Cheers to Dad!

Father's Day is here, and fortunately, I just had the opportunity to spend a few days with my dad as he and my family popped in for a quick visit last week. I must admit, the trip wasn't without its fair share of those edge-of-your-seat adventures. We all had a hair-raising episode on the top of Trail Ridge Road here in Colorado as a thick fog accompanied by heavy rain rolled in. Needless to say, the breathtaking views we craved were absent as my dad slowly maneuvered his way down the winding road, masked in white. And as it's the highest continuous highway in the States, a miscalculation as to where the road twists and turns could result in the end as we know it. Our hearts were beating at an elevated pace to say the least, but luckily my dad was calm as he guided us out of the scare and into the clear. Thank you Daddy for keeping us safe! That's what dads are for :) It was wonderful to see him again, and now we have quite the story to tell!

Love to You & Happy Father's Day!
~ Johanna

* And no, this photo was not taken in Colorado last week.... We had little to no great photo ops with the turbulent skies as they were. This image was actually taken last summer at Mount Rainier in Washington, where we luckily enjoyed a very clear and sunny day together!

Heartfelt for Dad...

Father's Day is tomorrow, and I feel extra grateful this year to have my dad around! He gave us quite a scare back in March. As JP and I were practically out of reach on a beach in Mexico, my dad was fighting for his life! His heart, as we knew was only ticking on one of three wires, but when that third wire began to fray, he knew something was wrong. Little did I know of the panic as mom frantically emailed me updates. Once I learned of the scare, I opened each note with one eye closed, afraid to read something dreadful. Fortunately, he had an emergency pacemaker implanted, and his heart began to beat to a steady rhythm again... What a relief and a blessing it was that my brother was able to take over the wheel and drive my dad to the nearest ER. Last week, I was able to visit with my parents as they stopped in to visit us here in Colorado. I gave my dad a big hug, so happy to see his smiling face and feel his warmth.

Of course, I only found it appropriate to make him a little something special and heartfelt.. Take a peek at the one of kind black cat shaker that JP helped me make. She too "ticks" so to speak.... You'll see what I mean. Happy Father's Day Daddy!


* We're "cat people" if you hadn't noticed :-).. so I made this small one of a kind black cat appropriately holding a rustic heart for my Dad's Father's Day gift.... He loved it!

* Mom loved it too as I painted this little cutie in a redware motif, one of her faves. Give this kitty a little shake, and she ticks and rattles and reminds us to never take our hearts for granted...

* And she rattles because we filled her with little noise-making rocks and trinkets, and JP drilled 5 holes to release that fun, rattling sound...

* © 2009 Johanna Parker Design * Black Cat Shaker photos are the property of Johanna Parker and may not be used without permission.