gordon certainly made us smile and set the festive mood!

* A burst of color from Irene Gates and her whimsical collages greeted visitors upon entering the church...

* Aaron Lowe had a table full of colorful and imaginative felted designs that kept catching my eye...

* And one more peek at Mill Race Village from the day leading up to the big event. Fingers are crossed that next year brings sun and clear skies all weekend!

Again, I just wanted to give a big thanks to Scott Smith & Stephanie & Vaughn Rawson for organizing such a stellar show! The caliber of work represented was phenomenal, and I was honored to be a part of the artists exhibiting. It was a joy to reconnect with many artists and finally meet others! We shared lots of laughs and stories, and all in just a few day's time. If only we could slow down the clock and have even more opportunities to chat and ponder all the amazing talent that we are each gifted with...... You all are such an inspiration....... And speaking of inspiration, I truly cherish all the collectors who stopped by and shared your sweet compliments. Whether you adopted an original or not, I appreciate your thoughts as you inspire me to continue dreaming and creating what I do. It was wonderful to see you and meet you!

~ Johanna