Halloween Trunk Show Ten!...

Wow, really it's been 10 Years already?! My how time flies when you are having fun, creating Halloween art! Well, another Halloween Trunk Show has come and gone. We were blessed with a warm, sunny day and lots of happy collectors! I so appreciate all my peeps for coming out to say hi, visit and share in the Halloween delights. Thanks for being an integral part of this past decade. We all touch each other's lives in one way or another. I am honored that my art has brought us together, and I hope it always makes you smile :)

I snapped as many photos as I could before the garage door rolled up and the Halloween fans poured in. Enjoy a glimpse of yesterday's memories and until next time, Happy Halloween my friends!


* You can see how excited I was to have everything all set up and in place just moments before the garage door opened :)


* And look at the fun rusty wagon rig JP assembled for this year's limited edition crows! Some of you probably spotted him on Facebook, putting it together in our backyard :)


* We added an old shelf prop to this year's display from our outdoor tent-show days. It allowed me to create more space for my originals!


* Eye candy candles, owls, ornaments, ghosts and witches - oh my!


* My new line of Halloween candles from Aunt Sadie's  added a fun new element and scent to my Halloween collection! We had one burning, and lots were loving the fall aroma, wafting through the air..


* Pillows, totes and notepads with my vintage style Halloween designs were delighting shoppers. Can you spot Mr. Tinkles trying to eat one of my ornaments? What a crazy guy!


* Black feather trees trimmed with owls and other spooks set a festive scene!


* And once again, the lovely Kara Rosenberry was one of my trunk show neighbors!


* Kara has a charming sense about her illustrative work, and she blends it with rustic vintage treasures for that nostalgic feel... Look at those sweet clever cards & whatnots...


* And to my other side was Mr. Christmas (aka Mr. Tinkles - which I infamously coined!) along with his lovely lady, Mandy Yocom. Look how adorable they are!


* Here, Mr. Tinkles tinkers with his mesmerizing miniatures...


* A visit in person is recommended to see Mr. Tinkles' lively creations that light up, animate, twinkle and glow! They will bring the inner child right back out of ya!


* I loved the art-on-a-line look of Mandy Yocom's display! From Fern & Sprout, her colorful, whimsical paintings pair well with her felt & fabric fashion accessories.


* Mandy makes rosettes for the hair, shoes and lapel that really add character and vintage style to your wardrobe... And you gotta love a few creepy baby dolls to add a little spooky to the scene!


* Monica Moonlight sneaks a peek while arranging her table of spooky fun clay creations and fabric delights... Look at all the fun pattern and color!


* This year, Holly Kusterer of Paint Happy Designs and biz partner Barabara Stark joined us for some Halloween fun. Holly is a familiar face, appearing often on KUSA's Colorado & Co.'s show for design & crafting ideas!


* And the Trunk Show was all the better with Bindlegrim himself, joining us once again from New Mexico. He's the talent behind the Trunk Show's Website design and this year's post card & poster graphic!


* Bindlegrim brought along a new family of limited edition Beasties too! Love these!


* Around the corner I caught Heide Murray of All Good Wishes striking a pose... or perhaps I persuaded her to! She makes the most delightful felted character with vintage charm!


* Felted ghosts, bunnies, jacks, turnips and all sorts of imaginative guys were ready to greet collectors!


* We had a slew of young entrepreneurs exhibiting their wares at this year's Trunk Show, and two of which were Heide's daughters grinning big with their "All Little Wishes" line of designs! Adorable :)


* Next to the Murray girls was Zack sharing his woodworks! What a cutie he was with his long brown locks and stylin' fedora!


* And the Robinson & McNeish daughters shared an imaginative collection of handmade robot style characters made from old kitchenware! FUN! I do love how the Halloween Trunk Show nurtures the budding imaginations of children. That's how I got bit by the crafting bug many years ago.... (thanks mom!)


* Across from the crafty kiddos was an enchanting collection of papier mache characters from Cindy Habermann. She somehow escaped my camera this year, but I snagged some pics of her art! Even though she now lives in Minnesota, we had the pleasure of seeing her at this year's show in Denver.


* Gourd guys, owls, cats and other spooks are just some of the fun characters that I spotted in Cindy's booth...


* Jacks and bats on old blocks and vintage tins give an age-old flare to her characters.


* And upon entering the garage, Sam Robinson of Manorisms had her Halloween inspired goods arranged like a general store! It's always fun to see what clever finds she has in store...


* Decorated skulls with polka-dotted bows and bags of spooky bugs likely had the kiddos excited!



* Jars topped with animals and filled with wooden game pieces just make you smile...


* More handmade orange & black goodies greeted guests!


* Smiling bright was Erica McNeish with all of her tasty treats and sweets! Shoppers gobbled up her goodies well before the end of the day...


* And enter the collectors anxious for some handmade Halloween folk art collectibles!



* As you can see, we were blessed with a warm, sunny day! Despite the fall theme, people were wearing shorts!


* Again, many THANKS to all of you that came from both near and far to join us for Year 10!

~ Johanna & JP

Tales from the Halloween Trunk Show...

Whew, after months of preparations, I am finally catching my breath! Saturday's Halloween Trunk Show was here and gone in a flash. Our morning began with our 4-hour frenzied routine to unload, arrange, decorate and prepare for the big day! And on queue as usual, I had about 5 minutes to spare to change my clothes and rush around to snap some quick photos before the door opened! So, I am sharing with you those pics. I know I missed a few of my fellow artist friends, but that is only because the clock was ticking too fast! Many many THANKS goes out to our dear collector friends who made the journey from both near and far to join us! It is always a treat to see your smiling faces. Thank you for your support and admiration for my folk art creations. And, another BIG THANKS goes out to Sam Robinson for putting together another memorable trunk show!

For those who missed this delightful event, please check back later this week as I will be hosting a Halloween Blog Sale here with my remaining signed Halloween reproductions. See you then!

~ Johanna


~ That's me, looking rather wiped out after that frantic push to get all the pieces and parts put together!


~ Here's a fun trio pic of this year's new Halloween buckets from my line of Bethany Lowe Designs...


~ And, a quick glance looking into my booth right before show time….


~ A Halloween tree is adorned with my latest ornament balls that were featured in Country Sampler Magazine this fall...


* A pair of my reproduction ghosts from Bethany Lowe Designs appear to be "booing" at us...


~ These new lanterns were a fun addition to my product line! Screen printed metal and equipped with votive slot and candle, these cuties from my Primitives by Kathy line were crowd-pleasing!


~ Ornament signs, featuring my new graphic designs, were hanging around on an old orange bird cage...


~ A rusty old gate served as a great display for more of these new Halloween-inspired hangers...


~ And off to the side, JP was preparing all the show technology! Thank goodness for his help!


~ "Halloween is Calling"….. just one of several new box signs of mine making a debut at the Trunk Show...


~ Across the way, Mr. Binglegrim was making spooky faces! We were happy to have him out this year  to unveil his spooky cool  collectible Spooklights and such...


~ He is also the designer of our #9 Halloween Trunk Show post cards, posters and website graphics! Thank you Bindlegrim!!!


~ And another Spooklight peek….


~ Next to me was Kara Rosenberry with her delightfully clever cards and whatnots….  Her set-up was a breeze, and she pretty much put us to shame… hehe! But, we still love her…. (just a little envious)


~ A collection of Kara's sweet cards in hues of Halloween, thoughtfully tied with ribbons and string...


~ Hand-painted plaques celebrating October, were resting on old folding chair…


~ And to our side was Mr. Christmas who was standing sideways! What a silly Mister…!


~ He brought along his amazing vintage-themed miniatures, housed in retro radios, glowing with lights and sounds….. OH so much fun! He loves to tinker….


~ More Mr. Christmas goodies were housed in glass vessels, old phones, lanterns and alarm clocks it seems, each creating its own miniature scene...


~ And to his side was a delicious display of handmade fashion accessories by the lovely Mandy Yocom of Fern and Sprout ...


~ She had all sorts of pretties to wear in your hair or clip on your shoes, lapel or wherever you wish!


~ We also enjoyed seeing Monica Moonlight again with her spooky fun clay and fabric delights! Her mini characters will light up a smile!


~ Heidi Murray of All Good Wishes had an adorable display of her needle felted vintage style characters! Looks like I captured one of her little helpers, wearing a crown.


~ A closer peek at Heidi's work reveals imaginative characters in whimsical scenes! Great colors too!


~ Across the way, Heidi's daughter was selling her own necklaces which reminded me of the 'ol days when mom and I would sell our crafts at various art markets!


~ Towards the front, Cindy Habermann had her holiday folk art characters arranged and ready to share… What fun!


~ Expressive jack-o'-lanterns pushing wheel barrows, party owls, bunnies and cats in fun colors were sure to make many a'smile...


~ Ghosts and gourds, witches and cats were popping out of boxes too…


~ Sam Robinson, aka Manorisms and trunk show promoter, had a booth filled with Halloween eye candy near the front door!


~ Pretty glass jars filled with tasty eats and sweets filled cubbies add shelves - a Taste of Halloween!


~ Candy-filled cats, owl buckets and masks were peeking out of an old plant stand...


~ An antique ironing board carried rows of candles and other novel treats… (great props!)


~ Sam's menagerie of Halloween goods is always a feast for the eyes… I bet the kiddos go nuts for it!


~ And Sam's daughter looked to have caught that crafty, creative bug, selling her own handmade wares as well!


~ Last, but not least, we have Erica McNeish with her tempting treats and tasty eats! She might have been giving me the evil eye, but it was all in good fun :)


~ One quick photo of the Halloween market from the front door…..


~ And look at this little cutie who picked out one of my new Trick or Treat bags for herself! What a doll, boots and all :)


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